Friday, September 27, 2019

Coup, part deux

The very idea of a CIA 'whistleblower' is hilarious, the quintessence of some 'unclear on the concept' meme.  The Clintonistas and the IC just came up with some staging trick, a new wiggle on presenting the bizarre morphing of the attack against Trump from the utter failure of Russiagate to revival-of-coup Ukrainegate (even more bizarre when you consider how much the Uke-Nazis hate Russia, but it fits nicely with the intentional confusion promulgated by Clintonistas like Marshall, where Trump connections to Russia-hating Ukrainians is consistently presented as Trump's conspiring with Putin, reminiscent of similar neocon confusion connecting Saddam with his mortal enemy Sunni extremists, and, even more bizarre, Iran with the same groups!).  It is actually pretty lazy to use a CIA guy, given this whole sequence of attacks is just the continuing American IC attack on Trump.  If they'd worked a little harder, they could have found somebody not so obviously connected with the attempted coup plotting.

It is more than a bit rich for the CIA/Clintonistas to be relying on a 'whistleblower' prop given the way they consistently treat real whistleblowers.

"The Terrorists Among US8- Trump Whistle Blower & the ODNI FBI CIA DOD NATO-COE" (Eliason).


"New York Times Outs Individual Behind Ukraine Call Whistleblower Complaint, Sparks Outrage" (Gosztola) (also).  Actually, maybe this is a message-in-a-bottle from some patriot - I know, I know, it is hard to believe a patriot works in the JYT! - in the NYT to the American people that this whole scenario, with a hearsay CIA 'whistleblower', is very hinky.  The fact he is in the CIA is extremely relevant when you are watching an American IC attempted coup.

"Manafort Is the Key" (Marshall).  An attempt to connect the two coups.

"How Did Russiagate Begin?" (Cohen).  On the IC coup attempt, from May.
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