Sunday, September 15, 2019

Crystal ball

"A False Accusation of Antisemitism from Where You Would Least Expect It" (Blankfort).  More evidence of the complete crapification of the once great CounterPunch.  It's comically late to be quibbling about whether or not ZOG controls the American government.

Tweet (Ben Friedman):
"Samantha Power on NPR’s @1A says she wishes she’d more forcefully told Obama not to go to Congress and just bomb Syria after its 2013 chemical weapons use out of concern for America’s standing in the world, which to her apparently is harmed by congress voting on wars."
Tweet (Wyatt Reed):
"I went to @SamanthaJPower's book signing to ask about her justification for the destruction of Libya: "We could hardly expect to have a crystal ball when it came to accurately predicting outcomes” They called security when I asked if she'd gotten hold of a crystal ball for Syria"
"RCMP intel director charged in major case was top adviser to former force head: sources".  Looks like China.

Anglin has started attacking his fellow 'wingers:  "Still No Statement on Why a Fed-Linked Heroin Dealer is Running TheRightStuff.Biz Security".  Leading to huge counterattack from 'Hunter Wallace', who has maintained that Anglin's idiosyncrasies - the ridiculous, self-parodying, level of misogyny, for example - hurt the 'movement':
  1. "The Daily Stormer’s Meltdown";
  2. "Daily Stormer: The Vetting of Weev"; 
  3. "Daily Stormer: The Life and Times of Andre Anglin";
  4. "Christopher Cantwell: Andrew Anglin Tried To Recruit Me To Invade Whitefish, MT"; and
  5. "Daily Stormer: Andrew Anglin Is Just A Character".
The focus is on the very odd Weev, a Jew who seems to espouse extremely 'anti-Semitic' ideas, who appears to have been released early from jail in return for 'cooperation', which may include undermining white nationalism by creating the Stormer and then forcing Anglin over-the-top (all of Anglin's extreme and ridiculous positions seem to come directly from previously stated Weev positions, and Anglin appears to have been a kind of hippie free-lance 'journalist' with no extreme positions, at least not right-wing extreme positions, only a few years ago, not to mention that his imperviousness to American legal proceedings makes it seem that he is under some sort of protection).  There is a belief that Anglin was involved in tricking people into attending the intelligence op at Charlottesville (and then washing his hands of the whole thing), where the police obviously arranged things to allow for maximum violence, all to be blamed on the white nationalism, with Charlottesville now considered to be an unmitigated PR disaster by the old hands of the white nationalist groups.

We probably should be reconsidering the Swartz 'suicide', if that is what it was (and really, when you reflect on it, suicide does seem to be an extreme overreaction, even as badly as he was treated), in light of the Media Lab corruption by Epstein.  The introduction of the Mega Group into the equation means the undeniable introduction of extremely violent organized criminals who could easily have offed Swartz and made it look like suicide (a hanging, with no suicide note).  "In Epstein’s Wake: MIT Media Lab, Dirty Money, and Swartz [UPDATE]" (emptywheel, but not by Crazy Marcy).  Btw, I don't think Ito is a lawyer, in fact, his whole shtick is that he is a completely uncredentialed outsider who brings people together.  Swartz was a wide-ranging internet activist, and his murderers might have been motivated by any one of many things he was up to other than breaching a pay wall (!).  Maybe he stumbled into something about Epstein, and was going to blow the whistle . . .
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