Sunday, September 08, 2019


Tweets (Ronan Farrow):
"How an elite university research center concealed its relationship with a sex offender—documents show MIT Media Lab accepted donations directed by Jeffrey Epstein far in excess of what the university has admitted to, and worked to cover it up:"
"How an Élite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein" (Farrow) (that title actually has an accent aigu on the e in the title, probably appropriate for the levels of elitism in the 'research center'!).  You have to love how Epstein rubbed their faces in it, almost as if he knew how this would look when the whole edifice came tumbling down!:
"In 2015, as Epstein’s visit drew near, Cohen instructed his staff to insure that Zuckerman, if he unexpectedly arrived while Epstein was present, be kept away from the glass-walled office in which Epstein would be conducting meetings. According to Swenson, Ito had informed Cohen that Epstein “never goes into any room without his two female ‘assistants,’ ” whom he wanted to bring to the meeting at the Media Lab. Swenson objected to this, too, and it was decided that the assistants would be allowed to accompany Epstein but would wait outside the meeting room.

On the day of the visit, Swenson’s distress deepened at the sight of the young women. “They were models. Eastern European, definitely,” she told me. Among the lab’s staff, she said, “all of us women made it a point to be super nice to them. We literally had a conversation about how, on the off chance that they’re not there by choice, we could maybe help them.”"
"MIT Media Lab founder: Taking Jeffrey Epstein’s money was justified" (Chen/Hao). Media Lab is peak middle-aged-white-guys-with-pony-tails, Wired Magazine, TED Talks, 90s, internet-will-save-the-world bullshit, and this is the perfect flame-out for it.

They are so powerful they believed they could wait for the attention to subside and escape any consequences, but no:  "U.S. news MIT Media Lab director resigns after criticism over financial ties to Jeffrey Epstein" (Rosenblatt).
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