Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Four-million-year-old mosquito

The only real 'constitutional problem' in Britain is that the globalists - led around by the nose by 'European socialists' and 'rootless cosmopolitans' and their ilk - in Parliament have consistently failed to even attempt to do their duty and implement the clear and expressed will of the people about getting away from Europe.  "‘Chaos unseen since WWII’: UK parliament subverts democracy, leaves pre-Brexit Britain ungoverned" (my emphasis in red):
"The Parliament’s vote to open debate on a motion blocking a no-deal Brexit leaves the UK in a state of chaos not seen since World War II, former MP George Galloway has told RT. 
The step closer to blocking a no-deal Brexit “effectively takes the Brexit process out of the hands of [Prime Minister] Boris Johnson” and places it in the hands of the opposition and the Tory rebels, former MP and RT contributor said following the vote on Tuesday.
The 328-301 vote was not a victory for Johnson’s government, and according to Galloway, a sign that tomorrow’s vote could mark “two government defeats over Brexit in two consecutive days, largely at the hands of their own rebels.”
The Parliament will vote on Wednesday to determine whether a no-deal Brexit will be permitted, and whether a general election will be held next month.
It is chaos in Parliament. Britain is effectively now ungoverned just weeks before we’re supposed to leave the European Union… Not since Hitler was at the Channel ports in 1940 and Chamberlain was brought down and replaced by Sir Winston Churchill has Britain been in a more chaotic and precarious place.
Meanwhile, the pro-Remain Parliament is almost guaranteeing they’ll get the worst possible deal, journalist Neil Clark told RT, noting that “it’s just basic common sense that if you’re going to any negotiations…and you tell the person you’re negotiating with that you will in no circumstances leave without a deal, then you’re not likely to get a very good deal, because there’s no incentive for the other side to make concessions.”
Clark sees the conflict as a clash between direct democracy – the 2016 referendum that gave the country Brexit in the first place – and the indirect democracy of a pro-Remain Parliament. 
“Time after time in our history, and particularly in recent years, we’ve seen Parliament actually subverting what the public wanted, whether it’s war with Iraq…whether it’s privatization, issue after issue Parliament has taken a different line on things than the public.”"
I've noticed that the Khazar publications Tablet and The Forward have always pretended to be objective reflections of Jewish life, but under recent pressures have thrown any semblance of lite Zionism under the bus and have gone full-bore blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Jablotinsky-Likudnik:  "Any Way You Slice it, Hezbollah Had a Very Bad Month" (Badran).  Actually, Hezbollah has had an excellent month, throwing down a gauntlet which Bibi was terrified to pick up.  The big thing now is that having the Khazars being 'pushed into the sea' under the rain of righteous Hezbollah rockets is now a live idea, and there is not a damn thing Israel, World Jewry, or the blackmailed stooges of the Mega Group can do about it.

"Former US Ambassador: Netanyahu is in a state of panic" (Alexis).

"Freshman Previously Denied Entry to the United States Arrives at Harvard" (Avi-Yonah/Franklin).  I know, I know, my jaw dropped in amazement too when I learned they still admit non-Khazars to Harvard, assuming they somehow manage not to be deported first..

Tweets (Adalah-NY) on the published opinions of (((Bret Stephens))), apparently completely kosher opinions (according to the JYT), on the Palestinians.

"Meet the militantly pro-Israel Trump official directing the economic war on Iran" (Blumenthal).  Ha!  There are only so many Khazars, so sometimes they have to take multiple roles in the (((Conspiracy))):
"Mandelker was reportedly involved in brokering the infamous Florida deal that allowed the wealthy child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to avoid federal charges."
and ('eyes and ears', goyim!):
"Mandelker’s husband, Stephen Capozolla, has worked as a spokesman for the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a Washington-based lobbying group, while pumping out columns denying climate change for the right-wing site,

In 2008, while Mandelker served in Bush’s Department of Justice, she approved the notorious deal that allowed the wealthy child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to escape federal prosecution.

“I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” Alex Acosta, the former US attorney who brokered the deal, told the Trump administration’s transition team.

When Mandelker returned to government in March 2017, she earned immediate praise from Levey, her former boss, who called her “an asset.” Michael Chertoff, another close colleague, described her as his “eyes and ears” when he was at the Department of Homeland Security."
While Lang has his moments (usually as a paleocon), he is basically a militaristic Assholian supremacist, and not fundamentally a good or intelligent person, or even close:  ""The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act" Dennis Kwok".
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