Tuesday, September 03, 2019

'Narrowly missed'

"Reports: Hezbollah missiles narrowly missed armored car with 5 soldiers inside" (ha!):
"Following the attack, pictures and videos released in Israel showed two apparently injured soldiers being evacuated via helicopter from the scene. However Israeli sources later said this had been a ploy meant to trick Hezbollah into thinking it had caused casualties. Haifa’s Rambam hospital said the two soldiers were released without requiring medical treatment.
Israel apparently hoped that Hezbollah, thinking it had inflicted casualties, would conclude that it had retaliated sufficiently for a pair of Israeli strikes on Hezbollah and Iranian targets late last month, and hold its fire."
This ridiculous story means the Israelis are lying to protect their 'red line' as they don't want a war now.

Maybe not so much:  "Israel and Hezbollah close to war: An Analysis" (EmmanuelBassil).

"“Don’t test our capabilities.”"! "Sayyed Nasrallah: September 1, 2019… Save the Date, No More Israeli Red Lines" (Haidar).

Added - "Netanyahu Does Something Stupid Again" (Salt). Of course, a big-name assassination would have been a vote-getter, but the result of getting Israeli soldiers killed as a result of a political stunt that failed has to be covered up as it is a big vote-loser.

"Israel's Many Wars" (Giraldi).

The plan has always been to use the Mega Group blackmail/bribery to force Americans to fight and die in Wars For The Jews.  Israel wants to avoid fighting anything itself.  The tricky bit is that an American attack on Iran will very likely lead to the Hezbollah retaliatory rocket attack on Israel.  Bibi is mostly interested in stirring up shit in neighboring countries, continuing to have his treason agents - 'dual loyalty', ha! - in the US government hand out Sanctions For The Jews, and having the Mega Group ensure there is no meaningful American dialogue with Iran.

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