Tuesday, September 24, 2019

People's Holy Warriors

"Fighting Back Against the Israel Lobby" (Giraldi).  The non-revolutionary approach to the Lobby.  I don't think so.  If it was just bribes - Shlomo schlepping those big bags of shekels - this might work, but the Mega Group of gangsters has ensured Total Compliance with massive blackmail honeypot schemes, and the Congresscrooks have literally no option other than to comply unless they want total destruction of their lives, including jail time.  Phone calls and meetings with staffers won't fix this.

Comment by lysias to the recent Unz piece (the Mossad is literally running the massive Sanctions For The Jews program!):
"Sigal Mandelker, the Zionist Under Secretary of the Treasury in charge of enforcing sanctions and boycotts, was one of the high-ranking Department of Justice officials who signed off on the nonprosecution agreement with Jeffrey Epstein in 2008. Was she the one who told Acosta to back off on Epstein, as he belonged to intelligence and was above Acosta’s pay grade?"
"Making Sense of the Long-Predicted Trump ‘Pivot’ Abroad" (Marshall). Express statement that Trump's electoral 'desperation' makes him 'dangerous', i.e., he might wage peace in order to win reelection.

Tweet (Chase Madar) (tweet appears to have disappeared!):
"@John_Hudson, do you consider Jim Jones' Peoples Temple to have been a "dissident group"? "Shady cult of personality" would have been a more accurate tag, and better to translate the MEK's name into English (People's Holy Warriors), just as the WaPo does w/ other Iranian groups."
On the Listergate fabrication, and the surprising doubling down by the Yinonist 'journalists' after their loss:  "Using Forged Emails, ‘Progressive’ Journalists Smear Their Own for Challenging Syria Groupthink " (Rubinstein). Usually when this kind of thing happens the perps just slink away and pretend they didn't have anything to do with what they did.  The shekels must be flying to get such a strange self-abasing reaction.

"In Support of Brother Donald Lafleur, Executive Vice President, Canadian Labour Congress" (Larudee).  "Canadian Media Attacks Labour Leader for Syria Solidarity" (McKee).  Unions are generally pretty woke, and you can tell which ones of their 'leaders' are taking the shekels by their reaction in a situation like this.

"Stephen Harper Heads a Global Org That Helps Get Right-Wing Parties Elected. What Will It Do for Andrew Scheer?" (Harris).  "You Must Be This Conservative To Ride: The Inside Story of Postmedia’s Right Turn" (Craig).

"“A Lot of Powerful People...Could Go Down”: The Journalist Who Published Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book and Jet Passenger Logs Comes in From the Fringe" (Pompeo).  Interview with Nick Bryant, the real journalist who tried to get the Epstein story out years ago, but was, of course, ignored by the (((media))) (except for Gawker).  The Miami (Hymietown II) Herald's reporting was part of the operation.  After all, Epstein was getting close to retirement and his Mossad gold watch, and some may have felt that the most useful pressure tactic was to hint at the real dangers of having the whole corpus of the blackmail released.  Damaging the operation, which was winding down anyway, was no longer an issue.

"No, Srebrenica Did Not ‘inspire’ Christchurch" (Parry) (my emphasis in red):
"Why did the UN peacekeepers fail to protect Srebrenica? It is an important question considering it brought the real turning point in the war. Not long after, NATO launched Operation Deliberate Force against Ratko Mladić’s forces resulting in the Bosnian Serbs capitulating to a return to negotiations in the Dayton Accord later that year. The former mayor of Srebrenica, Hakija Meholjić, claimed the town was deliberately sacrificed as part of a ‘red line’ agreement between Izetbegović and U.S. President Bill Clinton in a ‘false flag’ to prompt the NATO intervention, as shown in a 2008 Wikileaks Cable:

“Meholjic suggested that Bosniak leaders “sold” Srebrenica to the RS (and abetted genocide) when “key members of the international community started saying publicly that enclaves cannot survive.” (Note: Oric, who left Srebrenica in 1993, was not asked to defend it in 1995; ever since there have been accusations that the then Bosnian leadership deliberately allowed the enclave to fall.”
Hussain truly loses any remaining “progressive” credibility when he goes on to praise the Otpor! political organization which organized protests that led to the ouster of “dictator” Milošević (actually thrice democratically-elected) in 2000 following the three month NATO bombing campaign the previous year which left Serbia with the highest cancer rate in Europe from the use of depleted uranium ammunition, “justified” by the same lopsided argument made in the article. Otpor! was portrayed as a bona fide, grassroots movement while behind the scenes it was the recipient of millions of dollars from the US government through “soft power” NGOs and CIA-fronts like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and George Soros’ Open Society Institute, financed by the non-profit industrial complex or what author Arundhati Roy has called the “NGO-ization of resistance.” The success of Otpor! became the formula for Western regime change operations via indistinguishable “pro-democracy” Color Revolutions throughout Eastern Europe in the ensuing decade. Documentary filmmaker Boris Maligurski’s The Weight of Chains series is an excellent overview of the history of Yugoslavia and its first two installments are highly recommended, while the trailer for the forthcoming third film was just released.
Perhaps the reason Hussain unquestioningly heaps praise upon Otpor! is the enormous undisclosed conflict of interest on the part of The Intercept’s ownership in billionaire entrepreneur and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who established the site’s parent organization First Look Media. In The CIA as Organized Crime, journalist and author Douglas Valentine explains how Omidyar’s “philanthropic” investment firm co-financed with the U.S. State Department many of the NGOs in Ukraine’s Orange Revolution such as Center UA which flipped the 2004 Ukrainian election results to a pro-Western candidate. It went on to do the same funding the Euromaidan protests and subsequent coup in 2014 and both so-called Color Revolutions were modeled on the Otpor! movement . Then again, the entire premise behind First Look Media is suspect considering it made its name covering the revelations by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden while Omidyar’s eBay simultaneously owns Paypal, one of the biggest backers of NSA surveillance. What better way to commandeer dissent then to throw money at journalists?"

"The End of Israel" (Atzmon):
"Israel is rapidly becoming an Orthodox Jewish state. Israel’s Orthodox Jews are the fastest growing group in the country. They are also the country’s poorest population, 45 percent live below the poverty line in segregated communities. Ordinarily, one would expect the poor to support the left, but Israeli Torah Jews are rabid nationalists and openly lend their support to Benjamin Netanyahu and his party.
Prof. Dan Ben-David of Tel Aviv University warned recently that Israel could cease to exist in a couple of generations. He pointed to the astonishingly high birth rate among ultra Orthodox Jews and predicted that, based on current trends, they will comprise 49% of Israel’s population by 2065. The ultra Orthodox parties are destined to dominate the Knesset within a generation or less. Ben David predicts that their dependence on Israel’s welfare system will lead to a rapid decline is Israel’s economy. This is economically damaging enough and is made worse by the refusal of most rabbinical schools to incorporate standard Western subjects such as mathematics, science and English into their core curriculum. Consequently, Israel is educating a growing percentage of its population in a fashion that fails to equip them to contribute to the needs of a hi-tech society that is immersed in a conflict for survival.
The picture that comes across is peculiar. As Israel becomes increasingly Jewish and fundamentalist in its nationalist and religious ethos, it has also become more divided on everything else. The Russian immigrants find it impossible to live alongside the ultra Orthodox and vice versa. The secular enclave in Tel Aviv is committed to seeing their metropolis as an extension of NY. The Israeli Left has morphed into an LGBT hasbara unit. It has practically removed itself from the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Jewish settlers adhere to the concept of a ‘Two Jewish States Solution.’ They want to see the West Bank become a Jewish land. Orthodox Jews are barely concerned with any of these political issues. They well know that the future of the Jewish state belongs to them. All they need to do is sustain a productive secular Jewish minority to serve as their milk cow. On top of all of that we face Bibi’s survival wars that threaten to escalate any minute into a world conflict."
"Mystery surrounds arrest of a man on a cruise ship in Mykonos in investigation of a 1985 TWA hijacking that led to the torture-murder of a US Navy sailor" (Mitch Prothero) and tweet:
"it's a very confusing situation and even more confusing because Muhammed Ali Hamadi spent almost 20 years in German prison and thus should have all his fingerprint and biometric data on file in Europe. if it's not him, whoever it is should have been released by now."
"Man arrested in Greece had nothing to do with 1985 hijacking and murder, victim’s brother tells Military Times" (Altman).

"Luongo: Did Trump Just Fall Into Aramco's Trap?"(Luongo).  The Americans are just going to be human shields, with the neocons hoping for a future attack that can be blamed, again with no evidence (yet we know they must have evidence), on Iran, and thus WWIII.

Tweets (The War Nerd, citing Gary Brecher):
""Troops" is a misleading word. They won't be sending infantry but anti-missile techs, to prop up air defenses after the embarrassing failure of the anti-missile systems at Khurais and Abqaiq... bbc.com/news/world-us-"
It's bad for the hegemon brand when its 'protection' doesn't work, and on such a scale, particularly when the Russians have effective technology that is cheaper!:  "U.S. Ships More Air Defense Systems That Do Not Work To Saudi Arabia" (Moon).  An amusingly long history of the failure of Patriot missiles, which keep being bought because of the corruption of the American military procurement system, and the sway over their vassals that the Americans have.  You'd think the key take-way from this, other than the decrepitude of the Saudi Royals under the misleadership of MbS, and the whole asymmetrical warfare issue, is that the American Empire can no longer fulfill the key role of a hegemon, which is protecting its vassal states from third-party attacks.  Vassals start to get antsy and uncertain, and the whole imperial project falls apart:  "A Precision Strike on US Credibility – Shattering a US Paradigm" (Crooke).

"By Deploying Mujahadeen to Protect Mecca, Sultan Al-Trump Fulfills Key Campaign Promise" (Shmuley Ben Shekelheim).

"Beware False Flag Attacks - Opinion by Walrus.":
"The corollary to the Houthis brilliant use of do - it - yourself drones and perhaps cruise missiles, is that anyone else can do the same. This makes the possibility of false flag attacks using such weapons more likely in my opinion. Such attacks would not even necessarily require the resources of a State actor to execute, all the materials, bar perhaps the explosive, are freely available around the globe.

I will not explain the mechanics of manufacturing such weapons. Take it from me that a group of determined hobbyists could do so, provided they have sufficient security and money. Such weapons could be labeled for example “made in Iran” in such depth that it would be impossible to refute their origin, no matter how good ones forensics are.

A State actor, perhaps bent on mischief, could do this rather quickly. While this is just a guess, I would be surprised if various Western countries security services did not already have an operation underway to replicate the Houthi achievements, if only to answer the politicians question: “How did they do that??” and to start thinking about countermeasures.

My reason for being concerned enough to raise this topic is that President Trump has committed troops to Saudi Arabia and we already have other troops and assets in the region. If they were subject to attack and we took casualties, I don’t see how the President could avoid war assuming Iran was blamed."

Area 666.
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