Sunday, September 29, 2019

Personal dispute

The classic story to explain the sudden absence of somebody after a failed coup:  "Saudi king's bodyguard shot in personal dispute, state media says".  There was shooting which was noticed, so they couldn't just say he had a heart attack.  Still, I think MbS has a long and healthy life ahead of him, up to the second that the King dies.

"[Yemeni] Armed Forces spokesman: Saudi Brigades Destroyed, Scores of Mercs Captured in Najran Offensive - TTG":  "Spin that, you miserable royal bastards!"

There's quite the Rashomon feel to the latest Clintonista-IC coup attempt - or rather the bizarre morphing of Russiagate into Enemy-of Russia-gate - against Trump, with the contrasting Clintonista accounts and the Republican/'alt' journalism accounts being so different that I wonder if they are writing about the same incidents.

Is Biden's running as a nominee just a method, akin to what you see with various forms of immunity for politicians in third-world countries, just a method of immunizing himself against criminal prosecution?:  "Trump Takes on Biden’s Corruption in Ukraine: Upside-Down World Establishment Media Attempts to Flip the Script" (Flores).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Fascinating how people like @JohnBrennan never invoked these lofty principles about the virtues of whistleblowing for Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning: who exposed the crimes of officials like Brennan and his friends. Only now that it's advantageous is whistleblowing heralded."
It is an interesting strategic decision of the CIA to use a 'whistleblower' to introduce the latest attempt at a coup.  Of course, with the extraordinary decrepitude of American 'journalism', they may have felt that introducing the anti-Trump material under the guise of a 'scoop' by some retypist - remember how Russiagate was almost quietly introduced by embarrassing scum like Corn and Isikoff? - wouldn't have had any credibility!

"Ready, Fire, Aim: U.S. Interests in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria" (Freeman).  Trillions of dollars, millions of deaths, yet Freeman somehow fails to notice the undeniable value of those magnificent shekel collections amongst the crooked politicians of Washington, not to mention in ineffable value of not going to jail when your pedo tendencies are revealed by the Mega Group.  These are things which can't be measured in dollars or lives, but only in the universal currency of Pure Evil, shekels.

A week's worth, for those keeping score:  "Jews, Crime and Corruption" (Semitic Controversies).

Even though I think I know a lot about them, the essential thuggishness of the Khazars, a very primitive people hiding in modern society, always surprises me:  "The Rule of the Mob: Labour Conference Banner Banned, Slashed" (Gregson).

"Note To Journos - When Pompeo Doubles Down On A Lie He Does Not "Confirm" It" (Moon).  What's the point of this lie?
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