Thursday, September 26, 2019

Post Shakedown Availability

"Climate and the Money Trail" (Engdahl):
"Greta Thunberg is part of a well-connected network tied to the organization of Al Gore who is being cynically and professionally marketed and used by such agencies as the UN, the EU Commission and the financial interests behind the present climate agenda. As Canadian researcher and climate activist, Cory Morningstar, documents in an excellent series of posts, young Greta is working with a well-knit network that is tied to US climate investor and enormously wealthy climate profiteer, Al Gore, chairman of Generation Investment group. Gore’s partner, ex-Goldman Sachs official David Blood as noted earlier, is a member of the BIS-created TCFD. Greta Thunberg along with her 17-year-old US climate friend, Jamie Margolin, were both listed as “special youth advisor and trustee” of the Swedish We Don’t Have Time NGO, founded by its CEO Ingmar Rentzhog. Rentzhog is a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Organization Leaders, and part of the European Climate Policy Task Force. He was trained in March 2017 by Al Gore in Denver, and again in June 2018, in Berlin. Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project is a partner of We Don’t Have Time.
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who made a huge splash in her first days in the US Congress for unveiling a “Green New Deal” to completely reorganize the US economy at a cost of perhaps $100 trillion, is also not without skilled guidance. AOC has openly admitted that she ran for Congress at the urging of a group called Justice Democrats. She told one interviewer, “I wouldn’t be running if it wasn’t for the support of Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. Umm, in fact it was it was these organizations, it was JD and it was Brand New Congress as well, that both, that asked me to run in the first place. They’re the ones that called me a year and a half ago…” Now, as Congresswoman, AOC’s advisers include Justice Democrats co-founder, Zack Exley. Exley was an Open Society Fellow and got funds from among others the Open Society Foundations and Ford Foundation to create a predecessor to Justice Democrats to recruit select candidates for office.
The links between the world’s largest financial groups, central banks and global corporations to the current push for a radical climate strategy to abandon the fossil fuel economy in favor of a vague, unexplained Green economy, it seems, is less about genuine concern to make our planet a clean and healthy environment to live. Rather it is an agenda, intimately tied to the UN Agenda 2030 for “sustainable” economy, and to developing literally trillions of dollars in new wealth for the global banks and financial giants who constitute the real powers that be.
In February 2019 following a speech to the EU Commission in Brussels by Greta Thunberg, then-EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, after gallantly kissing Greta’s hand, appeared to be moved to real action. He told Greta and the press that the EU should spend hundreds of billions of euros combating climate change during the next 10 years. Juncker proposed that between 2021 to 2027, “every fourth euro spent within the EU budget go toward action to mitigate climate change.” What the sly Juncker did not say was that the decision had nothing to do with the young Swedish activist’s plea. It had been made in conjunction with the World Bank a full year before in September 26, 2018 at the One Planet Summit, along with the World Bank, Bloomberg Foundations, the World Economic Forum and others. Juncker had cleverly used the media attention given the young Swede to promote his climate agenda.
On October 17, 2018, days following the EU agreement at the One Planet Summit, Juncker’s EU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Breakthrough Energy-Europe in which member corporations of Breakthrough Energy-Europe will have preferential access to any funding.
The members of Breakthrough Energy include Virgin Air’s Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, HRH Prince Al-waleed bin Talal, Bridgewater Associates’ Ray Dalio; Julian Robertson of hedge fund giant, Tiger Management; David Rubenstein, founder Carlyle Group; George Soros, Chairman Soros Fund Management LLC; Masayoshi Son, founder Softbank, Japan. 
Make no mistake. When the most influential multinational corporations, the world’s largest institutional investors including BlackRock and Goldman Sachs, the UN, the World Bank, the Bank of England and other central banks of the BIS line up behind the financing of a so-called green Agenda, call it Green New Deal or what, it is time to look behind the surface of public climate activist campaigns to the actual agenda. The picture that emerges is the attempted financial reorganization of the world economy using climate, something the sun and its energy have orders of magnitude more to do with than mankind ever could—to try to convince us ordinary folk to make untold sacrifice to “save our planet.”"
Another case where there is a real problem to be solved, but the bad guys have preemptively gummed up the works.  Btw, I thought Greta's UNGA speech/rant was a PR disaster.

Tweet (Ahmed Kaballo):
 "My thoughts exactly"
This is a tremendously powerful argument if they can find an honest and competent judge who wants to go down in Canadian history as an important protector of Charter rights:  "Officials failed to execute arrest warrant for Meng Wanzhou properly: Defence" (Li) (my emphasis in red):
"Meng’s legal defence team began Wednesday by responding to the attorney general of Canada’s argument that border officials were simply following the law when they took Meng aside for questioning immediately after she stepped off a plane at Vancouver airport on Dec. 1.

Defence lawyer Scott Fenton said Canadian border security officers, like police, are peace officers and therefore were obligated to arrest Meng immediately, as the arrest warrant dictated.

This goes to the heart of one of the defence team’s main assertions: that Meng should have been arrested right away — and therefore given the constitutionally protected right to silence and right to a lawyer without delay — instead of being first questioned under what the defence alleges was the guise of an immigration check.

Meng’s lawyers say because there was a three-hour delay between her stepping off the plane and when she was arrested, during which she was questioned by Canadian border officials, this violated her charter rights.

During this disclosure hearing, the defence team’s goal is to show the judge there is an “air of reality” to their argument — in other words, that it is reasonable to think that Canadian law-enforcement officials may have violated Meng’s charter rights when they questioned and arrested her.

Meng’s team hopes this will convince the judge to order the Crown to disclose more evidence, such as emails and other communication sent between U.S. and Canadian officials ahead of the arrest. That evidence, her lawyers say, may prove meddling by U.S. authorities.

. . .

Wednesday is Day 3 out of what is expected to be an eight-day disclosure hearing that will continue into next week. Legal experts not involved in the case have said this extradition case could last as long as a decade."
"Hassan Rouhani: Refuses US nuclear talks until sanctions removed".  "In First, Iran Ready To Accept Changes To Nuclear Deal If Sanctions Lifted" (Durden).  "Video Captures Awkward Moment Macron & Johnson Plead With Rouhani To Meet With Trump" (Durden).  Sadly, the group of Israeli citizens/Mossad agents who staff the almighty Sanctions For The Jews division of the US government won't allow this to happen.

Tweet (Trita Parsi):
"EU countries who help Saudi bomb Yemen to pieces, "condemn in the strongest terms" attack on Saudi oil facilities.  #moralclarity"
Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"If this idiot didn’t gab about bombing people in America to an FBI agent online, he could have easily gone and joined Ukraine’s fascist Azov Battalion to kill Russians just like he planned. Hell, he would’ve been praised for it."
China's 'pivot' to Iran seems quite wise, if a little late:  "Saudi oil disruption could hit China hardest" (Daiss):
"The attacks on Saudi supplies have also highlighted another market trend: the emergence of US dominance in both global oil and gas markets, coincident with a decline in Saudi Arabia’s decades-long role as the world’s swing producer.
If the US had not ramped up its oil production capacity in recent years, bringing millions of extra barrels per day onto global markets, oil prices would have spiked way more than they did in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on Saudi Arabia.
As it happened, prices for global oil benchmark Bench crude jumped $12 per barrel to $69 per barrel, but then fell back to around $64, where prices have been trading for much of the US summer season.
If a similar scenario would have ensued a decade ago, before the US shale oil revolution, oil prices could have jumped by as much as 30-40% and not retreated as quickly as they did, industry analysts say.
The more moderate market response, the analysts say, can be largely attributed to US oil production dominance. In just six years, US crude oil production rose so rapidly that it surpassed that of both Russia and Saudi Arabia, increasing from 5.5 million bpd to now over 12 million bpd."
"Why The Saudis Are Lying About Their Oil Production" (Watkins)! (note also the mention of the failed Saudi attempt to collapse the US shale oil industry, an attempt that would, if successful, have also wrecked the too-big-to-fail American banking industry):
"The other measure that Saudi is taking - which it has vehemently denied but can confirm from various oil trading sources and from sources in the Iraq Oil Ministry – is looking to buy Iraq oil grades, which are close to the key export grades that Saudi ships to various destinations, including Asia. “Aramco Trading Company has been aggressively checking prices and lot sizes for Iraqi crude with various [oil] trading houses since the attacks and are looking are shorter-term potentially rolling contracts,” one trading source told last week.
“A number of the Iraqi grades are close in specifications to their Saudi counterparts, and part of this activity by Saudi to fill customer supply quotas for these grades is to make sure that the demand we are still seeing for such Iranian grades from Asia, but mainly China, is not boosted to make up for the shortfall from Saudi.,” a senior source who works closely with Iraq’s Oil Ministry told
The supreme irony, of course - as has repeatedly underlined, and as many in the oil markets now know, although apparently not the Saudis - is that a cornerstone strategy used by Iran to circumvent current U.S. sanctions against it (as was also the case in the previous period of sanctions) is to rebrand its oil into Iraqi oil, which is extremely easily done, both at the massive and porous border between the two or via various pipeline and shipping routes.
It may well be, then, that Saudi Arabia ends up boosting the bank accounts of the very people that it thinks was behind the attacks on its own oil infrastructure, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps – a staunch and active supporter of Yemen’s Houthis - through its various oil-industry associated businesses by buying Iranian oil, albeit with the stickers changed on the barrels."
"Aramco attack a defining moment in US-Saudi alliance" (Bhadrakumar) (it is a tragedy when the bullshit is flying around so much that it hits the wrong targets):
"In the circumstances, it is highly improbable that the Saudis would opt for a New York IPO for Aramco (which is billed as the mother of all IPOs.) Trump had strongly pitched for a New York IPO.

The point is, turning to the New York Stock Exchange would come with certain litigation risks that the Saudis may want to avoid at this juncture. With an eye on the rising anti-Saudi feeling in the US, the Saudis are worried that American citizens would sue Riyadh for compensation for the 9/11, 2001 attacks, leading to Aramco IPO being targeted."
 "Why Patriot Missiles Are Useless" (South Front).  Sounds like an excellent business opportunity for the usual MIC boondoggle to 'fix' the problem (American military procurement corruption lies at the root of American imperial decline - see also:  "US Navy Corruption Levels Put the Third World to Shame"; whichever sailor came up with the idea of calling it 'Post Shakedown' deserves a medal). 

This is the conspiracy theory involving the Americans turning off the defenses to allow the attack, highly unlikely as the attack itself was such a mighty and embarrassing blow to the US status as hegemon:  "The Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Facility. The Patriot Air Defence System Failed. Why?" (Chossudovsky).

"Jeffrey Epstein victim’s defamation lawsuit against Alan Dershowitz will require testimony of Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner" (Brown).

Duh!:  "Elizabeth Warren won’t stand up to Israel’s crimes" (Abunimah).  Tulsi's the only one without a crippling ((('donor'))) problem (though even she is shy about standing up to the Zionist atrocities).

"Democratic Donor And 'Dangerous Sexual Predator' Ed Buck Arrested After Third Man Overdoses In LA Apartment" (Durden). Third time's the charm.

Tweet (jon gabriel) (this backasswards 'confusion' underlies the entire Clintonista/Marshall attacks on Trump, involving Manafort and FBI informant Sater, and has never fit into the Russiagate template as it was supposed to):
"The same people who accused Trump of colluding with Putin for two years now claim he's colluding with Putin-haters in Ukraine. They're driving on a freeway and shifting from third gear to reverse." 
Tweet (Bryan Dean Wright) (there's a bipartisan consensus in Washington that, when your guys are in power, they are allowed to get filthy rich by exploiting that access to power, and Trump's 'impeachable offense', again, is failing to observe the niceties of allowing the Democrats to have their shot at the corruption):
"The Biden corruption story is not one invented by Trump. In fact, it was covered by the NY Times last May. And it includes a roster of not just the Biden family but Obama, Clinton & Kerry sycophants getting rich in Ukraine as well. This is horrifying."
Tweet (Jow Catron):
"Erdogan pulls a Bibi with UNGA presentation on Israeli expansion, condemns West for anti-Muslim ‘hate speech’"
"Wtf, I Love Erdogan Now!" (Anglin).  Quite something, needless to say barely mentioned in the American (((media))).

We're getting quite the outbreak of 'pilling', all at once, for those goyim who don't know how bad things really are.  "In Europe, Goyim Go to Prison for Talking Back to the Jews" (Frei).  "A Great Day for Zion" (Atzmon).  "Waterstones cancels launch for book on Labour and anti-Semitism" (Winstanley) (see also). "Kamila Shamsie’s book award withdrawn over her part in Israel boycott" (Flood).  Have your barf bag ready!:  "Among the Moderate Chic at Bari Weiss’s Book Party" (Kachka).  "UK minister vows to pressure councils and universities to adopt IHRA definition of anti-Semitism".  "Canada’s new definition of anti-Semitism is a threat to campus free speech" (Sachs).  "How a Small Group of Pro-Israel Activists Blacklisted MintPress on Wikipedia" (Webb).  "Justin Trudeau backs Israeli settlement wines" (Barrows-Friedman).  "Canadian government to appeal landmark decision on labels for West Bank settlement products" (Kawas).  "Democrats clash over bill to curb Israeli torture of children" (Abunimah) ("counterproductive to a peaceful, two-state solution"!)..
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