Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Shaving off the stache

"Trump Fires Yosemite Sam" (Moon).

Not even the usual Washington courtesy of allowing him to resign to spend more time with his orgy.  Trump was furious.  Was it about the Taliban meeting?  I kept wondering about this 'secret' meeting that everybody knew about.  Did Bolton tip off the press, adding how terrible it was to meet with them on a 9/11 anniversary - of course, even the craziest neocon would have trouble making the case that the Taliban had anything to do with 9/11, but Washington is crazy - thus wrecking Trump's chance to be a war-ending hero (again), and also trump Barry by getting out of a war Barry couldn't?

Bolton is there because Sheldon insisted on it.  Trump resisted as long as he could, but the shekels and blackmail kept piling up until he had no choice.  If Bolton is gone, what did Trump have to give in return?  I fear it may be the election boost to Bibi of having the US 'recognize' the settlement thefts before the Israeli election.
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