Sunday, September 22, 2019

The mountain of kumbaya

This is from an inmate at a British conservative stinktank - in other words, a professional liar of the lowest type - but in the spirit of it taking one to know one he nails the problem of the current Thunberg climate change PR campaign, the mechanics of subverting an issue some 0.1% interests want to see go away:  tweets (Robert Colvile).  Basically, you lard the essential issue with heaps and heaps of irrelevant SJW dreck, so much so that each additional layer of irrelevancy peels off another swatch of potential supporters, and you ignore the actual policy platforms that might make a difference, buried under a mountain of kumbaya.  It's deviously clever, as many aspects of the dreck are actually solid progressive issues (in particular, some careful de-agribusinessing of agriculture will be essential), but the combination is intentionally toxic in just the right way to ensure that nothing gets done.  'Climate justice' is the key.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the PR industry proves itself up to the task.  Even Assholians are having trouble denying that there is a problem, when their feet are in the water and their hair is on fire (we may be lucky that the otherwise self-preoccupied self-centered and utterly selfish residents of Assholia live in a space that is going to suffer the worst).  You can only get so far claiming that 99 point something percent of the scientists who are experts on the issue are out to lunch, with anybody with an IQ over 70 having trouble with this whopper.  Eventually, the 99% are going to insist on political action, so a very carefully constructed platform was built, guaranteed to fail.
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