Saturday, September 21, 2019

Unusually thin skull

"Malta orders public inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder":
"Muscat, a frequent target of Caruana Galizia's writings . . . "
Quibbly 'review' of Blumenthal's book, a book which is quite good as a mass compendium of 'war on terror' and Wars For The Jews outrages/contradictions/inconsistencies, but does suffer from the perhaps unavoidable problem of implicitly accepting some of the main underlying assumptions of the hegemon and its Zionist masters.  It is recommended reading as I know of no other similar documenting of the atrocities, both domestic and foreign, all useful knowledge that the (((media))) either ignores or buries in the fine print.  Just experiencing the sheer quantity of outrages is a useful wake-up call.  Added:  Blumenthal response.

"Darker Story behind Heritage News from Israel" (Barford).

Not newsworthy, goyim!:  "'Total Massacre' as U.S. Drone Strike Kills 30 Farmers in Afghanistan" (Higgins). Just your basic everyday total massacre as opposed to the one dead American soldier who served as the excuse to scupper Trump's attempts at peace talks.

"A Small Reminder Of The Lower-Than-Zero Value Of Partisan 'Analysts'" (Moon).

"The company Irwin Cotler keeps: Paul Kagame, Alan Dershowitz and (maybe) the Montreal mob and Jeffrey Epstein" (Engler).  "Faux Humanitarian Irwin Cotler, the White Helmets, and the Whitewashing of an Appalling Agenda" (Beeley).  "Syrian White Helmets to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize" (Zilio).  Cotler is such an instructive example of the gaping abyss between official and (((media))) accolades, and the stunningly ugly truth about a real monster.

"New Study Documents Depleted Uranium Impacts on Children in Iraq" (Swanson).

Big picture incompetence is why it will be a tragedy if Bibi is pushed out of power:  "Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Himalayan Miscalculation on Iran: Bringing China into the Mideast" (Cole). It is not just him - all the 'American' Khazars have been a disaster for the Zionist murder and land theft project, and the Rothschilds and other globo-homo Khazars are clearly distancing themselves from the incompetence.

"“Breaking: Houthis to halt missile strikes after Saudi Arabia offers peace deal” says Al Masdar News - TTG".  MbS loses a tremendous amount of face if he is seen as asking for peace, so this will have to be negotiated very carefully, but I can't see how the Saudis can afford any additional attack (and since the Dubai skyscrapers are also now on the table, the UAE also has to give in, even to the extent of giving back the territory MbZ is trying to steal).

"U.S. Orders Duke and U.N.C. to Recast Tone in Mideast Studies" (Green).  'Hello, Newman' news!  'Tone' in the Zionazi police state, led by the Mega Group blackmail.

Marshall has been beside himself with joy over the latest alleged 'scandal', but it seems every one of these backfires:  "BRAKING NEWS--TRUMP PRESSURED UKRAINE TO FIRE PROSECUTOR by Larry C Johnson" and "Did Trump-Biden-Ukraine Drama Just Implode? WaPo Reports No "Quid Pro Quo" Offered During Phone Call".  Americans should take from this that the Bidens are quite crooked.

"Why did Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet fly to Riyadh on the eve of the 2016 election?" (Trotter). Epstein, MbS, and Bezos (and the issue of the Bezos blackmail plot)!

Randy Andy may not be the only prince accepting 'gifts' from Epstein:  "Today's Blind Items - The Payoff" (CDaN).  "The Duchess of Cornwall's brother Mark Shand died 'because of an unusually thin skull'"

"Canada Now Has Psilocybin Dispensaries" (Tomoski).

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"Connolly on bourgeois decadence!"
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