Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Vote CIA!

There's no party like a CIA party!:  tweet (Camila):
"Hong Kong protest leader Joshua Wong joins Chairman of the White Helmets Raed Al Saleh, Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, and Mina Ahadi for a photo op at the Bild 100 summer party in Berlin. (Reuters photos, 9 September 2019)"
"Understanding Hong Kong's Mass Movement" (CIA).

The fact that Valerie Plame's hubby got screwed over by (((really evil guys))) warmongering for Wars For The Jews doesn't make Valerie Plame any less of the piece of shit she obviously, and proudly, is: tweet (Walker Bragman):
"This campaign ad from former CIA agent Valerie Plame reveals how truly lost the Democrats are. Like Amy McGrath’s opening ad, it is highly produced, light on policy, but heavy on chauvinism—insight into what the strategists think voters want after 2016."
Carefully crafted to appeal to the savvy and realistic Democrats who really want to vote for this James Bond shit as long as it is 'progressive'.

"Israeli PM Claims He Discovered Iran Nuclear Site, But No Evidence Exists" (Ditz). The evidence, goyim, that it was there is that there is no evidence that it was there, just as you would expect!

"Hezbollah Will Liberate the Galilee" (Taxi).  I've said this before - once the very mobile knowledge workers freak out and flee under a hail of Hezbollah rockets, that's the end of any Khazar-controlled state in the Middle East.

Oxy chic!:  "Courtney Love, Infamous Former Addict, Will Not Sell Out to the Sackler Family, Manufacturers of the Opioid Crisis" (Summers).  The Sacklers are obviously playing on their brand and trying to promote the beauty of the wasted junkie look.  Note the comment by saltyladystrikesagain.

I told the (((JYT))) everything, and for some (((crazy reason))) (((they))) didn't publish anything about it!  Tweet (Xeni Jardin):
"I told the @nytimes everything. So did whistleblowers I was in touch with inside @MIT and @Edge. They printed none of the most damning truths.
@joi is on the board of the NYT. THANK GOD FOR @RonanFarrow"
"‘The New Normal’: Trump’s ‘China Bind’ Can Be Iran’s Opportunity" (Crooke).  Iran coming to the realization that Mega Group shenanigans means that the US has a terminal case of the Jews, and there is nothing to be done about it other than work around the entire country.
"Trump’s China ‘bind’ is this: A trade deal with China has long been viewed by the White House as a major tool for ‘goosing’ the US stock market upwards, during the crucial pre-election period. But as that is now said to be “tough to improbable” – and as US national security consensus metamorphoses, the consequent de-coupling, combined with tariffs, is beginning to bite. The effects are eating away at President Trump’s prime political asset: the public confidence in his handling of the economy: A Quinnipiac University survey last week found for the first time in Trump’s presidency, more voters now say the economy is getting worse rather than better, by a 37-31 percent margin – and by 41-37 percent, voters say the president’s policies are hurting the economy.
This is hugely significant. If Trump is experiencing a crisis of public confidence in respect to his assertive policies towards China, the last thing that he needs in the run-up to an election is an oil crisis, on top of a tariff/tech war crisis with China. A wrong move with Iran, and global oil supplies easily can go awry. Markets would not be happy. (So Trump’s China ‘bind’ can also be Iran’s opportunity …).
No wonder Pompeo acted with such alacrity to put a tourniquet on the brewing ‘war’ in the Middle East, sparked by Israel’s simultaneous air attacks last month in Iraq, inside Beirut, and in Syria (killing two Hizbullah soldiers). It is pretty clear that Washington did not want this ‘war’, at least not now. America, as Defense One noted, is becoming acutely sensitive to any risks to the global financial system from “sudden, destabilizing convulsions in the global economy”.
The recent Israeli military operations coincided with Iranian FM Zarif’s sudden summons to Biarritz (during the G7), exacerbating fears within the Israeli Security Cabinet that Trump might meet with President Rouhani in NY at the UN General Assembly – thus threatening Netanyahu’s anti-Iran, political ‘identity’. The fear was that Trump could begin a ‘bromance’ with the Iranian President (on the Kim Jong Un lines). And hence the Israeli provocations intended to stir some Iranian (over)-reaction (which never came). Subsequently it became clear to Israel that Iran’s leadership had absolutely no intention to meet with Trump – and the whole episode subsided.
Trump’s Iran ‘bind’ therefore is somehow similar to his China ‘bind’: With China, he initially wanted an easy trade achievement, but it has proved to be ‘anything but’. With Iran, Trump wanted a razzmatazz meeting with Rohani – even if that did not lead to a new ‘deal’ (much as the Trump – Kim Jung Un TV spectaculars that caught the American imagination so vividly, he may have hoped for a similar response to a Rohani handshake, or he may have even aspired to an Oval Office spectacular).
Trump simply cannot understand why the Iranians won’t do this, and he is peeved by the snub. Iran is unfathomable to Team Trump.
Well, maybe the Iranians just don’t want to do it. Firstly, they don’t need to: the Iranian Rial has been recovering steadily over the last four months and manufacturing output has steadied. China’s General Administration of Customs (GAC) detailing the country’s oil imports data shows that China has not cut its Iranian supply after the US waiver program ended on 2 May, but rather, it has steadily increased Iranian crude imports since the official end of the waiver extension, up from May and June levels. The new GAC data shows China imported over 900,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil from Iran in July, which is up 4.7% from the month before.
And a new path is opening in front of Iran. After Biarritz, Zarif flew directly to Beijing where he discussed a huge, multi-hundred billion (according to one report), twenty-five-year oil and gas investment, (and a separate) ‘Road and Belt’ transport plan. Though the details are not disclosed, it is plain that China – unlike America – sees Iran as a key future strategic partner, and China seems perfectly able to fathom out the Iranians, too."
No. 1 work-around:  "The Meaning Of The Iran-China Deal" (Holland).

More evidence that France the Rothschild family has decided to split with the WWIII American machers:  "France Says Time Has Come To Ease Tensions With Russia".

Tweets by Patrick Porter on the complete moral derangement of (((Anne Applebaum))). The people who are always wrong about everything are bizarrely certain of themselves!

Trump managed to get out of his Poland trip too!:  "Explainer: Donald Trump's Decision to Cancel 'Secret' Talks With the Taliban" (Joshi):
"Just why Trump decided to pull out at the last minute is not clear. But it is not an unusual action on his part. Consider his recent decision to cancel his visit to Denmark, because the country refused to discuss the sale of Greenland. He later also cancelled an important visit to Poland that was part of the European tour to Copenhagen, because he said he had to monitor Hurricane Dorian whose limits he had fudged with a pen.
Maybe the penny finally dropped about the proximity of the talks with the 9/11 anniversary. A Taliban delegation in Camp David, along with the death of the US soldier in Afghanistan, may have been taken badly by his own nationalistic base. On the other hand, however, it could be that Trump finally realised that the Taliban refusal to stop its violence was, indeed, giving it leverage in the situation. The Taliban, though, insists that it is not under any obligation to stop attacks unless there is a full ceasefire in place. And it will not agree to a ceasefire till all the foreign forces have pulled out."
The consistent Assholian problem - see also, Iran - is that the US never gives up anything, yet the other side in proposed negotiations is always expected to make the most major concessions - complete capitulation - just to be allowed to get to the negotiating table.  One dead American soldier, yet the Assholes get to consistently kill Afghans, both civilian and military, with impunity.

The latest Webb finally makes it to Unz.  I was wondering if wild speculations about the Khazars murdering JFK was fine as nobody would take it seriously, but Webb's talk of pre-crime and the Khazar gangsters was maybe getting dangerously close to the truth, but Unz came through.  We really need to reconsider the Stephen Paddock mass shooting at a macher-owned casino in light of what we know about American politics.  Paddock seemed to think he was going to walk out the door without consequences, which seems crazy unless he had reason to believe he would have inside help from the casino (see also:  how did he get all those guns to his room?).

"Mind Blowing Epstein Related Facts You Haven't Heard" (Amazing Polly video).  In-Q-Tel; the tech companies of the Maxwell sisters, husbands and ex-husbands thereof, and their circles (Edge.org, Santa Fe Institute, Gell-Mann, who died in May, Bronfmans); the weird rise of Carly Fiorina, Vicky Ward, Swartz's 'hack' of Media Lab, 'Leonardo', and Jack Parsons (!) (at which point she starts guessing and the video goes off the rails). The Mega Group conspiracy is even worse than you thought!  Iran is right not to fall into the trap of engaging with it.

Yellow Peril:  "What Caused The Mass Panic At Newark Airport? Racism." (Jamieson).

It is quite something to call 'replacement theory' an 'anti-Semitic' myth of the 'deplorables', while simultaneously calling its results a 'thrilling prediction'. Also:  "NYT columnist discloses 'insomnia' she's had since 'cursed night' of Trump's election" (Dorman).

Btw, here's a video of the US government under Mega Group control.  Not an attractive look.
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