Thursday, December 05, 2019

Specially knocked down

"The Curious Case Of Joseph Mifsud’s Lost Passport And Wallet" (Nardelli/Grozev).  From Bellingcat, and seems preoccupied with stressing that the idea that Mifsud is a Western intelligence asset is 'conspiracy theory'.  I've never seen anybody more obviously a Western intelligence asset, and Bellingcat is being paid to deflect from the fact that the American IC coup - which is ongoing - involved using assets like Mifsud to attempt to entrap Trump campaign staffers.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Somehow this a@NewYorker feature on Modi/BJP fascism forgot to mention that Jayant Sinha—who famously honored anti-Muslim lynch mob murderers—set up & managed Pierre Omidyar's impact fund in India, & served on Omidyar Network's global executive committee"
"Russian billionaire tycoon, 49, living in Britain is killed in crash involving three cars while walking his dog in Surrey as friend says he could have been 'specially knocked down'" (Stewart).

"Death of a Banker: Did Laundered Russian Billions Play a Role? Part 3" (Baker). Part 1.  Part 2.  Worth reading, but bear in mind that Baker is one of those who lost his damn mind over Trump/Putin Derangement Syndrome (a debilitating disease for a 'journalist', and really should be in DSM-5).

One of the reasons Russia is doing so well these days is that it has the oligarch removal crews that we in the west tragically lack, with our criminal oligarchs living forever.

"Was Sheldon Adelson Acting As Bag Man for the CIA?" (Vlahos).  Assange's always been naive about Zionism, and he continues to receive an education.  It looks like Sheldon is using his own security company as a sub-contractor for the CIA, and getting a thrill out of being the spooky go-between.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Empathy and joy

"Clintons Vacationed Extensively At Epstein's New Mexico 'Baby-Making Ranch': Report" (Durden).

It's good to laugh!:  tweet (Jennifer Rubin):
 "If empathy and joy determined presidential elections Harris would lap the field."
  1. we have Tulsi to thank for this wonderful development (it appears likely that Harris was the initial pick of the Democrat establishment, until Tulsi took her out with surgical precision); and
  2. I find these withdrawal speeches to be most enlightening, as the candidates try to talk around the fact that the real reason they have to withdraw is that the billionaires who 'invested' in the candidate - expecting a huge return in graft when the candidate wins - have decided to move their 'investment' money elsewhere, as there is no plausible path to the White House for the withdrawing candidate.
"No More Nice Dems" (O'Neill).  On the strategies of real progressives to re-take control of the Democrats.  If this makes any further progress, look for the Khazars to infiltrate it and make sure it is sabotaged.

"When Republicans Sound Just Like Putin" (Langum).  It is worth it to read the comments to dreck like this to get an idea of how profoundly crazy the Clintonistas actually are.  See "The Lessons of Russia’s Syrian Intervention for Washington and Brussels" (Hahn).

"Going to the ICJ: Myanmar, Genocide and Aung San Suu Kyi’s Gamble" (Kampmark).  The ICJ was never intended to protect Muslims!

"Russia-China Cooperation, The Power of Siberia Project, Strategic Gas Pipelines" (Souri).  "Russian Gas Mega-Pipeline To China Goes Online As Putin & Xi Hail Closer Ties" (Durden).  Almost every day we see a major development by the rest of the world, while the Americans struggle to see how many Wars For The Jews they can fight at once.  You'd think there would be some clamoring from Americans at the singular lack of basic competence from their 'leaders' (the speed of deterioration of the hegemon is something to see), but as long as the Wars For The Jews keep on piling up there isn't a peep.

"A Different Kind of War Wound Afflicts America" (Isaacs).  These moral wounds appeared when Wars For The Jews were forced on militaries, with the soldiers realizing that they were acting in a profoundly immoral way, with the sole purpose of their immorality to allow the Khazars to kill people and steal their land.  The old justifications/rationalizations for wars just don't work any longer (although the woke now realize that both WWII and WWI were also Wars For The Jews, and were also completely immoral and unnecessary).

"How the UK military and intelligence establishment is working to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister" (Kennard). This kind of manipulation is done much more openly - almost proudly - in Britain than in other places.  Kennard is doing outstanding work.

"After His Mysterious Death, the Media Scrambles to Get its Story Straight About White Helmets Founder James Le Mesurier" (Beeley).

"Turkey Declares Ownership On Half Of Eastern Mediterranean Waters" (Durden).  Note the Libyan angle. If Haftar is still CIA, this puts the Turks on yet another collision course with the hegemon.

So he was in a position to murder the SJWs because the SJWs invited him to attend their conference (presumably as an example of a 'wrongfully persecuted' Sunni terrorist)?!:  "Terror Returns to Europe".  This is too good to be true!

"Narco-Socialist Cartel: Morales, the Pope and the Chaos in Bolivia" (Ó Colmáin).  The usually ignored narco aspects of the coup.  Lots of good details but too hard on Morales, seemingly based in the usual 'drugs are bad' morality.

This is important, and almost never mentioned (and here's Madsen on the same groups on climate change, based on their fruitcake 'dominionism', although Madsen can also be quite ridiculous):  "The rise of the militant religious right in Latin America" (Madsen):
"The narco-traffickers have been buoyed by the Christo-fascist takeover of Bolivia. Interim President Áñez is married to Héctor Hernando Hincapié Carvajal of the Colombian Conservative Party, an ally of the narco-terrorist-backed Duque administration and its political puppet masters, former President Uribe and his financiers in the Medellin-based Ochoa clan drug cartel. Ever since Morales legalized in Bolivia the production of coca leaves, used in traditional Aymara medicines and as a tea refreshment, Latin American drug cartels have seen their profits go into a tailspin. Bolivia was competing with the Colombian cartels as a source for legally grown coca leaves. The Christo-fascists may believe in the Bible, but they also understand that their religious movements can be supported by cash from the narco-trade."
"The One Insurmountable Obstacle to Peace in Syria" (Whitney).  Very good!  The obstacle being American occupation, i.e., Yinon.

It's good to laugh:  "How did we get to the point where a former senior military officer calls for the removal of a duly elected president because he doesn’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Rohingyas?"

An excellent reason why Trump deserves to be reelected is that he often disbelieves professional liars:  "Former official says Trump often refused to believe his intelligence briefings" (Gaouette/Atwood).

Khazars are doing little victory dances over the chaos and deaths in Iran (though it appears that Iran will be the first country to survive this spate of color revolutions):  "Iran in flames and ‘experts’ didn’t foresee it due to Trump-hate blindness" (Leibovitz).

(((They))) never stop giving us outstanding reasons to hate (((them))):  "French vote one step closer to anti-Zionism ban" (Mazaheri).

Some HK guy notices that the neo-Nazi winners of the color revolution in Ukraine are visiting the identical HK protests as 'Soros tourists', then gets mad when real progressives - called 'tankies' -  notice his noticing.

Tuesday, December 03, 2019


I've kinda rigged up something before I try to find my rescue disc.  I can blog, I've just lost access to all my recent links, most of which live only as open tabs in browsers.  This kind of thing seems to happen whenever Windows does an update, as back in the day Bill was spending too much time at his pal Jeff's place to ever get the hang of updating an operating system without wrecking everything.

From BLCKDGRD:  "I think impeachment more anti-Sanders than pro-Biden since the goal of impeachment to guarantee Trump's reelection".  Which is funny if you consider that Biden only entered the race to block Bernie, and now Bloomberg has entered the race as Biden was found wanting in blocking Bernie.  The entire point of the party seems to be to make sure Bernie doesn't get the nomination.

"Joe Biden Talking About Kids Touching His Hairy Legs in a Swimming Pool Is Not Great Viewing" (Holmes).  The 'Hairy Legs' speech is going down as a classic in the history of political rhetoric.  The added cringe, somewhat shielded by the vast incoherence of the whole spectacle, was that Biden was attempting a 'some of my best friends are black' maneuver, but not quite pulling it off.  With all the non sequiturs and the general lack of any kind of rational thread to follow, Trump and Biden seem to be headed to some kind of mind meld.

Tweet (Steve Sailer):
"Jack Merritt, RIP

The Masters' thesis of the poor bastard who was stabbed to death by a released Muslim terrorist:

"A Critical Analysis of Over-Representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Males Aged 18-21 in the British Prison System.""
Since the police were obviously ordered to murder the killer (there was no need to shoot him), and the killer's kind treatment by the system indicates that he was probably working for the government, you almost have to wonder if the killing was targeted.

Don't make a fuss, surrender your tusk.


I'm going to be out of commission for a while as my computer is acting up and my collection of links is inaccessible until I figure out how to restore the apparently wonky hard drive.

Sunday, December 01, 2019

A very short Icelandic man named Steven

"Operation Condor 2.0: After Bolivia Coup, Trump Dubs Nicaragua ‘National Security Threat’ and Targets Mexico" (Norton).  I thought Abrams reaffirming his love of Guido was just Abrams embarrassing himself more, but then Trump weighed in, pulling Nicaragua back into the regime change plans, so it seems the Assholians have decided that the last hold outs to the color revolutions must be dealt with.  Sorositis in Mexico would be completely nuts, so I guess we can expect them to at least try for a coup.

"Nicaragua 1979-2019. History of the Sandinista Revolution" (Toussaint/Legrand).  You can see how ridiculous this is as these 'leftists' criticize Nicaragua for taking steps to survive the first onslaught of the Assholian/Soros attack.  Every time there is an American/Soros attack, the 'left' jumps up to claim that this would have never happened had the government been pure of Trotskyist/Leninist/Maoist spirit.

"Saudi Arabia: the Nixon Years" (Quixotic Joust) (more here):
"King Faisal bin Abdulariz was shot and killed in March 1975 by an estranged nephew, Prince Faisal bin Musaed bin Abdulaziz. By June 18 the nephew had been convicted and beheaded by Saudi leaders, who were quick to label him "deranged."

The 27-year-old assassin had lived in the United States from 1966 until 1973 while studying political science and obtaining a degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1971. He then moved to UC Berkeley for graduate studies. Called a "radical" by his Saudi countrymen, he had attempted unsuccessfully to convince Saudi Arabia to put an end to Islamic rule."
It appears the CIA got their hooks in the assassin when he was arrested for selling LSD.  Faisal had to go as he was a hard-liner on using oil as a weapon against oppression of the Palestinians, and had plans to secularize Saudi Arabia.

"Iranian opposition leader compares Supreme Leader to toppled Shah" (Rothschild).

The Poles are more moral than the French:  "Roman Polanski Cancels Lecture at Lodz Film School After Protests" (Kaplan).

"US Interventions in Canada – A Brief History" (Romanoff). This is the one that Durden fell for (keep reading - it gets crazier as you go!):  "Did A Trump Operative Taint Canadian Election With Foreign Interference?" (MacPherson).  Also not Putin:  "Researchers found evidence of Twitter troll activity in the last week of the federal election" (Rocha).

"The Anglo-American Origins of Color Revolutions & NED" (Ehret).  LaRouchianism is characterized by unnecessarily blaming the Brits for the sins of the Assholians, but you can read around it.

Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself:
  1. "In $200M battle over Brancusi sculpture, Philly arts patron fires back, citing rival’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein" (Roebuck);
  2. "Will The Epstein Story Ever be Fully Told?" (Rice, Jr.); 
  3. Bill Gates;
  4. "A Deeper Dive Into The Epstein-Dubin Wall Street Connection" (Durden) (Khazar billionaire Dubin has managed to stay under the radar); and
  5. "Epstein Tapes? Sordid Case Takes A Bizarre Turn After Mystery 'Hacker' Emerges" (Durden).
"Hunter Biden Admits It Was Poor Judgment To Be Involved With Corrupt Biden Family" (The Onion).