Saturday, December 14, 2019

'Anti-Semitism' = Islamophilia

Tweet thread by Luke Pagarani:
"I did around 120 hours of canvassing in London, Bedford and Milton Keynes. I didn’t expect this result but here’s how I can make sense of it from what I encountered on the doorstep. 1/"
"... so it has taken four years for low engagement voters to absorb it fully. The real charge against Corbyn is that he fundamentally believes that British/white lives are of equal value with the lives of others. 5/"
"... for a lot of people Corbyn’s association with anti-semitism seems to represent his association with Islam, where Islam in turn comes to stand for the undifferentiated mass of humanity making a claim for equal eminence. 13/" 
The mystery to be explained is why was 'anti-Semitism' such a useful charge for the forces trying to defeat Labour. I agree with the Khazars that most people are Khazar skeptics. My disagreement with them is that I believe the skepticism to be rational and correct. People are skeptical about Khazars for excellent reasons (this election itself being one of them!). So if people are naturally, and correctly, and truly righteously, 'anti-Semites', why did the Khazar scheme to defeat Corbyn succeed so well?

The mystery is solved if you see 'anti-Semitism' as code for Islamophilia, and more generally, code for deference to the minorities, and in particular, to the kind of mass immigration policies which are ironically a big part of the Khazar project, as in all countries where they temporarily are forced to live, to weaken the majority population (standard Khazar procedure everywhere as they feel it allows them to slink up the middle).  Muslims are, naturally, more likely to be skeptical of Khazars (and, to be clear, all the tiny number of incidents in Labour that were identified as 'anti-Semitism' were from Muslim members of Labour, while the entire gentile upper reaches of the Conservative Party are real, and robust, 'anti-Semites', i.e., Jew-haters), so it is no big leap to see 'anti-Semitism' as code for too much love for Muslims, and thus an affront to the people who define themselves as the autochthonous population.

This fits nicely into the big Johnson plan to turn long-standing Labour enclaves of the working class into Conservative territory, effectively creating a new political landscape based on right-wing populism (following the lead of Trump, and based on the same 'Camp of the Saints' type fears of being overrun by people who don't look like you).  The phony 'left'/'liberal' apparatus in both Britain and the US are making a big deal that Corbyn was defeated because he was too radically left wing, but that is not true at all.  Polling always shows that the 99% supports left wing policies, especially those that are labeled 'too extreme' (for example, by the 'savvy and realistic' Democrats).

There were thus two connected points that sunk Labour:
  1. by prevaricating over Brexit, and proposing another referendum, Corbyn essentially insulted, and disenfranchised, non-London 'Leave' voters, and allowed Johnson to portray the entire election as solely about Brexit, and, more importantly, about the rights of the British people to define what Britain is, while Corbyn unnecessarily prostrated himself to the relatively small number of London Remoaners who didn't like him anyway; and
  2. by going along with completely open borders, Corbyn played right into fears concerning mass immigration, the code word for which, with supreme irony, was 'anti-Semitism'.
The tragedy is that completely open borders, the Khazar idea (entirely for their own supremacist plans), is completely inimical to true socialist policies, as it is used to reduce the cost of labor while simultaneously creating new environmental problems and new transitional expenses to be borne, of course, by increases in taxation to working class people (and the American Democrats are going down this same policy road of failure).  Has Corbyn just stuck with his vague Brexit stance, and made no big deal about mass immigration, the Johnson/Khazar plan would have failed, and Corbyn would be PM.  What a waste!
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