Friday, December 27, 2019

Change My Mind

Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"RELEASE: OPCW-Douma Docs 4. Four leaked documents from the OPCW reveal that toxicologists ruled out deaths from chlorine exposure and a senior official ordered the deletion of the dissenting engineering report from OPCW’s internal repository of documents."
Although this will be well hidden by the (((media))), it should put a stake in the heart of the usefulness to the hegemon of the OPCW as a 'disinterested' 'scientific' arbiter of 'chemical weapon' PR campaigns against the enemies of the Khazars.

"Mysterious death of White Helmets co-founder spotlights toxic propaganda" (Brabant). It's Peak False-Flagotry to kill a guy and blame the death on your enemies.  Note the call for the firing of university professors who argue against the general Zionist line on Syria.

Alan MacLeod tweets on  the sexual fantasies in Foreign Affairs over the mass bombing of civilians in Venezuela.

Tweet (David Sheen):
"With @IntlCrimCourt investigating Israeli war crimes, the diplomatic correspondent of the (Adelson-owned) newspaper with the largest circulation in Israel suggests Netanyahu order the destruction of the ICC’s computer systems and the theft of its archives"
The Khazar billionaires are so powerful now that they flip out at even the merest suggestion of an insult to the Jewish state.  See also their scorched earth policy on BDS, which has been emasculated into a Zionist campaign for the two-state solution, itself rendered a sick joke after the blackmailed Trump 'gave' the West Bank to the Khazars.

"Epstein Didn't Kill Himself - Change My Mind".
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