Friday, December 27, 2019

Contrary to basic notions of fairness

"“OxySacklers” angry that Tufts removed family name from campus" (Mole).  After (((we))) mass murder you, goyim, it is "contrary to basic notions of fairness" for you to remove (((our))) names from your buildings.  You still need to worship your (((masters))), no matter what levels of anti-gentilism (((we))) engage in, up to and including your mass murder for shekels.

"Christopher Steele Used John McCain To Funnel Claims To James Comey: Report" (MacDonald).  Strange headline which makes the allegations seem iffy, yet this was in the Horowitz report!
"The controversial report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz into the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign revealed many concerning details. One was that Christopher Steele’s dossier was used in the case to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to secure a wiretap on former Donald Trump campaign official Carter Page after the DOJ found no probable cause to do so. The report also revealed that late Senator John McCain provided former FBI Director James Comey with reports from Steele after the FBI terminated the former British intelligence officer as a sourceBreitbart reports.
McCain reportedly gave Comey five new Steele reports that were not previously in possession of the FBI, although it’s not clear if McCain knew at the time that Steele was no longer an FBI source. Regardless, the new reports were allegedly obtained by McCain from Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson. Fusion GPS was notably hired for anti-Trump opposition research by the president’s opponents in the primary.
“Several weeks later, on December 9, 2016, Senator John McCain provided Corney with a collection of 16 Steele election reports, 5 of which Steele had not given the FBI,” the IG report reads. “McCain had obtained these reports from a staff member at the McCain Institute. The McCain Institute staff member had met with Steele and later acquired the reports from Simpson.”
According to Breitbart, the unnamed McCain staffer is David J. Kramer, who reportedly gave the Steele dossier to BuzzFeed News, which published the document in full on January 10, 2017.
On the myth that MbS, chastened by his mistakes, has turned over a new leaf. "UN condemns third attack on Yemen market in a month".  Tweet (Tamara Cofman Wittes) (for what it's worth, as she's got ((())) and is Deep State and is married to the stupidest of the stupidest, Benjamin Wittes!):
"“There has been little indication that Prince Mohammed has been chastened by the global outrage...Last month, 8 writers, bloggers & journalists were detained. The case of women’s rights activists arrested 18 months ago remains unresolved.”"
"German politician: “Ami go home!”" (Kamyshanova).  Sanctions for the Jews have taken over the US government (ZOG) to the extent where they are now piled on the best allies of Assholia.  "Washington’s Unmasked Imperialism Towards Europe and Russia".

"What’s Really Behind Estonia’s ‘Border Dispute’ with Russia?" (Korybko).   A reminder that NATO, its bases, and provisioning its troops, is largely a grift.

"The MEK in Albania" (Fantina).

"Turkey and Israel: Enemies or Allies?" (Odintsov).  The bottom line is that they intend to share in the loot from various stolen hydrocarbons, so much of the rhetoric is just for show.

"Are the Hindu Supremacists trying to Israelify India?" (Ahmed).  Yet another in the long list of reasons why the Khazars must be pushed into the sea immediately, if not sooner.

"From Colluding With Hitler Against The USSR To An Anti-Hitler Coalition" (Rubtsov).  It is funny how incompetent bad-faith diplomacy that led directly to disasters is still the order of the day today.  In many cases, the exact same mistakes are being made.

"De-Bunking the Myth of the Jewish Conspiracy" (Ehret).  Although LaRouchianism is supposed to be 'anti-Semitic', its central tenet of blaming all bad things, particularly the atrocities of the Assholes, on a handful of gentile London-based big-wigs means that both the Khazars and the Assholes come out as complete innocents, victims of British scheming.

Tweet (Kim Dotcom):
"I’ve said it time and time again in my interviews with crypto influencers, US Empire will crack down on crypto, hard. Crypto is the single biggest threat to its power. It is now absolutely essential that we can transact >privately< because the use of crypto will become unlawful."
"Schumer Revealed as Key Industry Ally in Defeat of Effort to Curb Surprise Billing" (Higgins).  "Democratic insiders: Bernie could win the nomination" (Otterbein/Siders) (completely out of line with the usual).  "Trump's judges are great. He has Harry Reid to thank":
"In total, at all court levels together, Trump’s average number of confirmations per year exceeds every president in history except (barely) for Democrat Jimmy Carter, who enjoyed a large Senate majority and no concerted obstructive efforts by Senate Republicans.
Again, Trump and McConnell have achieved this despite the dilatory tactics of the Democrats, who have forced procedural “cloture” votes an astonishing 131 times on Trump’s judicial nominees, compared to only seven cloture votes in the first three years of all of the previous five presidencies combined.
How did Trump and McConnell manage this feat? It all goes back to Reid's greedy effort to stack the courts. In 2013, with Obama in the White House and Democrats controlling the Senate, Reid made the fateful decision to limit Senate debate on judges — something he had strongly opposed when Republicans had considered doing it during the Bush administration.
Unlike those earlier Republicans, Reid got Democrats to stick together on the so-called nuclear option, using a bare majority of the Senate to make a major rule change that the wiser voices in his party warned against. Thanks to Reid, it would no longer take 60 votes to confirm a judge.
It was a very short-sighted decision because Obama would only enjoy the advantage for a single year. After Republicans seized the Senate in the 2014 election, they hit the brakes on judicial appointments. McConnell made sure that Obama would end his presidency with only about the same number of judges confirmed (329) as Bush had before him (327).
As a result, Trump would take office not only with the opportunity to fill judicial vacancies with a simple majority, but also with the opportunity to replace dozens and dozens of Democratic appointees who chose to retire in 2013, 2014, or 2015 in the belief that Obama would replace them. This has given Trump a unique opportunity to influence the judiciary that even future presidents will not enjoy."
"A ‘Sad as Hell’ Christmas Suicide" (RoyalFoibles).  "Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies By Suicide, Day After Actor Tweets "Kill Them With Kindness"" (Phillips).  "Kevin Spacey Accuser Mysteriously Commits Suicide (This is the Third Accuser to Die)" (Batty).  "Today's Blind Items - Hired Help" (CDaN). Geffen appears to be systematically killing off Spacey's victims, at least those who inconveniently speak out, and Spacey is gloating.  This is a warning to any future victims of Geffen's Gay Mafia who might decide to speak out.
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