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"The 12 Strongest Arguments That Douma Was A False Flag" (Johnstone).  Important because this was intended to be a hugely consequential false flag.  It was supposed to lead to full American involvement in the attack on Syria, and the full Yinonization of Syria, following strictly to the Khazar orders to American politicians.  It was also extremely brutal, with al Qaeda having to come up with a large number of freshly-killed corpses for the White Helmets to set the stage for what was supposed to be a clean OPCW imprimatur on the deception.  The (((media))) did, and continues to do, its usual part in outright lying, up to and including completely ignoring the false flag falling apart with the OPCW truth tellers, and despite the fact that the staging was extremely sloppy (there's a very good chance Le Mesurier was defenestrated for incompetence).  Besides the fact that this was an unusual failed false flag (we live in the Khazar Century almost entirely due to their ability to mange false flags, plus, of course, the shekeling and blackmailing of the pervs who our our esteemed politicians), it is also important for the OPCW insider whistle blowers, who demonstrated a very rare lack of loyalty to the lying machine.

"NY Times: US used ‘sabotage’ in Iran to ‘keep the protests going’… and that’s ok" (Mazaheri).  (((Sanger))), unintentionally semi-honest, on false-flagotry in color revolutions.

Some of the propaganda is a little more sophisticated:  "A Beautiful but Deceptive Documentary: “For Sama”" (Sterling).

We should be able to accept that much of what she is saying is true, while realizing that the reason she is ubiquitous in the (((media))) is because her fundamental purpose is to find a way for the 1% to continue to be rich through exploiting hydrocarbons:  "Connecting the Dots" (Steppling).  She's just annoying/weird enough to allow for her to take up all the (((media))) space allowed for discussion of the issue, while turning off a significant part of the audience.

"This is How a Society Dies" (Haque).  "I Never Saw a World So Fragmented!" (Vltchek).  "The Crumbling of America" (Romanoff).

"Israel’s Genocide Advisers and Technicians Return to Latin America in Force" (Madsen).  One of the worst problems of the unaffordable luxury that is Israel is that Israel always stands ready and eager to be the thug enforcer for the hegemon.

"Trump’s Monroe Doctrine 2.0" (Madsen).

"‘We’ve always been on receiving end of US hegemony’: Pakistan seeks closer ties with Russia, and has a real chance of success".  "The Indo-‘Israeli’ Trans-Arabian Corridor Will Push Russia Closer to Pakistan" (Korybko).  Pakistan hasn't been a very lucky country, overall, but suddenly finds itself on the right side of history, partly due to good decision making, and partly due to the amazingly incompetent Indian government.

"Five Questions Still Remaining After the Release of the Horowitz Report" (Taibbi).  The comments are surprisingly woke, probably because the Clintonistas realize that challenging indisputable facts is just digging a bigger hole for themselves.

"Understanding Democrats’ March Toward Electoral Defeat" (Patel). Impeachment is what you do if your ((('donors'))) won't let you support concrete material benefits for all Americans, but you still need to look busy.  I mean, right in the middle of the impeachment proceedings, they fully supported Trump's massive military expenditures!  If you have Wars For The Jews you can't afford to have nice things, or have the 99% live in the style of a first world country, but yelling and screaming about Trump is free (or seems to be free).

Right in the middle of the impeachment, Pelosi made some simply remarkable comments about impeachment, George Bush, the attack on Iran, and her knowledge at the time that the attack was unjustified.  "Impeachment, the House as Prosecutor, and Justice" (Strether):
"(Remarkably, or not, Pelosi kept her knowledge that the Iraq War was built on lies secret from the public. This doesn’t strike me as the right approach to “a Republic, if you can keep it.”) First, apparently a President’s “misrepresentation to the public” that led to war — a war that resulted, even in the early years of the war, in tens of thousands of civilian deaths, thousands of American deaths, hundreds of billions of dollars, and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal — is not a “high crime or misdemeanor.” Pelosi would have us believe that Bush’s disinformation campaign was not, as Madison writes in Federalist 65, a case of “misconduct of public men, or, in other words…the abuse or violation of some public trust.” And why? Because “[Bush] won the election.” Except Pelosi gets the timeline wrong. Bush won his election in 2004. The Democrats took back the House in 2006 — how we cheered, then; it was almost as satisfying as Obama’s inaugural — based in large part on Bush’s botched handling of Iraq. Pelosi “won the election.” And then didn’t do anything with her power.
Let’s ask a little consistency from our Chief Prosecutor, shall we? Because that’s what justice demands? If “misrepresentation to the public the public” in service of taking the country into war — the aluminum tubes, the yellowcake, all the whackamole lies that Bush put forth — is not impeachable, then how on earth is what Trump did, even under the very worst interpretation, impeachable? Are we really going to convict Trump because he — Bud from Legal insists I insert the word “allegedly” — tried to muscle Zelensky?"
Tweets by Luigi De Biase on the NYT caught in yet another case of re-typing Ukrainian intelligence spin.

Tweet (Undercover Huber):
"Baby steps, next ones are: if he was right about spygate from Day 1, what *else* is Nunes right about?"
Nunes, who along with Patel is the hero of Lee Smith's book, was consistently right about everything once he understood that the FBI is completely corrupt.

"Elizabeth Warren Campaign Pulls Touted Endorsement from Ed Buck, Accused Sex Predator" (Bleau)!

"Unbowed French Socialist Promises to Take the Fight to the Jews" (Frei).  Woke!  France is dying under its current Khazarocracy.  There was an immense amount of work done by the Rothschilds, using Le Pen as a blocker, to keep Mélenchon away from power.

The actual levels of violent behavior commonly expressed by Khazars is completely out of line with the reputation they have built for themselves by their full control of the (((media))):  "York students demand ban on violent JDL" (Barrows-Friedman).  The best is when they violently attack, and then use shekels and spin to put the blame for the violence on its victims!

I thought the insane Eichenwald attempted-murder-by-gif story died a merciful death, presumably when no prosecutor would touch it, but no:  "Attacker Causes Epileptic Seizure over the Internet" (Schneier).
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