Monday, December 30, 2019

Eat his lunch

Tweets by Jonathan M. Katz on the amazing NYT covert re-write of the Stephens supramacist article.  The nature of the  (((author))), and the delicacy of the issue of the boasting, required some exceptional lying, even by the exalted lying standards of the JYT.

"F****d Up Royal Marriages #46, An Introduction" (RoyalFoibles).  Princess Haya, daughter of King Hussein of Jordan, and Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai.

"Edward Gallagher, Donald Trump and America’s criminal wars" (Martin) (the only impeachable offense under American law is insufficient vigor in pursuing Wars For The Jews):
"These war crimes were carried out on a bipartisan basis, under Democratic and Republican presidents, supported and generally covered up by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. It is worth pointing out that the House Democrats have not impeached Trump for pardoning war criminals, let alone for ordering mass murder in Iraq and Syria, and in the ongoing drone warfare across North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. They have chosen, instead, to impeach Trump for not sufficiently backing war crimes in Ukraine and undermining the longstanding US operation to arm Ukraine and turn it into a military spearhead against Russia."
Part of the new Democrat pattern as it becomes a pure military/intelligence party:  "The spook’s choice: Coup plotters and CIA agents fill Mayor Pete’s list of national security endorsers" (Finkelstein).

Note that actually fighting terrorism is much less important than providing Bibi with some PR to get reelected and keep out of jail:  tweet (The War Nerd):
"This is an odd one, purposely blurred. Anbar and Kirkuk are whole different animals. Everything gets reduced to Iran, as always..."
"Top Iraq militia chief warns of tough response to U.S. air strikes" (Rothschilds).

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"The authors of this barely disguised call for Silicon Valley censorship complain that Bing does not adequately conceal critical articles about the White Helmets from users. And they don’t even bother to demonstrate how it’s “disinformation.”"
Tweet (Gareth Porter):
"So now it's explicit and on the record: US military presence in South Korea has nothing to do with any threat from North Korea. It's part of the U.S. military empire in the Pacific, so it must remain as it is, regardless of change in the #Korea conflict."
Tweet (Hannah Stanbra) (too drunk to give consent = 100% rape in any civilized, non-shekeled, jurisdiction; see here for what shekels do):
"There are videos of the rape, 4 different male DNA found inside of her and the police didn’t test her clothes for DNA after it happened. The police are trying to hide this to save the tourism industry at the price of a young girls life. Absolutely horrific. #ibelieveher"
More weird blurring: tweet (Joe Catron):
"Anarchists and Trots claiming to support Syrian Kurds stop waving the flag mostly used by Turkish-backed mercenaries ethnically cleansing Syrian Kurds in 2020 challenge."
Tweet (Dan Cohen):
"The article also details how Israeli government claims about attacking “high value targets” are totally made up, and that politicians order bombing with the specific intent to start wars. All of this is obvious to any honest observer, and especially from the ground in Gaza."
The commie bros have having a hell of a time in squeezing the recent Black-on-Hasid crime into either the Khazar framework or the standard commie framework, but their ((('donor')))) problem will ensure they try:  "Hasidic Jews injured in machete attack in Rockland County, New York" (Guelpa).

"Poway Shooting Victim's New Lawsuit Accuses Synagogue of Using Federal Security Grants Fraudulently" (Striker).  (((They)))'ll whine and wail and get millions more taxpayer dollars for 'security', which they'll immediately send to the settlements to help kill people and steal their land.

"Evo Morales’ potential successor speaks out after far-right Bolivia coup: Interview with union leader Andrónico Rodríguez" (Reed).

It's true!:  "Citing Joe Biden's Troubling Voting Record, Bernie Sanders Warns 'My God... Trump Will Eat His Lunch'" (Johnson). All this Biden fumbling and bumbling will be just a side-show for when the going gets tough.
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