Thursday, December 26, 2019


"Hunter Biden is linked to multiple criminal probes involving fraud, money laundering and counterfeiting, and owns stunning Hollywood Hills home, paternity court case documents claim" (Edwards).  Hunter is a kind of white trash version of Randy Andy, the dynasty's failson.

"Obama talks up Warren behind closed doors to wealthy donors" (Parnes).  Faux' is the Wall Street candidate, no matter how much they try to fool you to the contrary.

"The Damning Revelations about George Papadopoulos in a DOJ IG Report Claiming Exculpatory Evidence" (emptywheel). Linked partly as a cautionary example of the Alzheimer-like effects of TDS (note how she slips in the whoppers, like referring to the stuff Seth Rich leaked as "material Russia stole", and how she refers to the American IC campaign of setting up Trump campaign staffers as a legitimate intelligence operation!), but also to show how, after multiple mysterious questions from Halper about WikiLeaks, Papadopoulos, a bit of a babe in the woods, finally tweaked to the fact he was being set up, and recorded, thus prompting the sudden interest in talking about how neither he nor the Trump campaign would dream of doing anything illegal!  Also note that the real crime of Papadopoulos, for which, of course, he was never charged or punished, was working for Israel.

"A News Chronology Of France In 2019: The Year Of Yellow Vest Rebellion" (Mazaheri).  Mass popular resistance against one of the clearest examples of a khazarocracy is not news, goyim:  tweet (Millionaires Shouldn't Exist):
"One MILLION people turned out to the French general strike 2 days ago. Story Count from: CNN - 0 FOX - 0 CBS - 0 MSNBC - 0 WaPo - 0 ABC - 0 Wall St Journal - 0 NPR - 0 PBS - 0 New York Times - ............1"
Tweet (Mark Ames) (champions of the passive voice):
 "Watch as @guardian airbrushes NATO's catastrophic intervention in Libya out of history. Never happened. There was just a "civil war" and "turmoil" and "mercenaries", and we decent civilized westerners are helpless to stop it."
 "Canada Follows US Lead By Ignoring OPCW Scandal" (Engler).

"The Trudeau Government Joins the Global Majority on Israel-Palestinian Relations" (Hall):
"B’nai Brith Canada sometimes represents itself as a “human rights” organization engaged in benevolent philanthropy. It has exploited this image to gain federal recognition as a registered charity capable of granting tax deductions for donations. Perhaps the time has come for an objective federal assessment to see if B’nai Brith Canada has lived up to its side of the bargain. Has B’nai Brith Canada acted like a genuine charity devoted to the ideal of universal human rights or has it acted more as a partisan political lobby?"
Tweet (رضا محمد هاشم):
"#حقوق_الإنسان Three children may be executed and beheaded at the beginning of the New Year in Saudi Arabia due to their participation in peaceful demonstrations in the eastern region • Ali Al-Nimer • Abdullah Al-Zahir • Dawood Al-Marhoon #SaudiArabia #MerryChrismas"
Tweet (Michael Moran):
"Bit cheeky, bit topical."
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