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Legal title to the air above the roofs

"“The Victory of Syria over Global Terrorism Will Benefit Humanity”: Vanessa Beeley on Syria War":
"Mark Taliano: Why is the truth about Syria important?
Vanessa Beeley: It is important because in Syria the “humanitarian” hybrid war strategy of the Globalist powers in the so-called civilised “global north” is being exposed real time as Syria sweeps to a military victory against the heavily financed proxy invasion of their country, orchestrated by the US alliance that includes aligned Gulf States, Turkey and Israel. By pushing back against the dominant establishment narrative on Syria, we, as journalists and activists, are effectively defending international law which is being violated by our own rogue states. We are standing in solidarity with an unprecedented resistance against global terrorism which has also enabled the  formation of an axis of resistance that has turned the tide of neoconservative hegemony in the region. We are defending the right of the Syrian people to decide their own future without foreign meddling. The precedents being set by this externally imposed conflict and its outcome will define the future of global security for all Humanity – what more important principle is there to defend?"
"MT: Should Canadians believe the White Helmets? Amnesty International? Human Rights Watch?
VB: Canadians should use international law as their yardstick to determine truth, the violators of international law are their own government which is a vassal state of the US and UK. The White Helmets, AI and HRW are all compromised organisations which are sponsored and were established by the same governments as part of their smart power complex – an integral and now crucial part of their hybrid war strategy which are established to infiltrate prey nation society, always on the side of the US Coalition foreign policy agenda – predominantly to ensure the vilification of the target government or leader in order to provide justification for proxy or direct military intervention or economic terrorism under the guise of sanctions."
This is incredible even by the standards of Pure Evil established by the Khazars:  "Hebron plan is Israel's reminder to Palestinians that settler-power knows no limits" (Cook):
"For decades, life for Hebron’s 230,000 Palestinians has been forced to a virtual standstill by a few hundred Jewish religious extremists who have taken over the city centre, backed by more than 1,000 Israeli soldiers. Their ultimate goal is to wrestle away the city’s Ibrahimi mosque, the reputed burial site of Abraham, father of the world’s three main monotheistic religions.
After Baruch Goldstein, a settler, shot dead and wounded some 150 Muslim worshippers in 1994, Israel rewarded the settlers twice over.
First, it segregated the mosque site, splitting it into two. Half is now the Jewish Tomb of the Patriarchs. But in practice the Israeli army enjoys absolute control over who can pray there. And next, Israel declared the surrounding area, including Hebron’s main commercial market, a closed military zone, thereby forcing the Palestinian merchants out. It has been a ghost town ever since, serving as a passageway between the settlement enclaves and the mosque.
For years, the closed market has stood as a potent, silent symbol of the way Israel has been tearing the city apart.
In February, Mr Netanyahu gave the settlers another boost. He shuttered the international observer mission in Hebron, there to witness and record the abuse of Palestinians, especially at the checkpoints that litter the city centre. But still the settlers were not satisfied. They have long wanted to take over the Hebron market for themselves, to expand their enclaves.
So last week, Mr Bennett granted their wish. He announced plans to destroy the market to make way for a settlement serving effectively as a bridge between the existing enclaves and the mosque site. The plan will double the number of settlers in Hebron and complete a wall of Jewish settlement dividing the city in two. This week Palestinian leaders called a citywide strike in protest.
As ever, the Israeli government has tried to put a surreal legal gloss on its criminality, apparently to spare the blushes of its US and European allies. Mr Bennett’s advisers have insisted that Israel has legal title to the air above the roofs of the empty shops. This is where the settlers will supposedly be housed, after the shops have been demolished and rebuilt to support the new apartment blocks. It emerged this week that Mr Bennett had threatened Hebron’s municipality, warning it would lose property rights to the shops area too if it did not consent to the settler homes above.
Israel is reminding Palestinians that there are now no limits – military, legal, moral or diplomatic – to the settlers’ power. Israel will annex land where it chooses and deceptively refashion the resulting apartheid system as the rule of law."
"Reddit Hiring NATO Shills to Control Narrative" (Knightly) (with further examples from other platforms):
"In 2017 Reddit hired Jessica Ashooh as their “Director of Policy”. Her LinkedIn page shows her previous employment was “Deputy Director, Middle East Strategy Task Force” at the Atlantic Council.
The report on which Reddit based their decision to ban users as part of a “Russian campaign” was written by Ben Nimmo, who also works for the Atlantic Council (and the Integrity Initiative).
Essentially, Reddit has a high-up employee who was previously in the pay of the US Department of State (and possibly still is)."
Kuenssberg is a straight-up, fucking liar!:  "Fake News and the “Punch” that never happened" (Knightly).

"‘Sexy tricks’: How journalists demonize Venezuela’s socialist government, in their own words" (MacLeod).

"Venezuela’s Civilian Militia Surpasses Target, Reaches 3.3 Million Members" (Dobson).  Important in the light of what has happened in Bolivia.

Apparently, the Khazar billionaires have decided the money wasted in the War For The Jews in Afghanistan must be wasted on the new War For The Jews against Iran, hence (I should note there's another view of some in the Pentagon that the money should be wasted in 'Asia', i.e., in WWIII against China):  "At War With The Truth" (Whitlock).  Trump's basic parsimony means that any new war needs funds to be freed up, and the War For The Jews against Afghanistan, which was the training wheels war for the farm animals to lead to the war (((they))) really wanted, the War For The Jews against Iraq, and also, of course, a War For The Jews directed at Pakistan, is no longer needed with a new, supremacist, Khazar-loving government in India (expressly following Israeli precedent in Kashmir), and a much more secular government in Pakistan (more interested in making money with China than fighting for fellow Muslims in Palestine).  Though the CIA will miss the heroin.

You seriously have to ponder whether Ellsberg was really about freeing up money wasted in Vietnam to fight Wars For The Jews.  It took a while (largely because the US was dead broke after Vietnam, requiring all of Nixon's cleverness with petrodollars to sort things out), but that is exactly what eventually happened.

Note how carefully the (((Horowitz))) report was crafted to scrupulously avoid the real issues:  "The Fabricated "Predicate" to Spy on the Trump Campaign by Larry C Johnson".

I'm reading the Lee Smith book, and it is clear that Trump would now be in real trouble were it not for the efforts of Nunes (who is thus consistently treated as the Devil Himself by the Clintonistas and the (((media)))):  "Horowitz Report Is "Triumph" For FISA Abuse 'Whistleblower' Devin Nunes: WSJ's Kim Strassel".

Khazar billionaire Dubin has mostly escaped notice in the Epstein blackmail operation:  "Blind Items Revealed #4" (CDaN) (see):
"While you celebrate Thanksgiving today, don't forget exactly a decade ago when the billionaire pedophile was hosted for the holiday and the companion he was given by his hosts for the night. It is a Thanksgiving she won't ever be able to erase from her mind.

Jeffrey Epstein/Glenn Dubin and Eva Andersson-Dubin"
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