Tuesday, December 31, 2019

My blood is boiling right now

"The Year of War Against Anti-Semitism" (Giraldi).

Tweet (Amal Saad):
"Apparently, if you qualify the word “Iraq” with “Iranian backed forces/militia”, then the US attack becomes an act of legitimate self defense, neither violating Iraqi sovereignty and international law, nor requiring the permission of the Iraqi govt"
"The Iraqi Backlash to U.S. Airstrikes Is Growing" (Larison).  Tweets by Elijah J. Magnier (note the attack was proposed by a 'peace' stinktank in mid-December, just as it occurred).  "Did Pompeo Go Off Reservation In Iraq Attack?" (Luongo).  Maybe Trump's 4D chess is that he is trying to get US troops kicked out of Iraq!  MAGA!

"Canada Wants to Be an ‘Asset of Israel’ at the UN Security Council" (Kawas).  Shekel poutine.

"Jews, Israel, Bret Stephens, And The Latest Outbreaks Of Anti-Semitism" (Judis) (ha ha ha!):
". . .  there was a left-wing version of anti-Semitism that combined opposition to Israel with historic nonsense about the Rothschilds and Jewish bankers."
Tweet (Claire Voltaire) (ha ha ha!):
"A rally against antisemitism and showing solidarity is taken over by BDS activists who want to talk about Islamophobia, Palestine, and ask zionists to leave. My blood is boiling right now."
Sailer on the JYT's disappearing of inconvenient parts of Stephens' article:  "Memoryholed: Bret Stephens's IQ Article".

"Jews are Doing Nothing to Prevent Crown Heights Pogrom 2.0" (Anglin).  Not entirely true, as they've pre-bought Al this time.  A shekel paid today is much wiser than waiting on a post-pogrom shekeling.  I'm wondering though if Al still has the influence he once had, or whether all black people in America are going to have to be preemptively arrested.

Note that the Khazars own every single western politician, through blackmail and bribery, but live in terror of any bottom-up political activity, which cannot be easily controlled.  The main problem with BDS is that it puts the idea of individual sovereignty in people's minds, that tomorrow everybody in the 99% could individually decide to boycott all Khazar-owned businesses.  To a very large extent, we get nowhere with income distribution proposals as such an act would weaken the nexus of control of the Khazars over the farm animals.

"Mythomania" (Taxi).

"Poway Shooting Victim's New Lawsuit Accuses Synagogue of Using Federal Security Grants Fraudulently" (Striker).

"The Syrian War: America's "War on Terror" Exposed" (Cartalucci).

"Bolivian Vassals Are Merely Aping Their Imperial Masters" (Karganovic).

"Dumping Radioactive Water into the Pacific Ocean — a Hypothetical Scenario for Tokyo?" (Asmolov). The handling of this whole disaster gives no confidence in the Japanese government.  We've entered a similar period regarding climate change, where we transitioned seamlessly from being told there's no problem, to being told the problem can no longer be fixed and we just have to learn to live with it:  "When will the Netherlands disappear?" (O'Leary).  Australia and California also have to get used to always being on fire.

"Israel, UAE and the hypocritical manipulation of religion" (El-Affendi).

"Putin Thanks Trump For A Very Real 'Christmas Gift'" (Durden).

"Twenty Years Later – How Did Putin Do?" (Armstrong).

Where's Ghislaine?:  "Blind Item #5" (CDaN).

Tweet (christmas cheer liz bruenig):
"someone stop Putin before we all get healthcare twitter.com/gregolear/stat"
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