Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Dirty little secrets

"NATO’s Dirty Little Secret Is Out" (Carpenter):
"Few (if any) surveys of U.S. public opinion about NATO even hint about the extent of the risks Americans incur because of Washington’s obligations under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which commits the signatories to consider an attack on any member as an attack on all. A typical poll question will ask respondents whether the United States should defend country X, if Russia attacks that country.  A more honest question would be whether the United States should defend country X from a Russian attack, even if doing so might result in a nuclear war with Russia that could kill millions of Americans."
"How Can the U.S. Dare Lecture China About the Rights of the Muslims?" (Vltchek). Weakening perceived opponents of the hegemon by radicalizing Islamist terrorists, and then screaming 'human rights' when the victim country tries to save itself from the attack, is the current favorite technique of the CIA and State Department.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev was involved in a similar operation against Russia in Dagestan, before they decided to use him as one of the patsies in the Boston Bombing.

"Israeli Jews are ‘equivalent of Seminoles deciding to take over Florida’ and Arabs are the cowboys — Jeffrey Goldberg reemerges" (Weiss). As the Khazars have literally zero connection to the land they've stolen, the better analogy would be if the Seminoles moved to Australia (because they liked the weather), claimed all the land for themselves (based on the proclamation of a bought-off British lord), and started slaughtering people who refused to move.

The most amazing thing about the impeachment is you have to walk by, and studiously ignore, enormous treasonous activity by the American IC, and enormous illegal activity by the Obama Administration, in order to arrive at impeachment of Trump, who, at least in this case, was the victim.

"CIA Democrats back CIA-led impeachment" (Martin).  The Dems have been intentionally bulking up with CIA/Pentagon testosterone, and the 'roid rage is coming out.

"Did Palestine divide ‘the Movement’?: How activists in the 60s and 70s grappled with the question of Palestine" (Cobban).  The history of lite Zionism through ((('activists'))).  Current Zionist overreaching has taught us a huge amount, none of it flattering, about the real motivations behind Khazar activism ('anti-war', 'civil rights', etc).

"Peace For The Donbass: A Distant Hope" (Black). Note the letter on neo-Nazi plans for eastern Ukraine, a new Holodomor in the works.  If the Ukrainians are extremely lucky, continuing to follow American plans will mean that it will be an official third world shithole within five years.  If they are unlucky, it will be a smoldering nuclear wasteland.

"Fires Rage in Canada as Professor Attacks the Myth of Holodomor" (Ehret).  Holodomor denialism isn't a crime, and won't ever be (for some inexplicable (((reason)))).  This article is a fairly outrageous example of the dangers of LaRouche.

See also:  ""OY VEY, It's anudda Shoa..WTF? My Kosher Komrades did the Killing?"" (Bacon).

"Official List of Revisionist Scholars Persecuted / Imprisoned for Questioning the "Holocaust" AKA Up Yours President Tubby" (Bacon).

Same problem in Canada:  "How Britain dresses up Crimes in Israel as “Charitable Acts”" (Cook).

Tweet (Daniel Wirt) (a lot of these open letters provide useful lists at tumbril time):
"This letter is a great resource if you want to know who the pro-war, pro-jihadi and pro-censorship propagandists are. Including a number of academics promoting censorship, a violation of academic ethics. docs.google.com/document/d/1uW"
One of the main tenets of Festivus, the fake holiday created by (((Larry David))) presumably to mock Christmas, is the airing of grievances:
  1. "Max Blumenthal Says He Is A "Cynical Salesperson Posing As Journalist". He Is Right." (Moon);
  2. "'You Need Rehabilitation': Nunes Letter Dismantles Schiff Over FISA Lies, Stroking Steele, And Participating In Coverup" (Durden); and
  3. "The Most Dangerous Political Party in Europe" (Atzmon).
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