Sunday, December 15, 2019

Probably not for you

Tweet (George Galloway):
"This evening the Workers Party of Britain will be launched. Stay tuned."
 Tweet (George Galloway):
"We are people from the #Brexit Party and the #Labour Party from the #Communist party and even #UKIP. We are people from no party at all. We are a #WorkersParty not more not less. Join us"
Tweet (George Galloway):
"The Workers Party of Britain will be hard #Brexit hard labour. If you’re a liberal who thinks that’s left if you’re still pining for the EU, if you think shouting racist homophobic transphobic at everybody who doesn’t agree with you is the way forward we’re probably not for you."
Fair enough. Labour is finished as a real political party, to be taken over by Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o for the sole purpose of being the pretend 'left' party so the Conservatives don't have to worry about any real opposition.  They might even be elected again as the Conservative Party in drag.

How does a 'working class' party work if there is no longer a working class, due to offshoring of factories and automation?:  "Why the ‘Left’ is Dead in the Water (revisited)" (Atzmon).

"New leaks provide further evidence that OPCW suppressed & altered findings on Douma ‘chemical attack’". "New WikiLeaks Bombshell: 20 Inspectors Dissent From Syria Chemical Attack Narrative" (Durden).  The inspectors on the ground couldn't produce the required anti-Assad conclusion, so they farmed out writing the report to a group in Turkey who weren't hindered by the facts!  So, so, so fucking crooked!  The good thing is that apparently the entire OPCW office is full of people who don't like the corruption and lying.

First move for Soros was to send his goons out, presumably to remove any shred of credibility that the British left might have had:  ""F**k Boris" - Antifa Protesters Clash With Police Outside Downing Street As Furious Leftists Revolt" (Durden).

Tweet (Mark Ames) (see:  "UK to investigate ‘far-left websites’ for ‘antisemitism’" and "Jew Overlord Pledges Extra Shekels from Own Pocket to Destroy Wrongthinking Goyim’s Lives"):
"Britain's rightwing rulers clearly believe that their disinformation campaign smearing Corbyn as antisemitic was so effective, they now want to expand it to mop up their leftwing media critics."
"Folks, we’re about to see a Jewish crackdown the likes of which we have never seen yet in the US." (Batty).

Ha!:  "BBC staff express fear of public distrust after election coverage" (Waterson). Tweet (Mark Ames):
"This is rich. After waging insane disinformation campaign on their own public, @BBCNews is now worried folks might not trust them anymore. Spitballin’ here, but I’m gonna guess BBC will wind up blaming public distrust on “the Russians”."
"VILE: Doug Collins SMIRKS As Rep. Swalwell Reminds Him Ukrainians Were Killed" (Red Painter).  Speaking of vile, Red Painter is upset that his pet neo-Nazis got killed while attempting to kill civilians in eastern Ukraine.  Very Clintonesque.

More weirdness from Ó Colmáin, who uses CIA guilt-by-association for the indigenous people (60% of the population who had no political representation before Morales, and certainly none now) and some bizarre anti-drug puritanism to prefer caudillos and death squads over Morales, who wasn't ideologically pure enough for his refined tastes (though he says "Nothing could be further from the truth."):  "Imperial NGOs, Drugs and Cynical Geopolitics".  Interesting info on (((the usual))):
"It is now being claimed that Morales has links with the Mexican drug lord El Chapo. Morales is currently in Mexico where he has received political exile. According to investigative journalist Richard Marcelo Romero Cossio, Morales was put in power by the CIA in order to push an indigenist agenda in Bolivia and to save the cocaine trade from destruction.
Dr Alberto Barcena Perez of the CEU San Paulo University in Madrid, says that Morales was approved by the Rockefeller Freemasonic Lodge in New York to spread a left-liberal, anti-Catholic agenda in Bolivia.
It is not a secret that the CIA funds indigenism in Latin America. The National Endowment for Democracy, one of its front organisations, has regular programmes for “indigenous rights”.
While it is not possible to prove those claims, there are a few incidents seem deeply suspicious. US Hollywood actor, Sean Penn is a friend of Morales. The former Bolivian president even appointed him as ambassador in October 2012 in negotiations with Chile over Bolivian access to the Pacific Ocean. He was also appointed ambassador for the defence of coca leaf chewing.
Penn caused controversy in January 2009 when he interviewed El Chapu in Mexico for an article published in Rollingstone Magazine. Penn is against the war on drugs and claims he was attempting to open up a “conversation” about how to deal with the US drug epidemic. Drug abuse in the United States is higher than ever. Even Penn’s son was arrested for narcotics possession in April 2018.
When Morales came to power in 2006, there was an increase of 93% in the formation of off-shore companies in Panama. One of the beneficiaries of this tax-evading scheme was Jewish-American businessman Jacob Ostreicher. He was arrested on June 2011 on orders from the Bolivian Interior Ministry for money laundering. Ostreicher was imprisoned in Palmasola Prison. Ostreicher’s business partner in Switzerland was lawyer Andre Zolty who works for the majority share-holder for Emaxon Finance International. According to investigative journalist Keith Harmon Snow,
Emaxon Finance International is a real gem, one of these octopuses of mining tangled up with interlocking companies and subsidiaries based in specious geographical offshore “tax havens” that work to shield from prosecution people who are responsible for money laundering, weapons and drugs operations, assassinations and other terrorism….  Emaxon lists as its address an office in Montreal, Canada, but Emaxon’s majority shareholder is listed as FTS Worldwide, a nebulous global corporation whose business address is that of a firm of lawyers, Mossack Fonseca & Company, in Panama City. FTS Worldwide is registered with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission to lawyer Andre Zolty of Geneva Switzerland
Harmon-Snow shows that Zolty’s client Emaxon Finance International is linked to some of the wealthiest oligarchs in Israel and the United States, as well as the Israeli military and intelligence community. It is controlled by billionaires Dan Gertler and Chaim Leibovitz. Leibovitz is a close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former ultra-right-wing Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who once said there were no innocent people in Gaza.
But wait a minute, isn’t Evo Morales a staunch anti-Zionist? How is it possible that left-wing, socialist state was inviting Israeli companies linked to war criminals to invest?
Before Ostreicher’s case could be properly investigated, the US corporate media stepped in and instead of providing its viewers with the important information above, pleaded Ostreicher’s innocence.
Ostreicher shared an important friend with the Bolivian president: Sean Penn. The Hollywood actor promptly contacted Morales demanding that the US citizen be released, accusing the Bolivian Interior Ministry of corruption. Morales took swift action and fired the ministers responsible for Ostreicher’s arrest. He subsequently escaped to the United States with possible assistance from Penn, Morales and US government agencies.If Ostreicher had been convicted, the spotlight would have turned on the entire Israeli military-industrial-media-intelligence complex; and that would be anti-Semitic! The Bolivian government officials responsible for Ostreicher’s arrest had no idea who they were dealing with. On 3 May 2012, a rally was held outside the Bolivian Embassy in New York by thousands of Jews. The rally was organised by ultra-right-wing senator Dov Hikind. Some held up banners says ” “We are all Jacob Ostreicher!” Could that really be true?
According to Jewish writer Stephen Lendman, Israel is a major hub of global cocaine smuggling and money laundering. How is it possible for a left-winger like Penn to be so friendly with a man defended by ultra-Zionists? Hikind even tried to get Mel Gibson’s film the Passion of the Christ banned for anti-Semitism. Yes, that’s right; Hikind believes God is anti-Semitic! He opposes online censorship — of Jews too. He sued Ocasio Cortez for blocking him on Twitter!
Could there be ethnic reasons for Penn’s defence of Ostreicher? Penn’s father was Jewish. Jewish leftists in America such as Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman have been major cheer-leaders for Evo Morales. They are joined by scores of Jewish leftists in Europe who salivate at the idea of the innocent “man of the people” Morales opposed by “Christian fascists” – ignoring the fact that the Bible-brandishing opposition to Morales is, in fact, largely Judeo-protestant – and backed Israel.
Who gave Senn Penn the right to interfere with the legal proceedings of another sovereign state? What exactly was Penn trying to achieve in Mexico by interviewing El Chapo? Cocaine production in Bolivia has sky-rocketed since Morales took power. Is it any surprise that a likely CIA-plant who used “anti-racism” to sabotage the war on drugs would seek refuge in Mexico, where President Andres Manuel Obrador Lopez (AMLO) is said to be considering legalising drugs?"
"Blackwater founder Erik Prince secretly met Venezuela vice-president".  Back channel. See also:  "Pompeo Intervenes to Release $115 Million in Aid for Lebanon" (Wadhams/Jacobs).  Along with whatever is going on with Chinese trade, Trump seems to be entering pre-election mode, tamping down any possible surprises/crises that might pop up at inopportune times.

"India adopts Hindu supremacist citizenship law" (De Silva/Jones).  You'd think Hindus in India, consumed with celebrating their superiority, might notice that they are falling further and further behind China in terms of human development, and are intentionally headed to a civil war which will permanently confirm their status as leaders of the world's shithole.  Some superiority!

Thread by Annibale on the Piazza Fontana Bombing.

"Obama And The War On Yemen" (Larison).

Tweet (William Owen):
"It's incredible really, it's only been three years, all the players are still alive, but somehow Obama is now a mythic figure who was good and pure."
"Zelensky lacks potential to hack through Gordian knot of Ukrainian conflict — analyst". Ukraine is fucked as long as the Assholians want to use it as a cat's paw against Russia.  "Ukraine Peace Hostage to Washington’s Russophobia" (Cunningham).

NATO?  "Greece To Help Tripoli 'Block Turkish Ships' As Libyan War Spills Into Mediterranean" (Durden).  "Libya Is Likely to Become a Proxy Battlefront Between Greece and Turkey" (Antonopoulos).

The story, as usual, is about outright lying by the (((media))):  "Violent Death Of Journalist - Blamed On Russia - Was Assault By Ukrainian Fascists" (Moon).

"The Israel Lobby’s Hidden Hand in the Theft of Iraqi and Syrian Oil" (Hussain/Webb). Satterfield, Kahana, and Jeffrey.  On Satterfield:
"Over the course of his long diplomatic career, Satterfield has been known to the U.S. government as an Israeli intelligence asset embedded in the U.S. State Department. Indeed, Satterfield was named as a major player in what is now known as the AIPAC espionage scandal, also known as the Lawrence Franklin espionage scandal, although he was oddly never charged for his role after the intervention of his superiors at the State Department in the George W. Bush administration.
In 2005, federal prosecutors cited a U.S. government official as having illegally passed classified information to Steve Rosen, then working for AIPAC, who then passed that information to the Israeli government. That classified information included intelligence on Iran and the nature of U.S.-Israeli intelligence sharing. Subsequent media reports from the New York Times and other outlets revealed that this government official was none other than David Satterfield, who was then serving as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near East Affairs.
Charges against Rosen, as well as his co-conspirator and fellow AIPAC employee Keith Weissman, were dropped in 2009 and no charges were levied against Satterfield after State Department officials shockingly claimed that Satterfield had “acted within his authority” in leaking classified information to an individual working to advance the interests of a foreign government. Richard Armitage, a neoconservative ally with a long history of ties to CIA covert operations in the Middle East and elsewhere, has since claimed that he was one of Satterfield’s main defenders in conversations with the FBI during this time when he was serving as Deputy Secretary of State.
The other government official named in the indictment, former Pentagon official Lawrence Franklin, was not so lucky and was charged under the Espionage Act in 2006. Satterfield, instead of being censured for his role in leaking sensitive information to a foreign government, was subsequently promoted in 2006 to serve as the Coordinator for Iraq and Senior Adviser to then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice."

New interview with Ben-Menashe:  "Former Spy Details Israel’s Main Motive Behind Epstein’s Sexual Blackmail Operation" (Webb).

"ABC’s Epstein Story Didn’t Kill Itself" (MacLeod).  Firing the whistleblower is one of the clearer examples that the (((media))) is just a branch of the Mossad.

"The Inspector General’s Report on 2016 FBI Spying Reveals a Scandal of Historic Magnitude: Not Only for the FBI but Also the U.S. Media" (Greenwald).  "Can We Impeach The FBI Now?" (Van Buren).  The report was supposed to be an obfuscating whitewash, but the Clintonistas jumped on it so quickly to declare that it completely absolved Comey and the FBI that Horowitz himself had to weigh in and clarify that the FBI's FISA shenanigans were a real problem.

"How the Emirates Weaponized ex-NSA Spying Expertise against Democracy Activists" (Ahmed).  We have to assume this expertise is employed everywhere.

Tweet (chris).  Bloomberg is just below Blair in Epstein's black book.

"Pop Suprema Taylor Swift Calls Out the Soros, Bush, and Bin Laden Clans for Conspiring Against Her" (Sailer).  "Taylor Swift Goes on Anti-Semitic Rant at the Billboard Music Awards, Attacks Jew Producers, George Soros" (Anglin).

The commies weigh in on the minuscule Weinstein settlement, to be funded entirely by his insurance, on the side of the only victim here, Weinstein.  Seriously!  Major, major, integrity-debilitating ((('donor'))) problem!  "The sordid deal between former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and his accusers" (Walsh).

"Award-Winning Journalist Vanessa Beeley Faces “Deplatforming” at Six Canadian Venues" (Welch). The truth is a dangerous thing for the goyim to hear, but luckily the (((media))) is all sewn up, leaving old-fashioned public talks as the only danger to be blocked.  We're eventually going to be reduced to putting up posters, like Luther or Paine, until the Jewish poster police hunt us down.

After Mahathir, Assad is the most naturally woke of all world leaders:  "The interview with President al-Assad that Italian Rai News 24 refrained from broadcasting".

"Sign on Parliament Hill has photo of braille instead of raised letters" (Gilmore)!

 "UK Election: Tories Win by Massive Landslide, Worse Labour Defeat Since 1935" (Anglin):
"Experts in Jewish studies say that this is the first time in history that Jews have made an issue completely about themselves.

“The Jews are a modest race of international financiers, diamond merchants and pornographers, who rarely make themselves known in politics; it is historically unprecedented for them to take center stage in trying to destroy a political figure who complained about them slaughtering children in Palestine,” said one expert on the Jews who declined to be named for fear of being assassinated by the Mossad."
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