Saturday, December 28, 2019

Reverse Benghazi

"Strikers call to step up class struggle against French President Macron" (Lantier).  Normally, the Khazars would infiltrate the protests, take over the leadership (by just announcing (((they))) are the new leaders and having the (((media))) immediately reflect this), and run it into the ground, so the 'leaderless' protesting is paying off.

Every once and a while we get a tiny window into the thinking of supremacists:  tweet (Eli Valley):
"Bret Stephens's racist boasts about his superior Ashkenazi IQ in the most important newspaper in America, written via a 9-year-old's historical grasp and writing ability, is an argument less about Jewish genius and more about the access + advantage wealth confers upon shitheads!!"
"Barrister Escalates ‘Conflict of Interest’ Complaint Against Top Judge in Julian Assange Case" (Elmaazi). Note how they shamelessly 'lost' the first complaint!

"Guardian, Atlantic contributor acts as a Syrian terrorist mouthpiece on Twitter, and if you don’t like it you’re a Russian stooge" (Bartlett).  Also, Trump's weird little tweet.  I assume that the economic model is that you still get the shekels even when your input is worthless.  There appears to be a Russian-Turkish deal in the works involving both Syria and Libya, the ol' Reverse Benghazi, whereby terrorist forces in Syria will be redeployed to Libya:  "Erdogan Recycles Idlib Terrorists from Syria to Libya, Trump Forces Relocated to Northern Iraq" (Souri).  "Istanbul’s ‘Syrian Government in Exile’, Now Demanding Military Action in Idlib" (South Front):
"On December 24, a Turkish delegation visited Moscow to discuss the situation in Syria and Libya, as well as the existing bilateral cooperation. Taking into account that Turkey’s soft reaction to the encirclement of its observation post in Surman and the lack of Turkish Army attempts to establish more observation posts to stop the Syrian Army advance, it seems that Ankara once again sold its Idlib proxies to Russia."
"Libya: Haftar’s Air Force Commander Drops Bombshell Confession: Jets from Egypt’s President Sisi, “French Specialists” Provide Support" (Safak).  Another war involving those always against the Muslim Brotherhood versus the consistent MB supporters (Qatar, Turkey).  I wonder if it is quite right to put Russia in the pro-Haftar, anti-MB camp, as those looking for a split between Turkey and Russia are doing.

""White Man's Burden": The US Has Been Fighting "Forever Wars" Against Muslims For 120 Years" (Shahtahmasebi).  "Flips: Duterte Fights Back Against US Meddling! Bans Two US Senators!" (Anglin):
". . . the whole thing is completely absurd – this claim that the US has some kind of moral authority over the entire earth. The US government arguably has less moral authority than any entity that has ever existed in all of human history.
But even if the US government was some kind of divine entity capable of determining right from wrong in a pure and angelic fashion, they still would not have any right to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries.
What they would have a right to do is stop sending billions of dollars to the Jews and the Saudis to use to murder random people. But we continue to send billions of dollars to these countries. While we harass, threaten and menace countries like Myanmar and the Philippines for the way they manage their internal affairs.
It is costing a lot less to stand up to the United States, the more countries do it.
The attempted revolution in Venezuela failed. The one in Iran failed. The one in Hong Kong is bound to fail. People around the world are just saying “no.”
The collapse of this entire rotten, evil system can’t come fast enough."
Bizarre paraphrase of an interview:  "How Impeachment Is Escalating the New US-Russian Cold War" (Cohen, sort of).  Russiagate was always mainly about restarting the Cold War (Trump was never regarded as enough of a threat to make all the work on him by the American IC worthwhile).

Hello, Newman!:  "Columbia University student first to file anti-Semitism complaint under Trump order" (Frazin).

"Hoax Confirmed: Honking on Hanukkah (2019)" (Semitic Controversies):
"We have also been informed that Weyand is the grandson of famous jewish physicist and creator of the Hydrogen Bomb Edward Teller (born Ede Teller in Budapest) and is therefore jewish himself. (3)"
You can actually see the shekel deliveries in the shifts of Trump's day-to-day policies:  "Trump Stuck Between Ending Endless Wars and his Hawkish Megadonors" (Clifton).  He actually knows what the MAGA thing to do is, wants to do it, tries, and then Shlomo pops up with another big bag of shekels.

"Bannon: Trump Impeachment Will Be "Trial Of The Century"" (Durden).  You can't take anything Bannon says at face value - for one thing, the uncharacteristic conservative moves to help the Deplorables never actually happen (see Trump and, I'm sure, Johnson), and immigration levels usually go up - but he has one big idea which keeps winning - you can found a political movement based entirely on anti-immigrant sentiment (with some Islamophobia thrown in for good measure) and use it to disguise old-fashioned conservatism as 'populism'.
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