Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Riot act

"ICC Prosecutor Bensouda ‘Biased In Favour Of Israel – Unwilling to Deliver Justice for Palestine’" (Jassat).  Stupid farm animals musing on the size of the shekel collection of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ZCC), Fatou Bensouda, a collection spectacular even by African standards of grifting.  The ZCC was definitely not meant to prosecute Khazars, goyim!

"Pakistan at crossroads. Turkish footfalls beckon." (Bhadrakumar).  While India slides further into the shithole, Pakistan follows the path of Turkey in de-militarizing its democracy, a huge step on the road to concrete material progress.

Another bad data point for those who think MbS is going to turn over a new leaf having learned from his mistakes:  "Saudi Arabia reads the riot act to Imran Khan" (Bhadrakumar).  The Saudi crypto-Jews aren't the best choice to look after Muslim interests.

"Trump’s peace plan calls for a ‘New Palestine’ in Gaza".

"Steve Bannon: 'We’ve turned the Republicans into a working-class party'" (Smith).  Of course, Boris has just accomplished the same general plan in Britain.  It is a faux populist government founded in fear of mass immigration (and Corbyn played right into it, as if he was retarded, or something).

Tweet (August Murphy-King):
"Reagan doesn’t get enough credit for being literally the worst POTUS in American history."
Spectacularly woke, up to and including organ trafficking.

"'Islamophobia a bogus label': Jewish Chronicle under fire over article" (Waterson).

Always!:  tweet (William Owen):
"Someone calls you an antisemite the only correct response is to tell them them fuck right off."
Note that as the Khazars bribe and blackmail themselves into having more and more power, they are throwing aside any restraints they may have once had on extreme physical violence against the goyim.

"SAIA Demands That Herut Canada And The JDL Be Permanently Banned From York University" (Lascaris).

Tweet (Bryan Mac Donald) (Khazarocracy, the most horrific form of government):
"Horrific scenes in Moscow*, today, as police beat, apparently peaceful, protestors with their batons. EU governments will be sure to call out the Russians for this sort of human rights abuse. *only kidding, it’s Paris."
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