Thursday, December 05, 2019

Specially knocked down

"The Curious Case Of Joseph Mifsud’s Lost Passport And Wallet" (Nardelli/Grozev).  From Bellingcat, and seems preoccupied with stressing that the idea that Mifsud is a Western intelligence asset is 'conspiracy theory'.  I've never seen anybody more obviously a Western intelligence asset, and Bellingcat is being paid to deflect from the fact that the American IC coup - which is ongoing - involved using assets like Mifsud to attempt to entrap Trump campaign staffers.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Somehow this a@NewYorker feature on Modi/BJP fascism forgot to mention that Jayant Sinha—who famously honored anti-Muslim lynch mob murderers—set up & managed Pierre Omidyar's impact fund in India, & served on Omidyar Network's global executive committee"
"Russian billionaire tycoon, 49, living in Britain is killed in crash involving three cars while walking his dog in Surrey as friend says he could have been 'specially knocked down'" (Stewart).

"Death of a Banker: Did Laundered Russian Billions Play a Role? Part 3" (Baker). Part 1.  Part 2.  Worth reading, but bear in mind that Baker is one of those who lost his damn mind over Trump/Putin Derangement Syndrome (a debilitating disease for a 'journalist', and really should be in DSM-5).

One of the reasons Russia is doing so well these days is that it has the oligarch removal crews that we in the west tragically lack, with our criminal oligarchs living forever.

"Was Sheldon Adelson Acting As Bag Man for the CIA?" (Vlahos).  Assange's always been naive about Zionism, and he continues to receive an education.  It looks like Sheldon is using his own security company as a sub-contractor for the CIA, and getting a thrill out of being the spooky go-between.
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