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Top-down anti-human model of society

"Pensacola Shooter was a Saudi Arabian at the Base for Training" (Anglin):
"Yeah, I’d say it raises a few questions about several things.
In particular:
  • Why are we training the Saudi military inside of America?
  • Why are we training the Saudi military at all?
  • Why are we allied with Saudi Arabia at all?
  • Why are we fighting wars in the Middle East?
It is in no way reductionist to answer all of those questions with “because the Jews.”
Literally, there is no other reason. No one thinks that this relationship makes any sense, no one thinks the wars make any sense, the only singular explanation for any of it is our “special relationship” with the State of Israel, which exists because our entire foreign policy is run by Jews.
Anyone who claims that the situation is “nuanced” or “complicated” is not insightful, they are simply lying.
The situation is neither nuanced nor complicated. Jews in our government use our military apparatus to push a Jewish agenda. That’s it."
"Was Pensacola Shooter part of a terrorist Cell inside Saudi Officer Corps?" (Cole). This shooting is potentially extremely good news if it is evidence of actual opposition in the Saudi military to MbS and the Saudi-Khazar-Assholian alliance.

"Pensacola shooter’s alleged manifesto slams ‘crimes against Muslims’ & US policies abroad – report".  It is going to be fun for US troops to hang around armed Saudi pilots, never knowing whether this is your day to die.

"Six Saudis Arrested For Questioning After Pensacola Shooting - Three Were Filming Attack" (Durden).  They should be fine unless they were laughing and dancing, in which case they might be quickly and quietly deported.

"Saudi Arabia Retreats From The Troubles Its Clown Prince Caused" (Moon).  Maybe, but the sham of the 'IPO' continues, and I see lots of talk but no real action on ending the attacks on civilians in Yemen.  However, Qatar may be rehabilitated, mostly as a result of its usefulness to Assholia (and Israel), and its very careful diplomacy/bribery around the Middle East.  I see no reason to believe the King has changed his mind in any respect over the wisdom of having MbS as leader.

"West Point Professor Builds a Case Against the U.S. Army" (Swanson).  While the writer of this book seems to be just another Washington Consensus Idiot,  the type we're getting an eyeful with all the impeachment witnesses, there are indications that West Point, uniquely amongst Assholian institutions, allows for some freedom of thinking.

Related:  "Napoleon, Kutuzov, and the changing international order" (Robinson). Of course, 'everything is going to shit and there is nothing anybody can do' is a necessary position to take if you want to preserve the status quo of power, and don't want to try to achieve any real progress.  There is a lot of laziness in the Washington Consensus.

"The Der Spiegel exposé of Bill Browder" (Komisar).  This shift is more important than it seems as Der Spiegel alwyas follows pure Washington Consensus.

"Reddit Bans Users for Telling the Truth" (Knightly).  Reddit is owned by the (((Newhouse))) family, 'nuff said.  Cancel culture is always (((very specific))).

"The Truth About Ukraine’s Civil War: Interview with filmmaker Maxim Fadeev in Donbass" (Bartlett).  In these perverted times of Assholia and its vassals, 'war' is defined as long-range shelling of civilians.  The Uke neo-Nazis don't dare get close enough to actually engage, as they always end up losing any fair fight!

"Ukraine Was The Origin Of The Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax" (Sellin).  Washington Consensus Idiots persist in calling the Ukrainian involvement a 'conspiracy theory' in the face of an amazing pile of evidence.

"US government drops case against Max Blumenthal after jailing journalist on false charges" (Norton) (a trial would have brought up collusion with the Venezuelan opposition that would have been embarrassing to Abrams and the Trump Administration):
"The Grayzone has learned that Secret Service call logs recorded during the alleged incident were either not kept or destroyed. The mysteriously missing evidence included print documents and radio recordings that may have exposed collusion between Secret Service officers operating under the auspices of the US State Department and violent right-wing hooligans in an operation to besiege peace activists stationed inside Venezuela’s embassy in Washington, DC."
"For the Love of Jews" (Shamir).  Philo-Semitism isn't love of Jews - far from it, as the main proponents of philo-Semitism are virulent Jew haters (and, of course, needless to say, the Jews absolutely despise their gentile protectors) - but love of a certain top-down anti-human model of society.

"Tom Friedman condemns Iran for shooting protesters, but finds it ‘easy’ to defend Israel for doing same" (Weiss).

"As Winter Comes Pipeline Wars Heat Up" (Luongo).

"Putin and the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline’ to China" (Engdahl):
"Ironically, we can title this the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline.’ Had the Obama Administration not launched their coup d’etat in 2013 at Maidan Square in Kiev, with the subsequent ouster of the elected president in February 2014 in favor of literal neo-nazi parties and corrupt oligarchs under a US puppet regime, the completion of the Power of Siberia pipeline to China would likely not exist today. Negotiations with Beijing for the pipeline had been dragging on for more than ten years when the Ukraine coup took place. After that coup a final agreement was secured by Moscow with Beijing in a matter of weeks as Putin engineered a geopolitical pivot to the East away from NATO.
Vice President Joe Biden was named by Obama to oversee the Ukraine coup and its aftermath, which apparently included some corrupt sweetheart deals for Hunter Biden and possibly Joe Biden with Ukraine gas company Burisma.
The coup, carried out by then CIA head John Brennan, using sniper mercenaries from neighboring Georgia, together with neocon US State Department official Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland, was one of the more foolish geopolitical blunders of Washington in recent decades. The pro-NATO coup was initiated when Viktor Yanukovich’s government had decided to accept generous Russian terms to join her Eurasian Economic Union rather than a vague promise of possible EU membership candidate status. Today Ukraine is treated with outcast status by the EU, and its economy is a shambles as a result of the break with Russia. In May, 2014, just weeks after the CIA toppled the duly elected government of Viktor Yanukovich in what Stratfor founder George Friedman called, “…the most blatant coup in (US) history,” Moscow signed the agreement with Beijing for the Gas Pipeline Deal of the Century, the Power of Siberia."
"Sociopaths On The Left & Sociopaths On The Right Work To Break Potential US-China Alliance" (Ehret).

"The WikiLeaks Conspiracy: The Government Prepares to Argue WikiLeaks Has Always Been an Organized Crime Syndicate" (emptywheel).  I no longer link to the deranged ravings of crazy people, but his makes clear the fact that Trump/Putin Derangement Syndrome is connected directly to the non-coronation of Ol' Kil', and the idea that Assange got Trump elected at the behest of his pal Putin.

"Why world leaders seemingly joking about Donald Trump will drive the President crazy" (Cillizza).  Johnson would never have participated in this, nor would Trudeau (who is in the middle of tricky NAFTA negotiations), and it is obvious that this was political theater set up entirely at the behest of Trump, who could then use it as an excuse not to have to give a closing statement, a statement that would have been impossible to make given all the contradictions in NATO (and Trump's ambivalence towards NATO).  Trump's failure to strike back in any serious way reveals the real plot.

We seem to be in the middle of a series of tests about just how much people will put up with to continue to allow the 1% to profit off hydrocarbons - see also, California, with the most desirable places to live facing the worst hardships - and apparently the 1% is overjoyed that there is nothing so awful that we won't put up with it:  "From disbelief to dread: the dismal new routine of life in Sydney's smoke haze" (Wood).

"Is Criticism of Israel Already an Official Hate Crime in America?" (Giraldi).  Mass rioting in the streets, but you have to have your priorities, goyim!:  "French MPs pass pro-Zionism resolution, defy warnings by advocates of Palestine rights".

Related:  "“Zone of Uncertainty”: What to Expect From US Fuel at Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants" (Stalker Zone).  You can see lovers of Assholia in the dark, as they glow!

"Rare MSM Hate Hoax Mention: Gay Organist Wrote "Heil Trump" On His Own Church" (Sailer). There is obviously real terrorist violence from the American extreme right, but this kind of spray paint attack is 90-some percent phony.

"The AEI, a Major Neocon Thinktank, Implicated in the Sackler Family’s Opioid Crisis" (MacDonald).  Anti-gentilism is the most important danger of this or any other time.

"BEASTS AT BEA'S BALL Shocking photo shows paedo Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein & ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell at Beatrice’s 18th birthday bash" (Beal).
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