Friday, December 13, 2019

We're all Palestinians

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Expect the creepy “political technologies” used to successfully destroy a near saint like Corbyn—the scariest disinformation campaign I’ve ever seen—to be applied here in the US, and soon. Not sure how you prepare for it, but better start figuring it out before it’s too late"
The only good thing about the British example is that it is utterly impossible for anyone to deny (((who))) is behind the attacks and why - literally so (((they))) can kill people and steal their land in the Middle East!!! - so I'm hoping for a huge upswing in the general state of wokenness in the victims of this fucking outrage. The phrase, 'We're all Palestinians' has never been more true.  I know the ((('lites'))) will come up with all kinds of bullshit to disguise (((their))) guilt, but given the sheer enormity of the crime - all just so (((they))) can continue to enjoy their fucking kleptomania! - and the amount of real suffering that will be caused, all I can say is Fuck You.  Fuck You (((All)))!

Tweet (Steven Salaita) (this tweet appears to have disappeared, which I guess shouldn't be a shock):
"And they used Zionism as a reliable bludgeon."
Can't we just stop listening to any more whines of 'anti-Semitism'?  Just stop!  We need to go forth with the stoniest of hearts, and not the tiniest delusions about the (((Pure Evil))) we're now dealing with!

This guy should be the next Labour leader, and nails it!  George Galloway has been saying stuff like this for weeks.  Selling out the people who would like to vote for you in favor of rich London remoaners was a stupid, stupid strategy.  To be fair to Corbyn, I imagine he had a crippling (((donor))) problem.

Tweet (David Sirota) (wonderful thread - you'll laugh out loud at the corruption and audacity of 'journalists'):
"A request: in the comments, can you please post examples of media outlets omitting or visually misplacing Bernie in reporting on poll numbers. I'm looking for stuff like this from this morning. I'd like examples from anytime during this campaign. Thanks for any help you can be."
Superb thread by The Red Kaveh on Bolivia, and the historical background of the people behind the coup. It is stunning that 'liberals' can support this shit, but that's the depraved state of the western world today.

Speaking of depraved, she honestly means 'respected', and is endorsing this outrage because of TDS:  tweet (Firedoglake):
"Respected Press Freedom Organization Excludes Assange From Annual List Of Jailed Journalists"
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (the one good thing that might come out of this impeachment - besides removing Biden from the equation - is the end of the FISA courts, a system set up to be based entirely on the 'integrity' of the FBI and prosecutors, a laughable premise):
"The @lawfareblog crew - Comey friend @benjaminwittes & ex-NSA lawyer @Susan_Hennessey - became liberal heroes by spending 3 years telling you the FISA process was so rigorous & prevented abuse. They lied to you. Read @charlie_savage on the IG Report:"
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