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Tweet (Common Law Quells Tyrants) (here's some mainstream coverage):
"Unreported French general strike: estimated turnout yesterday over a million."
Tweet (Ben Norton) (note the Hindu supremacist responses - India only saves itself if a large portion of the protesters are Hindus against desecularization):
"There are absolutely massive protests going on in India against the far-right Modi government and its new fascistic laws that strip Muslims of citizenship But the Western corporate media is too fixated on covering Hong Kong nonstop to care"
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"The notoriously violent police in Chile's brutal right-wing Pinochet-style regime (which is of course strongly backed by the US) just crushed a protester in between two armored vehicles. Warning, this video is terrifying:"
Smart desorosization by China:  "Hong Kong Police Arrest 4 Alleged Financiers Of The Protest Movement"(Durden).

Another warning to Hong Kong:  "Is Xi About To Make Macau The Next Financial Powerhouse?" (Durden).

"US-India: Why 2+2 may not always be 4" (Bhadrakumar). It's like a bad game of musical chairs, where India ends up sitting on the lap of the rapidly dying hegemon because all the other guys have signed on with the success of China, and India has nobody left to align with.

"Operation Gladio: the Story Of A Conspiracy"  (Stewart).

"Panama: A Grieving People Recalls 30 Years of the US Invasion".

"Syria: the War, the Loss, and the Silence" (Oberg).

"Swedish Communists Launch New Workers' Party Without Multiculturalism, LGBT, Greta Thunberg" (just say no to Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o):
"Almost half of the members of the Communist Party in Malmö are resigning. Instead, they plan establish a new workers' party that doesn't put as much emphasis on things like multiculturalism, LGBT issues and climate alarmism, which have become the staples and rallying calls of today's left.
Nils Littorin, one of the defectors, explained to Lokaltidningen that today's left has become part of the elite and has come to “dismiss the views of the working class as alien and problematic”. Littorin suggested that the left, as a movement, is going through a prolonged identity crisis and that his group, instead, intends to stick to the original values, such as class warfare.
“They don't understand why so many workers don't think that multiculturalism, the LGBT movement and Greta Thunberg are something fantastic, but instead believe we are in the 1930s' Germany and that workers who vote [right-wing] Sweden Democrats have been infected by some Nazi sickness,” he explained to Lokaltidningen.
The right-wingers' major gains from the working class are, according to Littorin, a token of widespread dissatisfaction with liberal economic migration that leads to “low-wage competition” and the “ghettoisation of communities”, a development that “only benefits major companies”.
According to Littorin, one of the underlying problems is a “chaotic” immigration policy that has led to cultural clashes, segregation and exclusion due to an uncontrolled influx from parts of the world characterised by honour culture and clan mentalities.
Littorin described multiculturalism, LGBT issues and the climate movement as state ideologies that are “rammed down people's throats”. According to him, phenomena like LGBT-certification and the cult around 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg and “other -isms” happen at the expense of the real issues, such as income equality.
“Pride, for instance, has been reduced to dealing with sexual orientation. We believe that human dignity is primarily about having a job and having pension insurance that means that you are not forced to live on crumbs when you are old,” Littorin explained.
The goal, according to Littorin is to enter Malmö City Council by 2022. The name of the party remains undetermined, but Littorin stressed that the word “Communist” will no longer be present."
"Unexamined, Unquestioned, Unchallenged: Jewish Power in Brave New Britain" (Langdon) (or here).

Tweets by Durham Is Coming With Justice For Gen Flynn on the timing of:
  1. the Ukrainian election;
  2. Biden announcing his run; and
  3. Hunter resigning from Burisma's executive board. 
"The Democratic Leadership’s Strategy on Impeachment Is Doomed and Dangerous" (Maté):
"The impeachment vote came one day after the Senate sent Trump a $738 billion Pentagon budget. The measure includes the creation of a key Trump priority, the Space Force, along with carte blanche to continue supporting Saudi mass murder in Yemen. Democrats in both chambers joined with Republicans to pass the bill in what Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Ro Khanna called “an astonishing act of moral cowardice” and a “complete capitulation to the White House.”

It is difficult to believe that the Democrats see Trump as a threat to national security or beholden to Russia when they capitulate to his top policy preferences, particularly ones that boost the lethal military arsenal under his control. In reality, the Democratic leadership’s playbook of discredited Russia conspiracy theories, Cold Warrior jingoism, and White House capitulation results from the dynamic that they have embraced since the 2016 election: challenging Trump through any means that does not fundamentally challenge the political and economic system that grants them power and privilege."
"Column: Will Washington media expose the liars who spun the Trump-Russia hoax?" (Kass):
"As Greenwald wrote in a recent piece in The Intercept, “The revelations of the IG Report are not merely a massive FBI scandal. They are also a massive media scandal, because they reveal that so much of what the U.S. media has authoritatively claimed about all of these matters for more than two years is completely false.”

In Washington, journalists attend formal dinners and literally sing and dance in musical skits to amuse the establishment ruling class.

They give themselves awards — including Pulitzer Prizes for reporting the Russia-Trump story — that have not been, as yet, returned."
One of the funniest things about 'journalism' is that they give each other awards for wpm in retyping Zionist, corporate, and Deep State press releases.

"SCOTT RITTER: The ‘Whistleblower’ and the Politicization of Intelligence" (Ritter).  The problems with the CIA's 'whistle blower'.

"FISA Advocates Worry Spying On Americans May Become More Difficult" (Rall).

"Trudeau accused of breaking promise to stand by Israel, following vote on UN resolution" (Thomson).  "Understanding Canada’s ‘orphan vote’ at the United Nations" (Kawas).  "Even with a liberal government, Canada disregards Palestinian rights" (Al Masri).  I always come back to shekels:  "The ties that bind the Liberals and the Bronfmans" (Maher).

Tweet (Mrs. Betty Bowers):
"JESUS: “Heal the sick.” AMERICA: “That's CRAZY talk! Where would we EVER find any money to do that?”"
Tweet (Gabriel Zucman):
"Still missing in the debate on Medicare for All:

The basic fact that it would lead to the biggest take-home pay increase in a generation for working Americans

Why? Because it would replace insurance premiums (hugely regressive) by progressive taxes"
"“America the Shrunken”"(Romanoff).

"Israeli spyware allegedly used to target Pakistani officials' phones" (Kirchgaessner).

Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"Bellingcat's transparency model is similar to the Tor Project's. It lists a bunch of innocuous, little-known non-profits and human rights-type organizations. To understand who they and why they'd fund an outfit like Bellingcat takes a lot more digging."
My eyes usually glaze over when I see Stormer-style compendia of black crimes against whites, but this is quite something to ponder:  "Blacks and the Spread of HIV/AIDS" (Roberts).

"The Arrogance of BBC News" (Media Lens).  Time for revenge on those who notice the bias:  "BBC Director-General Calls for Media Critics to Be Purged From Social Media" (MacLeod).

"Biosphere Collapse?" (Hunzicker):
". . . Following Paris ’15, global banks have invested $1.9 trillion in fossil fuel projects."
"Trump Finally Introduces the SPACE FORCE!" (Anglin):
"The bad news is, you won’t get a wall or any of that other stuff that Donald Trump promised us.

The good news is, you get a Space Force.

The bad news about that good news is that the Space Force will just be used to bomb Iran for the Jews.

All in all: big win here, folks."
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