Friday, January 10, 2020

100% responsible

If it was a missile, the plane could have been shot down by the United States itself, shot down by one of its proxies (the MEK has been conducting terroristic mayhem in Iran for years), or shot down by Iran as a result of nervousness over the illegal American American actions in occupied Iraq.  In any case, the Assholes are 100% responsible for this (and have form for shooting down civilian airliners).

"Pentagon Accuses Iran Of Shooting Down A Ukrainian Plane But Its Evidence Is Flimsy" (Moon).  The speed of rushing to judgment is similar to the tactics used when an civilian airline crash is weaponized as PR by the hegemon and its pathetic allies.  It's all pretty rich when you consider the hegemon's main war tactic now is slaughtering civilians.

Durden shows his true colors from time to time - red, white and blue:  "Iran Refuses To Hand Over Crash Data, Stoking Speculation Plane Was Accidentally Shot Down".  Iran would be nuts to put evidence in the hands of the enemies who are trying to destroy it (this was the mistake that Russia made).

On Durden's Assholian bad faith, see also:  "How Was Pentagon 'Withdrawal Letter" Leaked To Iraq? Anatomy Of A Propaganda Coup".  Iraq has confirmed that they received a signed copy of the letter, so we know it was authentic, though there seem to be minor differences between the English and Arabic texts.  All the Washington drama came as a result of the Khazar billionaires demanding that the Americans stay as yet more Zionist cannon fodder.

The US is always in favor of full investigation leading to the truth about war crimes - oh, wait:  "U.S. imposes visa bans on International Criminal Court investigators - Pompeo" (Rothschilds).

Trudeau likes shekels too much to put a diplomat in Tehran, but he is still getting far more cooperation from Iran that he deserves.

Tough test:  tweet (Kim Dotcom):
"Please name any US President who wasn’t a mass murderer and a war criminal in the comments below. Anyone who disagrees with the names listed in the comments feel free to provide examples of the atrocities they have committed. This should be interesting."
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