Wednesday, January 01, 2020

A filthy record

Tweet (F G):
"When Iranian embassy get burned down in Najaf its „civilians protesting Iranian influence but when US embassy get stormed for killing Iraqis its „Iran backed Militia“. Not an inch of decency left by Western reporters"
Tweet (Jean-Michelle Ⓐ☭) (this is the kind of thing that we will have to do to our billionaire ruling class):
"This is actually fucking awesome"
"Pilots break strike unity as Macron’s ‘Thatcher moment’ is right now" (Mazaheri).

"Epstein's 'Madam' Must Have 'Serious Dirt' On Powerful People: Former Associate" (Durden).

"Judge In Hunter Biden Paternity Case Mysteriously Recuses Hours After New Allegations Filed" (Durden):
". . . Caplan's claims are so bizarre that if one had enough tin foil, they might conclude that the recent string of filings in the case are being done to muddy the waters with absurdity. 
The latest claim is that Biden was involved in a 'multi-billion dollar stock scheme known as the China Hustle.
Shokin's witness statement was submitted to the court as part of Joel Caplan's motion this week to try and become a party in Roberts' paternity case with Biden.
He claimed in Monday's filing that he wanted in on the case so he could get his hands on Biden's bank account records in order to prove he allegedly received $1.5 billion from Chinese companies that 'hustled Americans out of their life savings'.
Caplan told Judge Don McSpadden to 'follow the money' and in a 30-page filing, lays out how he was allegedly swindled out of 10 years of his life savings in a 'multi-billion dollar stock scheme known as the China Hustle.'
Caplan, who filed papers from Jerusalem, Israel, claims many Chinese nationals made fortunes from the ploy, which involved presenting fake company documents and claiming they were genuine investments when they were actual frauds. -Daily Mail
Caplan referenced President Trump's October claim that Biden received a $1.5 billion payout from a Chinese private equity fund - a claim Biden has denied. Caplan has sought bank records in an attempt to regain his lost savings, and for 'justice.'"
"Who is Archbishop Atallah Hanna, and why Israel hates him" (Baroud).  Note the attempted assassination.

This is starting to look like another lawfare trick, with the dismissal of the case to be used by Israel as proof that Israeli actions are now blessed by international law:  "The ICC will likely throw out Palestine’s case for war crimes, Norman Finkelstein says" (Weiss):
"Bensouda’s latest decision of December 20 was to launch an investigation in a second case, a 2015 referral by Palestine, and Finkelstein sees it as an effort to “recuperate” her loss of reputation in the Mavi Marmara ruling.
Part of the reputational damage was critics threshing Bensouda’s record in the Gambia. “She was the attorney general under the Gambian military junta,” Finkelstein says. “Richard Goldstone was a judge under apartheid South Africa, but Dugard tells me it’s totally different. Goldstone had an exemplary record as a judge in South Africa. She had a filthy record.”
The 112-page document that Bensouda published in announcing her decision to investigate war crimes looks very good with respect to the crime of Israeli settlements, Finkelstein says. The document offers “10,000 pieces” of evidence on the illegality of the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem that go to show what everyone knows, Israel has taken over lands that were supposed to provide the territory for a Palestinian state under international law and colonized those lands with more than 600,000 Jewish settlers.
Bensouda’s argument that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza during the Operation Protective Edge onslaught five years ago that killed more than 2200 Palestinians, including 500 children, is less specific. “If you read her statement, you would think that Hamas committed as many, if not more war crimes than Israel during Protective Edge,” Finkelstein says.
Some on the left have exulted in the ICC ruling and said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former army chief of staff Benny Gantz (who has bragged of bombing Gaza back to the “stone age”) may be charged with war crimes for that assault. “I’m very dubious about that. The likelihood that they’re going to actually be convicted approaches zero,” Finkelstein says.
All the same, Israel is shaken by the announcement and a battle has begun. “There’s a legal battle but there’s also going to be an overt battle, the battle of public opinion. So yesterday, Benjamin Netanyahu goes to the Wailing Wall and says that the ICC is guilty of anti-Semitism,” Finkelstein says. “Now the other side can say, oh, is it anti-Semitism to say that Israeli settlements are illegal? Anti-Semitism to say that the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalem are occupied, Palestinian territory?”
Finkelstein’s pessimism about the ultimate outcome is based on the fact that Bensouda gave herself an out. Noting that the court’s jurisdiction over these issues is disputed by Israel, Bensouda requested an opinion on two crucial jurisdictional questions from the court – called the Pre Trial Chamber – in the next 120 days before actually beginning her investigation.
“The jurisdictional question breaks down into two parts. Does this entity called the state of Palestine qualify as a state that is competent to lodge a referral or complaint with the ICC,” Finkelstein summarizes. “Question number two, they have to decide what is the territorial jurisdiction of the court in this case, which means they have to decide what are the territorial dimensions of this thing called the state of Palestine.”
Finkelstein is very worried that Bensouda has kicked these questions over to the Pre Trial Chamber because it is headed by a Hungarian judge, Péter Kovács, who repeatedly sided with Israel on issues in the earlier Mavi Marmara case."
"The Year in Latin America: The Right Continues to Advance, but so do Popular Movements" (Graham interview with Wilpert).

Shockingly decent coverage of the coup in Bolivia:  "The Overthrow of Bolivia’s Evo Morales Takes Us Back to Latin America’s ‘Dirty Wars’" (Kryt). On the other hand, the usual crap, an attempt to blame the recent uprising against the slumlords on Trump!:  "What’s Behind the New Wave of Anti-Semitic Hate?" (Michaelson). The US itself is a slumlordocracy, led by the esteemed Slumlord-in-Chief, President Jared.

It's heartwarming to see the 'Shut It Down' meme, in a tiny format, used as an emoji on discussion groups as a jocular way of indicating that the posters have veered into politically incorrect territory.

For reference, a reminder to the farm animals, directly from ((('Hollywood'))), on the nature of the oldest hatred of all, anti-Slumlordism:  tweet (leekern):
"One metric of pride is knowing when “go fuck yourself” is the suitable emotional response to other people’s shit. Like antisemitism. Antisemitism is not Jewish baggage. It’s YOUR shit. Jews killed in the diaspora AND Israel is not about Jewish action - it’s about Jewish existence"
"Why Do Blacks Hate Jews? Let’s Look at the “Worst Landlords in New York City” List" (Anglin). "Jewish Anti-Defamation League Demands More Social Media Censorship Because Blacks are Attacking Jews" (Rogers).

Seriously, how can you hate a people who waltz into your home waiving shekels around and telling you you have to sell to them at a steep discount or they will move prostitutes next door to lower your property value? 

"1990s Manifesto outlining Russia’s plans is starting to come true" (Firth).  The anti-Russian nutbars think that Dugin has magical powers.

"US Embassy in Baghdad Invaded after SecState Pompeo Slashed Security Funding, Took no Preventive Steps in wake of US Airstrikes" (Cole). "Trump says he ‘does not see war with Iran happening’ hours after issuing a ‘threat’ against Tehran" - Trump apparently still wants to be reelected.

"The New Colonization: China Is Building Enormous Self-Sustaining Chinese Cities All Over The African Continent" (Snyder).

"A Low-Intensity War Is Underway in Northeast Asia" (Shorrock).  As always, we are told everything from North Korea is an 'escalation', without any mention of the massive increased militarization around the area.

"Trump’s Syria Missile Strike Was a Scandal" (Hitchens):
"I suspect the Third World War will begin with a claimed atrocity — probably the use of poison gas by a ‘regime’ against ‘its own people’. Such things are now the favorite way to make wars where there was peace.

Border violations went out of fashion years ago. Invasions are illegal under the UN Charter. There are no Archdukes left to assassinate. ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ will forever evoke hollow laughter. But democracy needs a popular pretext for war, and righteous mass outrage about the inhumanity of the enemy is almost invariably effective.

This is why it is rather important that the people we trust to verify such claims are honest and trustworthy. For who will verify the verifiers? Ignore this little matter and we could obliterate the world by mistake, sooner than you think.

Hence this story of one of the least-covered major scandals of the moment. Apart from Tucker Carlson on his Fox show, no journalist in the United States has even touched it yet. Things are not that much better in Europe."
"Police in Hong Kong Brutalized by Rioters, While Attacked by the Western Press" (Vltchek):
"I never saw such cynicism before; such a vulgar media set up as in Hong Kong. I am talking in general, but also about what took place particularly on Sunday December 22, 2019. Rioters, waving blue Uyghur, Taiwanese, British and U.S. flags were shouting “independence” and “China is terrorist” slogans, in the middle of the city, just two blocks away from the International Financial Center. While the police stood by, peacefully, in their full protective gear.

Journalists, real and fake, foreign and local, were there, in full force, clearly setting the stage for the ugly confrontations ahead. I observed “media outlets” working, and I ended up photographing and filming their involvement.

The truth is, they were nor reporting; not at all. They were participating, arranging things, provoking and manipulating actions.

All camera lenses, and all lenses of mobile phones, were pointed directly at the police, never at the rioters. Meanwhile, the rioters were shouting at the police, brutally insulting the men and women in uniform. This part was, of course, edited out; never shown in New York, Paris, Berlin and London. Often not even shown in Taipei or Hong Kong itself.

“Media” people were clearly advising the rioters what action to take and when, from which angle to throw things, from where to attack; how to make things “effective”.

At one point, rioters started charging, throwing bottles and other objects at the police.

Eventually, the police would have little choice but to react; they would begin moving against the rioters. And that is when all cameras would begin to roll. That was the moment to start “reporting”.

As a professional, I could clearly imagine how the results of such twisted “coverage” would look like on television screens and on the front pages of Western newspapers: “An unprovoked, brutal police force charging at poor, peaceful, freedom and democracy-loving protesters”.

The insanity, madness of all this had no boundaries. Next to me, just two meters away, several members of the “press corps” were “helping each other from teargas poisoning”. They were frantically washing their faces with water, kneeling in the middle of the street, pretending that they were sick. I felt no teargas effects at first, and only after few minutes, I detected something very, very mild in the air. I photographed journalists, and then I photographed my own face, to show that my eyes were not affected.

It was all a great setup, perfectly polished, designed to manipulate public opinion in the West and in Hong Kong itself."
"For Hong Kong and its police force, the situation is increasingly dangerous.

The external forces operating on the Hong Kong territory are diverse and often very brutal. They include Taiwanese right-wing organizations, Japanese religious sects, Western-backed Uyghurs, fascist Ukrainian militant groupings, as well as European and North American propagandists, posing as press corps. There are several Western anti-PRC NGOs stirring hatred towards Beijing, all around Hong Kong and the region.

The rioters themselves are more and more radicalized, now often resembling extremist Islamic groups in the Middle East. They are thoroughly brainwashed, they use comfort women, and they are consuming narcotics, including “ice”, amphetamines and certain so-called “combat drugs”, which have been already injected into places such as Syria and Yemen, by the West and its Saudi allies.

As a war correspondent who regularly works in such places as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria (all these countries have been damaged and later destroyed by Western assaults or occupations), I am shocked to see the West using the same destabilizing strategies in Hong Kong; strategies which have been used in the Middle East and Central Asia."
"How Canada's military reacted to seeing Pokemon Go players trespassing on its bases" (Ruskin).
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