Thursday, January 09, 2020

About as good as it gets

The Canadian government, and its slavish following of evil Assholian-Zionist policies towards Iran, is directly responsible for the deaths of all those Canadians on that Ukrainian plane.  Sanctions mean they had to take a convoluted trip on an iffy airline.  I hope the relatives of the dead sue (not that the Khazar-khorrupted khourt system will be much use).  "Why were so many Canadians on the plane that crashed in Iran?" (Weikle).  As we all know, Trudeau likes shekels better than Canadians.

Also stupid:  "Repatriating Canadian air crash victims will be hampered by a lack of diplomatic ties with Iran, experts say" (Harris).

You know there are people saying Iran shot the plane down, as if Iran wants to cut off one of its few non-sanctioned connections to the rest of the world, and has a particular hate on for Ukrainians and Canadians!

"‘If Trump is re-elected there will be war’: How Iran’s response to US is shaped by American domestic politics" (Daragahi).  A lot of 2016 Trump voters voted for him because he expressly said he wanted to get out of the wars.  These were pragmatic people, who saw the destruction in their communities caused by the seemingly infinite number of Wars For The Jews.  Like natural Clinton voters, who stayed home in disgust on voting day as she is just too awful to bear, these people will stay home rather than vote for Trump, and Trump's margins are so slim he can't afford to lose them (his only hope may be if Clinton manages to elbow her way back in, again using the superdelegate scam and again shivving Bernie).  Trump's massive mistake is not just a big event in the history of the decline of the hegemon, it is also a huge personal mistake.  Iran is aware of the state of American politics and will tailor the response in such a way to weaken Trump.

Summary of the Lumpencommentariat:  "Figures on Left and Right Come Out in Support of Unpopular Anti-Iran Antagonism" (Striker).

"Reflecting on 20 Years of Anti-War Failures" (Robinson).  I'm afraid the word you are struggling to find is 'Khazars'.

"The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani" (Pieraccini).  More petro-dollar talk, yet it seems that the obvious effect of the assassination is to accelerate imperial decline, and in particular to further accelerate the rest of the world moving away as quickly as possible from the dollar as reserve currency.

Jacobin, along with almost all of the 'left', has a debilitating ((('donor'))) problem, and we get a glimpse that Soros - "George Soros is about as good as it gets"!!! - is part of that problem.

""Past Due": Court Declares Hunter Biden The Father Of Child In Arkansas" (Turley).  Note Creepy Joe's life-long obsession with deadbeat dads (code for black deadbeat dads)!

Tweet (Ben Collins) (see here):
"Run back Facebook did today. They bought a story in a publication, pretended it wasn’t sponsored, their COO posted it, then when they got caught, they denied knowing anything about it. And what was that ad/story about? Their commitment to stopping disinformation. Incredible."
Tweet (David Sirota):
"So let’s get this straight: @BenLaBolt is quoted attacking @BernieSanders in an AP story. Not mentioned: Ben runs the PR firm hired by the health insurance/pharma industry’s front group to attack Bernie’s Medicare for All legislation"
Tweet (Charles Shoebridge) (hilarious, if true):
"Turkish media: investigation suggests death of #WhiteHelmets founder James le Mesurier may not have been suicide, that his wife’s account seems at odds with other evidence, and that he ‘may have feared allegations he had collected a large sum of money that was meant for charity’"
The Satanists pretending to be 'Christian' Zionists are also crooked and irresponsible (as, apparently is everybody involved with the magical paper they seek):  "A scandal in Oxford: the curious case of the stolen gospel" (Higgins) (also Barford).

Tweet (The Babylon Bee) (how dare those car pool Nazis arbitrarily assign a number to how many of me there are!):
"Man Driving Alone In Carpool Lane Informs Officer His Preferred Pronoun Is 'They'"
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