Friday, January 31, 2020

Areas of common ground

We're in a short period of truthfulness in the post-'deal' gloating, amongst both Khazars and the shabbos goyim they employ:  tweet (Ben Norton):
"This senior advisor and economist at the neoconservative pro-war DC think tank FDD (which works closely with the Trump administration) just tweeted "death to Palestine" and praised Iranian anti-government extremists who chant it in the streets"
Tweet (Linda McQuaig) (shekels, though (((they))) might also have blackmail material on him):
"As Toronto Star editorial notes, Trump-Netanyahu deal creates "mock Palestinian state under thumb of Israel" & is "death of 2-state solution" long supported by most Western nations, incl Canada. Why is Trudeau gov not denouncing this "peace" plan? #cdnpoli"
Tweet (LOLGOP):
"Spent all night wishing I'd been elected to the Senate so I could have have asked Dershowitz if Trump would be allowed to have Jeffery Epstein killed and the murder covered up by William Barr if Trump thought it was in the national interest."
Tweet (Michael Arria):
""This is not a peace plan. It is theft."-Ilhan Omar

"There are some areas of common ground here."-Nancy Pelosi"
"Buried in Trump-Netanyahu Deal Is Effort to Torpedo Int’l Criminal Court War Crimes Probe of Israel" (Germanos). In return for (((our))) stealing all your land, you have to stop complaining about it.

Tweet (Louis Allday):
"Key factors in achieving excellent child health in Cuba as identified by the British Medical Journal:"
The world is lucky the corona virus outbreak occurred in China, one of the rare places in the world with a competent and functioning government with the interests of its people in mind.

""Tits-and-Bums Items" from The Alan Dershowitz Collection" (Barford).
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