Thursday, January 16, 2020

Army of 'tists

Tweet (leftworks):
"Wikipedia editor Philip Cross removes all reference to award-winning international journalist Jonathan Steele's article on Douma (CounterPunch) from
@Wikipedia's Douma chemical attack page on the grounds that Bellingcat doesn't agree with it."
"Andrew Philip Cross: Wikipedia Editing Scandal Continues (But For How Much Longer?)" (Clark). The 'tist behind it (though I'm sure there is a British intelligence organizing mind directing him in the right directions).  Jimmy Wales is the Zionist thug behind this, as he refuses to remove this obvious problem as an editor.  An army of 'tists is a frightening thing, easily manipulated, smart enough and obsessive enough to do all the grunt work, but without a hint of morality to govern their actions.  The bad guys will direct them against us until the AI cyborg army is ready.

"Wikipedia vs. My Real Biography" (Shamir).
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