Thursday, January 30, 2020

Blueberry Hill

Creative tweet (Stephen Miles):
"Last year the United States dropped 7,423 bombs on #Afghanistan. That's a fairly incomprehensible number. So to help you understand, here's 7,423 bombs. Then imagine how the US would respond if another country dropped one single bomb on us."
Tweet (Ollie Vargas):
"Important: Interpol has rejected the Bolivian regime's request for a red alert on Evo Morales. They know that the case against him is pure persecution."
Tweet (Ryan Grim):
"Bolivia's "interim" leader, who promised not to run in the next election, is running. Meanwhile the government is working to disqualify the candidate from Morales' party. Everyone who claimed any pretense of concern for Bolivian election integrity should be furious." 
Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Why didn't the renowned "open source" @bellingcat sleuths perform a quick search for this image? Seems like an obvious angle anyone seeking the truth about Douma would have wanted to explore. Unless, that is, you were only seeking to confirm your own bias."
"White Helmets Plotting False Flag Attacks in Syria, Captured Jihadist Militant Confirms".

Tweet (Patrick Henningsen):
"More desperate defamation attacks by Huffington Post UK against #OPCW whistleblowers & truth-telling academics. Increasingly arrogant now..."
No Florida as it is under water due to global warming (also needs a bantustan around (((Hollywood))): tweet (Shehab Agency) (reply in the style to which we are accustomed, which will itself need to be updated):
"How about that Donald J.Trump?"

This is a unilateral shekeled and blackmailed illegal decision by the US government - what the fuck does Korybko, riding his usual obsession about Putin, think Russia can do about it, unless Putin controls the US government in the way the Clintonistas tell us he does?:  "Don’t be Surprised if Russia Tacitly Supports the Trump-Netanyahu “Deal of the Century”".

Niqnaq supplies the Colonel, counting dead and injured Assholes:  "you’ve got to hand it to the colonel … he’s a hard-core guy … a survivor …".

With all the incompetent lying 'journalists' they employ, Jeff suspends the one who was doing her job:  "WaPo Reinstates Reporter Suspended for Tweeting About Kobe Rape Case".  "Kobe Bryant's Colorado prosecutor recalls the case that linked them" (Wickersham).

"Prince Andrew Claims That The FBI Hasn’t Requested To Talk Him About Jeffrey Epstein" (C.J.).

Torturers all around the world share the remarkable quality of feeling deeply, deeply sorry for themselves (though the $81 million probably helps with the pain):  "Psychologist responsible for devising torture methods testifies at Guantanamo Bay hearing" (McLean).

"The FBI Has Been Lying About Seth Rich" (Murray).

Excellent description of Hasid anti-gentile tactics (needless to say, you won't see that anywhere in the (((media)))), though Giraldi could have gone on to discuss the slumlord tactics of people like President Jared:  "‘Wave of Anti-Semitism’ Exaggerated" (Giraldi).

One day we'll wake up to hear Macron delivering his resignation speech, and the (((media))), having studiously avoided any mention of the massive protests across France against Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o (not to mention the extremely violent repression used by the Khazars against the French people for daring to complain), will say it came out of the blue:  "France: Firefighters Fighting Cops in the Streets While Wearing Joker Makeup! They’re Setting Themselves on Fire!" (Sol).  Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) (also):
"Clashes today in Paris between French police & firefighters. You'd have to wonder at the stability of France seeing stuff like this. I've seen plenty of Russian protests but never witnessed different branches of the state fight each other."
Everybody's got 'principles' until the blackmail pedo tapes and the bags of shekels arrive:  "Dutch court grants immunity for Israeli war crimes" (Nieuwhof). Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"What’s remarkable about Dutch court giving @gantzbe immunity is that it overrides even the Dutch government’s position that state actors don’t have any immunity for war crimes. The court is more pro-war criminal than even the Dutch government!"
Meticulous summary:  "Danish Press Board says report on Browder lies & tax evasion is true" (Komisar).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"As the UK proved (and the US would have proved in 2016 if Sanders had won), the Sacred Duty of Party Loyalty only applies to coerce leftists to support centrist candidates they loathe.

It never applies to force centrists to support leftists when they are chosen as the candidate:"
Ha!:  "Why has Human Rights Watch teamed up with Israeli warmongers?" (Cronin).  Why, (((indeed)))?

The obscured colonial history of Oman:  tweet (Mark Ames):
"Dhofar rebels wanted egalitarianism & end to colonial feudalism. Britain wanted Oman’s oil & strategic airbases. So the Brits exterminated leftist Dhofar rebels & propped up medieval dictatorships under Sultan Taimur, then his son Qaboos, who recently died."
 Blueberry Hill (he should probably stick to something he is good at, like running American elections, and installing Presidents!).
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