Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Chill Out and Chat

"Blowback From The Soleimani Assassination Increases As Iraq Reveals How Trump Tried To Steal Its Oil" (Moon).  Interesting that Trump expressly threatened, and then used, Sororitis to try to extort Iraqi oil deals (of course, the reason China gets those deals is that China isn't Bibi's bitch, doesn't ruin countries with Wars For The Jews, and isn't hated and despised by everyone on the planet).  That's crude, even by Trump's thug standards.  The irony is that the assassination ruined the chance of color revolutions in either Iraq or Iran.  Btw, it is completely appropriate to start calling all Assholian soldiers 'terrorists', for that is exactly what they are.

Timing is everything:  "Putin Visits His Best Friend Assad in Damascus to Chill Out and Chat" (Batty).  Just a couple pals, hanging out.

Some things come so far out of the blue I don't know what to make of them:  tweet (Whitney Webb):
"Dangerous smear about Mintpress sadly coming from D Hopsicker, who falsely claims that it has "direct ties" to Iran and specifically Soleimani at a time when the US is about to go to war w Iran and MSM calling Soleimani a "terrorist". Clear attempt to get MPN deplatformed"
Is Hopsicker - dare I say it? - Mossad?  I may have to re-think his seemingly outstanding, and certainly unique, reporting on the 9/11 patsies in Florida.   Webb has had a simply spectacular year.

That crashed plane was almost half filled with Canadians, presumably Ukrainian-Canadians doing some kind of work in Iran, which is one of those insights into the way the world works that we don't usually get to see.  "63 Canadians killed in plane crash near Tehran: Ukrainian official".

'Muscular' Zionism needs to face a 'muscular' Axis of Resistance.  Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran have turned the other cheek to repeated Zionist outrages for far too long, promising retribution 'soon', which never happens.  Magnier's lament:  "Fragmentation in the Axis of Resistance led to Soleimani’s death".  He's right, of course.  Khazars have done so many horrible things, culminating with the assassination, that they believe they can do anything without consequences.  Time to get their feet wet.

"Iran's Missile Launch Against Two U.S. Bases in Iraq Calls Trump's Bluff" (Moon).  Actually, I don't think this was bluff calling, but political theater, to give everybody some breathing room.  Tweet (Holly Dagres):
"Pentagon saying that Iran intentionally missed US troops at bases."
After giving lots of warning of the attack. Some third party intermediary - Iraq, maybe even Russia - cooked this up. Trump's probably not up to the task - that Epstein material is still hanging over him - but a better man could drop all sanctions and start full negotiations, using this tragedy as an opportunity.

Soleimani was a real anti-terrorism hero:  "Soleimani and Al-Muhandis are being mourned in Aleppo churches" (Lang) (also).  All Assholian politicians, even those pretending to be against Trump's actions, start off the discussion by calling Soleimani a 'terrorist'.  Of course, the Satan worshippers who call themselves Evangelicals don't give a shit about real Christians, even the original real Christians.

"Integrity in the CPAC" (Barford).  Trump, presumably after a short lecture on international law and war crimes from somebody in the State Department, has jokingly walked back his cultural destruction threat.

Truth is still, barely, a defense:  "Delaware: Boomer Female Republican Party Leader Posts on Facebook About Impeachment Being All Jews" (Batty) and "Why the Jersey City official who called local Jews ‘brutes’ has not resigned" (Sales).  See also "Hasidic Jews: New ‘no bail’ law is emboldening anti-Semites as hate crime rises" (Feldman) (though the article shows more nuanced views than the headline would indicate).
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