Sunday, January 19, 2020

Citizen 'journalism'

"Important Douma OPCW update from Prof. Piers Robinson" (Beeley), and the tweet thread by Piers Robinson.  Mortar shell attack, then White Helmets moving chlorine cylinder to fit the narrative, evidence inadvertently and incompetently supplied by Higgins himself (!) - hopefully resulting in a dock to his weekly NATO pay packet - and freshly killed bodies, supplied to order by al Qaeda, then staged around the scene by White Helmets.  This isn't just falling for an obviously scripted narrative, it is actually being a party to mass murder.

"Crimes of the century – truth, perception and punishment" (Smith).  The hegemon needs narratives it can feed to the (((media))), stuff for headlines and first few paragraphs to herd the farm animals, but doesn't have any credibility itself due to decades of outright lying.  Hence, the need for a shtick like Higgins has, the 'everyguy' 'finding pictures and videos on the internet, to which he can apply his 'normal' 'common sense', miraculously supporting the Atlantic Council/NATO/hememon narrative every single time.  The problem is that Higgins is now part of a organized lie factory called Bellingcat, and is just another discredited cog in the lying (((media))).  You are no 'citizen journalist' if you run another stinktank.  The more he fights and loses against a guy like Hitchens (the big joke is that Higgins just isn't very smart), the less worth he has as a propagandist.  Soon, the world will need a new Brown Moses.  Like euphemism, the word chosen to replace the embarrassing word soon takes on the qualities of the original word, and needs to be replaced itself.
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