Sunday, January 26, 2020

Cropped out

Pompeo is furious at the journalist he yelled and swore at.  There appears to be a tiny understanding at the base of his lizard brain that what he is doing is Pure Evil, and his outbursts are the evidence for it.

Obviously the Khazars are by far the biggest culprits in turning the United States into a shithole, but satanists like Pompeo and Pence also have a huge role:  "The Evangelicals Who Pray for War With Iran" (Posner).

Tweet (Louis Allday):
"Ken Roth is relentless"
Tweet (Art Nouveau w/ Brutalist Characteristics):
"Interesting that American (incl. AsAm) leftists have failed to dismantle capitalism, patriarchy, Islamophobia, etc and can't have proper conversations about labor, climate change, and socialism at home. But have energy to hold panels on how to tackle these issues in China. Ok."
Tweet (james_roe):
"Whenever Laurence Tribe pretends to be a good guy we should all collectively remember that he made his money helping coal companies commit EPA violations. He's a climate villain. To say nothing of blowing the Florida recount for Gore in 2000."
Tweet (Sultaan of Agrabah) (so, so true, as the Savvy and Responsible Democrats are always saying we'd like to do good things, but we won't get the independent voters if we do):
"Liberals: We should find ways to get socially conservative people to vote alongside us so we can win

Bernie Sanders: Hey look, I got Joe Rogan's vote, one of the most influential people in the country

Liberals: Unacceptable, he's held socially conservative views in the past."
"Joe Rogan Endorsed Bernie Sanders. But Joe Rogan is Pure Evil." (Anglin). It really gets to the nub of things when you consider the objection is that Rogan isn't a big tranny fan.

Tweet (Public Citizen) (ha!):
"Here's how much of their wealth the 10 richest Americans gave to charity in 2018:

Ellison: 0%

Page: 0%

Brin: 0%

Bezos: 0.1%

D. Koch: 0.1%

C. Koch: 0.5%

Zuckerberg: 0.7%

Bloomberg: 1.5%

Gates: 2.6%

Buffet: 3.9%

Billionaire philanthropy will not save us. Tax the rich."
"2007: Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney Deemed Soleimani “Untouchable” and were so right".  It is quite the deterioration when these guys seem to be the responsible ones.

Some dreck, for those with an air sickness bag handy:
  1. "‘And No One Will Make Them Afraid’" (French) - (((they))) just want a 'home', goyim, and, as the Palestinians would recognize, it is a shame it is on top of your home;
  2. "How Venezuela could help Iran mount an attack against America" (Avni)!;
  3. Hilarious Russian prescience to blame Ukraine for the Trump impeachment, even before Trump was elected!:  "How a Russian disinfo op got Trump impeached" (Bertrand);
  4. Korybko is turning has turned into a complete parody of himself:  "Putin’s Trip to ‘Israel’ Will be Remembered as an Important Part of His Legacy".
Ha!: "Anger as Ugandan activist cropped out of photo with white peers"
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