Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Digging in preparing for a boogaloo

"Video: Trump Calls Upon Iran: “We Should Work Together”" (Chossudovsky).  Trump had a chance to be a statesman and instead delivered one of his worst speeches (with more sanctions, come on!).  Tweet (Lita Smith-Mines) (Sudafed):
"Threat. Sniff. Lie. Brag. Mispronunciation. Sniff. Brag. Sniff. Brag. Slurred something. Threat. Brag. Threat. Lie. Bye."
Here's the reason why so many Canadians - Iranian-Canadians - were on that flight to Kiev: tweet (mahsa alimardani):
"I’ve had family take the Tehran to Toronto route via Kiev in the past year. It’s been a new affordable route for many Iranian-Canadians who don’t have direct flights from Canada. My heart is with all the families of those lost."
"A dark threat to commit crimes against Iranian culture" (Fincham). Remember the outcry when the Taliban destroyed the  Buddhas of Bamiyan?

"Who Created the Persian Gulf Tinderbox?" (Lazare).

Maybe, but it's true, China is so lucky the Americans are so good at making themselves hated: tweet (Tom Fowdy):
"This is shameless, gutter reporting, using hearsay from completely random people to make huge and sweeping cynical generalisations about China as a whole."
Tweet (Ian56):
"Just 4 years ago, CNN correctly praised #Soleimani for being the driving force defeating ISIS. Today Neocons call him a “terrorist” with zero evidence to sell another disastrous War & expect you to believe them without question. #IranvsUSA #IranAttacks"
Tweet (Dan Cohen) (this tweet also appears to have disappeared!):
"The account of Iranian @norozee has been suspended after he shared a video of missiles hitting the US base. Twitter is once again censoring on behalf of the US government to prevent embarrassing images from being seen around the world."
He's a complete fuck-up, but he's our complete fuck-up, dammit:  "This might be the final episode of Juan Guaidó’s surreal regime change reality show" (Flores).  Note the tweet by Anya Parampil.

Khazars are trying to carve out a Khazar-victim exception to the new no bail rules in New York!:  "Alleged Anti-Semitic Arsonist Released With No Bail In New York" (Rosiak).  Read the article - the accused has quite the story!  Were they a self-reflecting people the Khazars might realize that this is the kind of thing which leads to the anger.  "Impeachment and Antisemitism" (Atzmon).  It's not racism if you despise and abuse everybody outside your group, equally!
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