Friday, January 24, 2020

Fetishizing consistency

Tweet (Patrick Henningsen) (more examples in the replies, including Bloomberg claiming it was an anti-government demonstration!):
"1 million people were on the streets of #Iraq this morning. AP says "hundreds". So I think we can now rightly ask: Is AP's Iraqi desk controlled by CIA or State Department?"
Tweet (Media Lens):
"Literally millions of Iraqis are marching today, demanding that US forces 'Get Out'. The BBC's comment: 'Iranian-backed militias are among those protesting in the city.'"
"Immediate US Withdrawal Due to Its Violation of the Agreement and Iraq Sovereignty" (Magnier)

Tweet (Stephen Wertheim):
"“The Pentagon has increased its overall Middle East footprint by more than 20,000 troops since last spring.”"
This is the best! - consistency in being for the people all the time for decades is a troubling attribute as only straight white males have the 'privilege' to be able to be consistent:  tweet (Anne Helen Petersen):
"This is not for or against Bernie, but there is a certain kind of man who fetishizes consistency in this way. I don't know if consistency is something that's always available to people who aren't straight white men."
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