Thursday, January 23, 2020

Grim landscape

"Now Three Years into the Reign of Trump, What’s Left?" (Harris) (a disturbingly good point - Bernie prevents a real progressive alternative party, as he, an imported ringer for the left, keeps the Dems of the real left satisfied during nomination runs, up to the inevitable shivving by the Clintonistas, and he seems fine with it):
"Bernie Sanders had raised genuine issues regarding runaway income inequality and plutocratic politics. However, Sanders was suppressed by a hostile corporate press and an antagonistic Democratic Party establishment, which arguably preferred to risk a Republican victory in 2016 than support anyone who questioned neoliberal orthodoxy.

Sanders’ issues got asphyxiated in the juggernaut of Russiagate. His legacy – so far – has been to help contain a progressive insurgency within the Democratic Party, the perennial graveyard of social movements. Had Mr. Sanders not come along, the Democrats – now the full-throated party of neoliberal austerity at home and imperial war abroad – would have needed to invent a leftish Pied Piper to keep their base in the fold."
Need that 'wasted' money for something important, Wars For The Jews, etc. (and the sort of thing that has started to get Creepy Joe in trouble):  "Donald Trump Floats Cutting Medicare and Entitlements At Davos" ('Hunter Wallace').
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