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"Capitalism and the Gut-Wrenching Hijack of India" (Todhunter) (if you read on you'll see he means 'gut-wrenching' literally):
"In India, the ‘development’ paradigm is premised on moving farmers out of agriculture and into the cities to work in construction, manufacturing or the service sector, despite these sectors not creating anything like the number of jobs required. The aim is to displace the existing labour-intensive system of food and agriculture with one dominated by a few transnational corporate agri-food giants which will then control the sector. Agriculture is to be wholly commercialised with large-scale, mechanised (monocrop) enterprises replacing family-run farms that help sustain hundreds of millions of rural livelihoods while feeding the urban masses.

Renowned journalist P Sainath encapsulates what is taking place when he says that the agrarian crisis can be explained in just five words: hijack of agriculture by corporations. He notes the process by which it is being done in five words too: predatory commercialisation of the countryside. And he takes five works to describe the outcome: biggest displacement in our history.

Why would anyone sanction this and set out to run down what is effectively a productive system of agriculture that feeds people, sustains livelihoods and produces sufficient buffer stocks?

Part of the answer comes down to India being the largest recipient of World Bank loans in the history of that institution and acting on its directives. Part of it results from the corporate-driven US-Indo Knowledge Agreement on Agriculture. On both counts, it means India’s rulers are facilitating the needs of Western capital and all it entails: an inherently predatory economic model based on endless profit growth, crises of overproduction and overaccumulation and market saturation and a need to constantly seek out, create and expand into new, untapped (foreign) markets to maintain profitability."
The PR tactics and dirty tricks of the bee murderers (similar to how climate change is managed by the culprits):  "The Playbook for Poisoning the Earth" (Fang).

"What the Cyprus rape case tells us about justice in Europe" (Benevento).

"Remember When Obama and Biden Tried to Cut Social Security by $230 Billion?" (Studebaker).  This has been the Holy Grail for American politicians from both parties for decades, and if Trump is reelected he just might be able to pull it off.

"Health of poor British adults is now WORSE than it was for those who grew up in the Great Depression and WWII, finds study of 263,000 people" (Blanchard).

Tweet (Mark Ames) (I'm not going to defend capitalism, but surely it is the peculiar Ukrainian Khazar gangsterism that is the issue) (also):
"Capitalism has been catastrophic to Ukraine— a 30% population drop since the Soviet Union collapsed"
Using the Kurds to break up Iraq, a return of the (((dream))):  "US plotting return of ‘strongman’ in Iraq" (Bhadrakumar).

"Who Put Trump in the White House? Explaining the Contribution of Voting Blocs to Trump’s Victory" (Grimmer/Marble). Not racists, as the Clintonistas would have you believe, but poorer white independent voters:
"Rather than voting blocs defined by racial attitudes or prior votes shifting the most support to Trump, we show that Trump increased his net vote total the most among independent, ideologically moderate, and lower socioeconomic status whites, both nationwide and in states decided by five percentage points or less."
"France apology after history textbook links CIA to 9/11".  They should apologize - 9/11 was obviously a Pentagon operation.

"How The Military-Industrial Complex Gets Away With Murder In Contract After Contract" (Smithberger). The most curious thing is that this is not a political issue.  Years of total corruption has resulted in the US in a disadvantaged position against its rivals in the overall state of military technology, despite the fact that the Americans have essentially unlimited procurement budgets.

"An Army for Hire: Trump Wants to Make Money by Renting Out American Soldiers" (Giraldi).  The corruption is now so extreme that the Assholes now need other countries to help pay for it.  You have to love the renting of American soldiers to the Saudis for the purpose of serving as human shields.

"Thailand: The Lingering Spectre of US Colour Revolutions" (Thomas).

"The prosecution of Glenn Greenwald and the global war on free speech" (Cogan).  Unclear if this is just Bolsonaro having a snit, or the darker prospect of the US trying to assange him.  I assume Crazy Pierre can fix this, though it might be good for circulation to keep it running for a bit.

Just a good short summary:  "The FBI Scandal" (Lake).

Goodbye, Newman!:  "How can colleges fight Israel lobby’s threats?" (Barrows-Friedman).  The serious issue is that university presidents and senior administrators are either Khazars or completely shekeled, and thus don't put up any fight when Newman comes along.

No free speech for farm animals if it could possibly interfere with killing people and stealing their land:  "In Zeal to Cover up Crimes against Palestinians, are Israel Lobbies determined to End Free Speech in the West?" (Winstanley).

Ha!  The Euro-trash bowed to Trump on Iran in terror of sanctions, then got the sanctions anyway:  "Amid US Threats, Can Europe Take Back Its Iran Deal?" (Ditz).

"Bolivia: MAS Presidential Candidate Becomes Target of Lawfare".

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Reminder: The fascist military junta in Bolivia, which the US empire installed through a coup by paying off military and police, has no popular support This "rally" is a perfect symbol of how it's maintained in power through violence and a corporate media owned by the rich elite"
"Anniversary of La Matanza".

"Netflix, Iran and the Documentary as Geopolitical Weapon" (Mier). As usual always, this is certainly more Khazar propaganda than oil propaganda. The entire Nisman story is part of the Mossad operation to frame Hezbollah for the bombing.

"Jews’ Ten Pledges vs Palestinians’ Eleven Red Lines" (Littlewood).  The ease and speed with which these various rotten scoundrels bend the knee is the real lesson we need to take away from this travesty.

Tweet (Camila) (Rudy!:  "It was a confidential meeting - if it did happen."; note that this story might be entirely phony, as Betancourt is close to the Venezuelan government)
"Reuters exclusive says that businessman Alejandro Betancourt secretly bankrolled Guaido's coup efforts and hoped that his 'good work for the US' would enable his lawyer to persuade Trump's Justice Dept to drop its money laundering and bribery probe of him."
 Tweets by Ben Norton on the hilarious, not to mention Khazar, history of the 'human rights' grifters Amnesty International!

That crippling ((('donor'))) problem keeps cropping up at Jacobin, but I guess we should not be surprised that one of the few voices from the 'left' is phony:  tweet (Joe Catron):
"Jacobin was literally publishing propaganda against Soleimani less than two weeks ago, but okay."
"Theatrics aside, Macron supports Israeli apartheid" (Abunimah).  There is tension between Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o, Macron's owners, and the Sheldon billionaires who own Trump, particularly over whether WWIII would be a good for the Jews or not, but they all agree, as do all Khazars, that killing people and stealing their land is simply wonderful.

Bibi took the occasion of Jewapalooza to advocate for WWIII, completely fitting:  "World leaders gather in Jerusalem for Holocaust memorial, but Poland absent after diplomatic spat" (Trew).  Whatever official reason they might give, the Poles weren't there in protest of the Khazars claiming all their stuff, and as we know, once the kleptos decide they want your stuff, there is really nothing to do but give it to them.

Shocking development in the wonderful world of shekels!:  "ICC judges dash hopes for swift probe of Israeli war crimes" (Murphy).

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