Tuesday, January 07, 2020


Niqnaq has translations of recent Colonel Cassad (you have to love the Nasrallah sign language for deaf Assholes).

"Iran holds all the cards in coming Middle East conflict with US – unless Trump is ready to drop a tactical NUKE" (Ritter). Even that won't work, as Iran has been set up to operate without a head, and can fight a ruinous - for the hegemon - asymmetrical war in the Strait without central direction.

"Against the Blitz Wolf — Russian Reinforcements for Iran’s Defence in War Against All" (Helmer).

It's the GWOA-T (the Global War on Anti-Terrorism, terrorist proxies being just about all the Assholes and Zionists have left):  "A Terrorist Attack Against Eurasian Integration" (Pieraccini).

"Israel’s Fingerprint Are All Over the Assassination of Qasem Soleimani" (Baroud/Rubeo):  "palpable Israeli giddiness".

You can see the wisdom of Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o, working on the assumption that Khazar power turns directly on Khazar wealth, which is dependent on globalization, which will be wrecked by WWIII (Escobar on his favorite topic, the collapse of the global derivatives market caused by blockage of the Strait of Hormuz).  On the other hand, the dying Sheldon gives not a shit about any of this.

Tweet (Michael Tracey). The ogre and the troll.  Almost like out of a warning from a fairy tale, the MEGA Group blackmail material has proven to be too dangerous for the people foolish enough to use it.

"The New York Times Shares My Bafflement Over Donald Trump’s Plans in the Middle East" (Anglin).  JYT torn between the 'muscular' Khazar insanity of the 'American' Khazars, and Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o.

One of the clearer examples to date of Khazar bribery/blackmail directly causing imperial decline:  "Is Soleimani murder ‘beginning of the end’ of US imperialism?" (Black).  "Awaiting the Mahdi: Soleimani’s Martyrdom and the End of Stupidistan" (Erimtan).

The enormity of the mistake (of course, Ritter doesn't realize that Sheldon gave Trump no choice, and Trump was in no position to take advice, good or bad):  tweet (Scott Ritter):
"Any intelligence or military official who advised the President on the viability of assassinating Qassem Suleimani should be identified by name and compelled to resign. This includes the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Director, CIA. We simply cannot have such incompetence."
Whenever these odd things happen, there is surely a Khazar-funded stinktank in the background, building up PR material, and lobbying, for years:  "The Little Think Tank That Could" (Judis) (from 2015).

'My job here is done':  "U.S. Official Central to Hawkish Iran Policies Departs NSC" (Wadhams).  (((Goldberg))), if you can believe it, returning to FDD!

There is literally only one thing that can save the hegemon now, and it will never happen - the immediate utter nuking of Tel Aviv.

We ought not to forget that the carefully cultivated color revolutions in Iraq and Iran are now over, essentially forever, with majority populations in both countries united by a justified seething hatred of the Assholes and their Khazar masters (I love how the people of these countries have not the slightest doubt of the Zionism pulling the Assholian strings).

And imagine what the North Koreans are thinking of Assholian trustworthiness after witnessing Trump's travesty.

"Trump moves to unite the Middle East! (irony)" (Lang).

Again, hilarious as it seems to be built on the assumption that Bibi had nothing to do with this, and it was just as fortuitous thing that happened to benefit him:  "Soleimani’s assassination could not have come at a better time for Netanyahu" (Mousa).  Note the woke first comment by echinococcus.

"A Reaction from Tehran to the Martyrdom of General Qāsem Soleymānī" (Williams).

The withdrawn 'draft' is evidence that at least the Pentagon sees the writing on the wall and is preparing to act responsibly:  "US withdrawing forces from region despite contrary claims: Military sources".

Tweet (AnotherGreen) (again, misses the point that this stupidity doesn't help Trump win, and he knows it, hence all the brittle defensive tweets):
"Is this your first re-election campaign, kid?"
If this isn't immediately reversed, the UN must be removed from New York City: "U.S. denies Iran's Zarif a visa to attend U.N.: U.S. official" (Rothschilds).
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