Thursday, January 02, 2020


Tweet (Dave Levinthal):
"Given Rudy Giuliani’s remarks about billionaire Democratic megadonor George Soros this week, and Trump allies’ disdain for Soros in general, let’s remember who used to be a key Soros employee"
"Burg, Soros and the ‘Jew-niversal’" (Atzmon).

An appalling example of the moral and intellectual deterioration of Who.What.Why:  "China’s Repression of Hong Kong and the Uighurs Muslims: Two Becomes One?" (Heaver).  A 'Heaver' is an article that makes you throw up while you are reading it.

"Colombia - Where Life Has to Defeat Death" (Vltchek).  Colombia is the classic Assholian ally.

"Uiyghur “Activist” Quickly Exposed As CIA Asset Slandering China" (Ahthion).  "CIA asset Catching Hell on Reddit" (Bacon).

Tweet (Nick Hilton):
"Zac Goldsmith, what a story. Son of humble billionaire, at 23 made editor of a magazine (owned by his uncle), gets Tory nom for leafy London seat at 32, loses the seat twice in 3 years, (also losing London mayoral race). Elevated to the House of Lords. Truly, the British dream."
Tweet (CJPME) ('socialists' love shekels too!):
"If this is true, @theJagmeetSingh has abandoned human rights and human justice in favor of political expedience. #BDS is a NON-VIOLENT, ECONOMIC means of PROTEST, similar to what was used against Apartheid South Africa. If this doesn't lead to peace, then WHAT WILL?"
I'm wondering what the 'goal' of BDS is, now.  Bibi is about to steal all of the West Bank, and plans are afoot to overthrow the government of Jordan so the Palestinians can be moved there.  Are the 'two states' Israel and Jordan?  The lite Zionists have been so successful at fooling the farm animals that they haven't had time to move the phony goal posts.

"The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act: Why Washington Is Both Corrupt and Ignorant" (Giraldi).

There's a considerable PR campaign going on to make us think American authorities are looking for Ghislaine.  "Exclusive: FBI investigating British socialite and others who 'facilitated’ Epstein" (Rothschilds).  "Ghislaine Maxwell’s powerful contacts protecting her in safe houses " (Smith).  I very much doubt the Mossad would risk some low level cop accidentally stumbling across her and arresting her, so Israel makes the most sense:  tweet (Betelgeuse100):
"FBI investigating British socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell (allegedly a foreign spy & daughter of a Mossad Agent) who 'facilitated’ Epstein BUT... She's being hidden in safe houses in Israel #GroupPalestine #قروب_فلسطيني"
"Our Embassy in Baghdad - TTG", linking to "American Strikes in Iraq Have Just Made a Bad Situation Much Worse" (Sumeri).

We need a song like John Lennon's 'Imagine', imagining all the ways things would be better if there were no Khazars.  It would be heaven on earth!

"America’s New War: Let’s Not Pretend That Iraqi Paramilitaries Drew First Blood" (Marjanović).  "US Soldiers are Tear-Gassing Iraqis, Last Line of Defense From an Iraqi Invasion of America" (Anglin).  "GREAT PLAN: Trump Deploying Many More Troops to the Middle East to Fight Helpful Endless War" (Anglin):
"The fact that Donald Trump has the nerve to once again escalate tensions in the Middle East as he drives us towards more profitable, heroic wars simply demonstrates what a brilliant leader he truly is.
If you thought the last twenty years of war in the Middle East were great, just wait until you see the next twenty years.
It is going to be simply astonishing.
We cannot let subversive and anti-American forces within our own country try to redirect our energies towards frivolous non-issues like mass drug addiction, mass immigration, homelessness, housing prices, the jobs crisis, the cost of housing, the evaporating middle class, the collapsing birthrate or any other stupid, pointless, whiny non-issue.
No, my friends.
We must stay focused on the monumental challenge truly facing the American nation: Iranian influence in Iraq.
We will not back down.
We will face the most important challenge of our generation head-on, under the genius direction of the greatest president and game show host of all time: Donald J. Trump."
"Will Donald Trump’s New Desert Wars be Able to Meet the Expectations of Fans of the Beloved Franchise?" (Anglin).
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