Wednesday, January 08, 2020

He's your friend

"Iran wants to show Trump it’s ‘not going to be easy to fight in a war,’ defense analyst says" (Shao).  If Trump doesn't re-retaliate, taking the Iranian attack as their fair way of evening up the score, or retaliates in a lesser way, ratcheting down the tit for tat, he has the chance to escape the problem he put himself in (although he is till vulnerable to an October Surprise).

Could, I guess, just be more incompetent Boeing engineering, but I'm not a big fan of coincidences:  "Iran crash: Ukraine Boeing with more than 160 onboard comes down near Tehran" (Safi/Ratcliffe).  Added:  thinking about it, this could be another example of a problem that has occurred before, with US sanctions causing Iranian engineers to do a quick fix of the plane in Iran, using inferior knock-off parts, the failure of which could have caused the crash.

Remember the Crooke argument that Israel is effectively a hostage now, with its vulnerabilities effectively a check on American action?  "Iran threatens to strike Israel and other US allies if there is a counterstrike to missile attack" (Garcia).  Hezbollah sits next door, ready, willing and able to help (really looking forward to it, in fact), and recent Israeli threats to Lebanon to destroy civilian facilities in Lebanon - a completely illegal threat, of course - show that the Israelis are extremely nervous.  They talk about the 'Iron Dome' to fool their own people, but they know they have no defense.

"How Hezbollah Defeated Israel: III. The Political War" (Perry/Crooke, from 2008; my emphasis in red):
"The catastrophic failure of Israeli arms has buoyed Iran's claim to leadership of the Muslim world in several critical areas.
First, the Hezbollah victory has shown that Israel - and any modern and technologically sophisticated Western military force - can be defeated in open battle, if the proper military tactics are employed and if they are sustained over a prolonged period. Hezbollah has provided the model for the defeat of a modern army. The tactics are simple: ride out the first wave of a Western air campaign, then deploy rocket forces targeting key military and economic assets of the enemy, then ride out a second and more critical air campaign, and then prolong the conflict for an extended period. At some point, as in the case of Israel's attack on Hezbollah, the enemy will be forced to commit ground troops to accomplish what its air forces could not. It is in this last, and critical, phase that a dedicated, well-trained and well-led force can exact enormous pain on a modern military establishment and defeat it.
Second, the Hezbollah victory has shown the people of the Muslim world that the strategy employed by Western-allied Arab and Muslim governments - a policy of appeasing US interests in the hopes of gaining substantive political rewards (a recognition of Palestinian rights, fair pricing for Middle Eastern resources, non-interference in the region's political structures, and free, fair and open elections) - cannot and will not work. The Hezbollah victory provides another and different model, of shattering US hegemony and destroying its stature in the region. Of the two most recent events in the Middle East, the invasion of Iraq and the Hezbollah victory over Israel, the latter is by far the most important. Even otherwise anti-Hezbollah groups, including those associated with revolutionary Sunni resistance movements who look on Shi'ites as apostates, have been humbled.
Third, the Hezbollah victory has had a shattering impact on America's allies in the region. Israeli intelligence officials calculated that Hezbollah could carry on its war for upwards of three months after its end in the middle of August. Hezbollah's calculations reflected Israel's findings, with the caveat that neither the Hezbollah nor Iranian leadership could predict what course to follow after a Hezbollah victory. While Jordan's intelligence services locked down any pro-Hezbollah demonstrations, Egypt's intelligence services were struggling to monitor the growing public dismay over the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon."
"An Iran-Syria ‘Belt & Road’: A Far-Reaching Geopolitical Strategy Unfolds" (Crooke).  We shouldn't forget that Iran is the lynch pin of China's huge plans.

"Russia Proposes To Secure Iraqi Airspace With S-400 Air Defense" (Durden).

"A Panicked Israel Is A Dangerous Israel" (Crooke).

"Will Trump’s Hawks Dare to Risk Israel?" (Crooke) (March 2019) (it's worth remembering that Christian Zionists like Pompeo want to risk Israel, as Israeli destruction is required for God to try to lift that fast tub of lard to heaven in the Rapture):
"Until recently, it was always assumed that it was Netanyahu who was trying to coat-trail the Americans into leading a ‘war’ with Iran. Is it sure that these roles have not become reversed? That it is now John Bolton, Mike Pence and Pompeo who are seeking not all-out war, but to put maximum hybrid pressures on Iran – through sanctions, though fomenting anti-Iranian insurgencies amongst ethnic minorities in Iran, and though Israel regularly poking at Iran militarily, in the hope that Iran will overreact, and fall into Mr Bolton’s trap for ‘having Iran just where he wants it’?

This is the point of the deterrence package – it is all about ‘containing’ the US. The initiative is constructed, as it were, with all its deliberately ambivalent linkages between actors, to signal that any US attempts to foster chaos in the Greater Levant or in Iran, beyond a certain undefined point, now risks embroiling its protégé, Israel, in a much wider regional war – and with unforeseeable consequence. It is a question not so much whether Netanyahu ‘will risk it’, but will Bolton dare ‘risk Israel’?"
"Yikes: Bibi Netanyahu Distances Himself from Soleimani Assassination" (Anglin)!

It is hilarious how the MEGA Group use of the Epstein blackmail material consistently causes the US to act against its own interests, giving China (and Russia) consistently relatively easy wins.  "There's a Theory of Relative Zionist Corruption which holds that the parties corrupted by Zionism, but less so, like Russia and Turkey (and of course, the completely uncorrupted China), will eventually prevail over the countries completely corrupted by Zionism, like Assholia and other Western countries."

Funny, as they almost never give these guys citizenship, and usually abandon them to be treated, appropriately, as traitors by the local population, but they needed Americans to understand the one guy who is apparently the casus belli for WWIII:  "PICTURED: Californian military contractor who was killed in a rocket attack in Iraq last month - sparking tension between U.S. and Iran - was a naturalized U.S. citizen".

It turns out that American bases in Iraq are also now a hostage, and that hostage situation is affecting the ability of Khazars to kill people and steal their land (oh, no!).  Lee Smith, who is:
  1. extremely smart; but
  2. a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist
recognizes this: "Offing Soleimani gives Trump an excellent chance to exit Iraq".  The Iraqi bases set up by the Ziocons as a kind of monument to their embarrassing both Iraq and America actually weaken Israel's position.

Se also:  "Iran and America Are Suddenly Both Naked" (Smith).  The Khazar argument is based in Khazar supremacism and the idea that Zionist Empire building will always be successful, with America's attempts to rationalize relations with Iran being some kind of disordering of the spheres.  There is significant Khazar frustration with the success of 'asymmetrical warfare', completely because it undermines the kind of blackmail/bribery strategies used by the Khazars against western politicians.  Smith is attempting, in the purest neocon style, to equate Khazar supremacist interests with American national interests, while we all know that the real problem is the undermining of America through the blackmail and bribery of the Khazar billionaires.

"Killing Inside Iraq to Punish Iran" (Giraldi).

"Mossad Used Jeffrey Epstein to Blackmail Politicians, Former Israeli Spy Claims".  "Ghislaine Maxwell, British Socialite Accused of Helping Jeffrey Epstein, Reportedly Hides in Israel" (Dolsten).  "5 Takeaways From the 60 Minutes Jeffrey Epstein Report" (Raymond).  "New Revelations on Epstein’s Death Lead to New Speculation".  "60 Minutes Interviews Forensic Pathologist Who Says Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself" (Anglin). A room full of unsuitable ligatures and he doesn't use the much stronger electrical cord!:  "Fake Noose? '60 Minutes' Shreds Epstein Suicide Theory" (Durden) (obviously strangled to death and the crime scene then engineered by incompetents).  Tweet (Breaking911):
"Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes: “Epstein didn’t kill himself”"
Even better, talking directly to ((('Hollywood'))) he said, 'he's your friend'!
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