Tuesday, January 21, 2020

In the anteroom

Americans would be much more 'anti-Semitic' if they had any idea of how bad it really is:  "A New Definition of Warfare" (Giraldi) (my emphasis in red):
"After dealing with Iraq, the Trump Administration turned its guns on one of its oldest and closest allies. Great Britain, like most of the other European signatories to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has been reluctant to withdraw from the agreement over concern that Iran will as a result decide to develop nuclear weapons. According to the Guardian, a United States representative from the National Security Council named Richard Goldberg, had visited London recently to make clear to the British government that if it does not follow the American lead and withdraw from the JCPOA and reapply sanctions it just might be difficult to work out a trade agreement with Washington post-Brexit. It is a significant threat as part of the pro-Brexit vote clearly was derived from a Trump pledge to make up for some of the anticipated decline in European trade by increasing U.K. access to the U.S. market. Now the quid pro quo is clear: Britain, which normally does in fact follow the Washington lead in foreign policy, will now be expected to be completely on board all of the time and everywhere, particularly in the Middle East.
During his visit, Goldberg told the BBC: “The question for prime minister Johnson is: ‘As you are moving towards Brexit … what are you going to do post-31 January as you come to Washington to negotiate a free-trade agreement with the United States?’ It’s absolutely in [your] interests and the people of Great Britain’s interests to join with President Trump, with the United States, to realign your foreign policy away from Brussels, and to join the maximum pressure campaign to keep all of us safe.”
And there is an interesting back story on Richard Goldberg, a John Bolton protégé anti-Iran hardliner, who threatened the British on behalf of Trump. James Carden, writing at The Nation, posits “Consider the following scenario: A Washington, DC–based, tax-exempt organization that bills itself as a think tank dedicated to the enhancement of a foreign country’s reputation within the United States, funded by billionaires closely aligned with said foreign country, has one of its high-ranking operatives (often referred to as ‘fellows’) embedded within the White House national security staff in order to further the oft-stated agenda of his home organization, which, as it happens, is also paying his salary during his year-long stint there. As it happens, this is exactly what the pro-Israel think tank the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD) reportedly achieved in an arrangement brokered by former Trump national security adviser John Bolton.”
The FDD senior adviser in question, who was placed on the National Security Council, was Richard Goldberg. FDD is largely funded by Jewish American billionaires including vulture fund capitalist Paul Singer and Home Depot partner Bernard Marcus. Its officers meet regularly with Israeli government officials and the organization is best known for its unrelenting effort to bring about war with Iran. It has relentlessly pushed for a recklessly militaristic U.S. policy directed against Iran and also more generally in the Middle East. It is a reliable mouthpiece for Israel and, inevitably, it has never been required to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.
To be sure, Trump also has other neocons advising him on Iran, including David Wurmser, another Bolton associate, who has the president’s ear and is a consultant to the National Security Council. Wurmser has recently submitted a series of memos to the White House advocating a policy of “regime disruption” with the Islamic Republic that will destabilize it and eventually lead to a change of government. He may have played a key role in giving the green light to the assassination of Soleimani.
The good news, if there is any, is that Goldberg resigned on January 3rd, allegedly because the war against Iran was not developing fast enough to suit him and FDD, but he is symptomatic of the many neoconservative hawks who have infiltrated the Trump Administration at secondary and tertiary levels, where much of the development and implementation of policy actually takes place. It also explains that when it comes to Iran and the irrational continuation of a significant U.S. military presence in the Middle East, it is Israel and its Lobby that are steering the ship of state."
Comment by Reality Check:
"US President Donald Trump chose as the deputy chairwoman [also appointed by Trump, the current chairman is Steve Feinberg] of the intelligence advisory board a Jewish national security expert who is well known in the pro-Israel national security community.
Ravich, a former deputy national security adviser to vice president Dick Cheney, is a senior adviser to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, an influential hawkish pro-Israel think tank. She is also a senior adviser to the Chertoff Group, founded by Michael Chertoff, a homeland security secretary in the George W. Bush administration, and has worked with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
She has also worked with the pro-Israel community helping to raise money for Israel Bonds.
Comment by Tony Hall:
"For the government of one country to designate another country’s armed forces as a “terrorist organization” is essentially a declaration of war. When in April of 2019 Netanyahu claimed credit for Trump’s designation of the IRGC as a terrorist organization, he created the pseudo-law framework which became part of the justification for the Israeli-US war crime of 2 Jan. 2020.
Now the pressure is being placed squarely on the NATO countries, but especially Canada, to follow the Netanyahu-Trump lead by designating the IRGC as a terrorist organization. The Canadian branch of the ADL has even gone as far as giving an ultimatum to Justin Trudeau, an ultimatum to make the designation within a month… or else. Is the agenda to get NATO ensnared in a US war against Iran to serve Israel?
Ever since the misrepresentation of the events of 9/11 we have been engulfed in a massive propaganda campaign aimed at giving the appearance of legitimacy to pseudo-laws founded in major war crimes extending from Sept. of 2001 until today. The continuing reign of the ongoing lies and crimes of 9/11 has brought us to this point where the Axis of Deception, whose mascot of human degradation is Jeffrey Epstein, stands against the Axis of Resistance. In recent days a guiding spirit of the Axis of Resistance has become the martyred holy warrior, Qassem Soleimani."
"The Many Matryoska Dolls to America’s Way of Imagining Iran " (Crooke):
"Wurmser, Eli Lake reveals, has quietly been advising Bolton and the Trump Administration all along. This was the neo-con, who in 1996, compiled Coping with Crumbling States (which flowed on from the infamous Clean Break policy strategy paper, written for Netanyahu, as a blueprint for destructing Israel’s enemies). Both these papers advocated the overthrow of the Secular-Arab nationalist states – excoriated both as “crumbling relics of the ‘evil’ USSR” (using Popperian language, of course) – and inherently hostile to Israel (the real message).
Well (big surprise), Wurmser has now been at work as the author of how to ‘implode’ and destroy Iran. And his insight? “A targeted strike on someone like Soleimani”; split the Iranian leadership into warring factions; cut an open wound into the flesh of Iran’s domestic legitimacy; put a finger into that open wound, and twist it; disrupt – and pretend that the U.S. sides with the Iranian people, against its government.
Eli Lake seems, in his Bloomberg piece, to think that the Wurmser strategy has worked. Really? The problem here is that narratives in Washington are so far apart from the reality that exists on the ground – they simply do not touch at any point. Millions attended Soleimani’s cortege. His killing gave a renewed cohesion to Iran. Little more than a dribble have protested.
Now let us unpack the next ‘doll’: Trump bought into Wurmser’s ‘play’, albeit, with Trump subsequently admitting that he did the assassination under intense pressure from Republican Senators. Maybe he believed the patently absurd narrative that Iranians would ‘be dancing in the street’ at Soleimani’s killing. In any event, Trump is not known, exactly, for admitting his mistakes. Rather, when something is portrayed as his error, the President adopts the full ‘salesman’ persona: trying to convince his base that the murder was no error, but a great strategic success – “They like us”, Trump claimed of protestors in Iran.
Tom Luongo has observed: “Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate begins next week, and it’s clear that this will not be a walk in the park for the President. Anyone dismissing this because the Republicans hold the Senate, simply do not understand why this impeachment exists in the first place. It is [occurring because it offers] the ultimate form of leverage over a President whose desire to end the wars in the Middle East is anathema to the entrenched powers in the D.C. Swamp.” Ah, so here we arrive at another inner Matryoshka.
This is Luongo’s point: Impeachment was the leverage to drive open a wedge between Republican neo-conservatives in the Senate – and Trump. And now the Pelosi pressure on Republican Senators is escalating. The Establishment threw cold water over Trump’s assertion of imminent attack, as justification for murdering Soleimani, and Trump responds by painting himself further into a corner on Iran – by going the full salesman ‘monte’."
"But also, as someone who once worked with Wurmser observed tartly: when you hear that name (Wurmser), immediately you think Netanyahu, his intimate associate."
The reason for the e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y Khazar nature of the impeachment in the House (the politicians, the witnesses, all the lawyers hanging around) - the noticing of which got TruNews in trouble with JewTube - is becoming clearer, with the most Khazar-bribed/blackmailed Republican Senators like Rubio, Cotton and Graham able to hold Trump to ransom in the impeachment in the Senate, insisting on what Bibi wants to have happen to Iran.

"Welcome, swamp monsters! How Bush-era warmonger David Wurmser is helping Trump take down Iran " (Bridge):
"Now the question: what could have compelled Trump to place any trust in Wurmser, whose resume reads like that of a bull in a china shop? One possibility is that Trump had no idea Wurmser was feeding Bolton and other members of his administration what amounted to yet more regime change shenanigans in the Middle East. This seems plausible considering the contradictory messages the White House was sending immediately following Soleimani’s cold-blooded murder.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, for example, claimed the US had specific information on “imminent” Iranian attacks “against American facilities, including American embassies [and] military bases.” Trump, meanwhile, didn’t sound any more confident with regards to the “imminent threat” of an Iranian attack when he told Fox News, “probably it was going to be the embassy in Baghdad.
Stranger yet, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, perhaps being more forthcoming than is usual for a military man with secrets to protect, admitted “I didn’t see [evidence], with regard to four embassies” being targeted for attack by Iran. Esper eventually came around to saying that he “shared the president’s view” of an imminent attack from Iran.

It seems plausible that the Trump administration could not get its story straight on where the information about Iran and an "imminent attack" had originated, because admitting it had derived from 'the swamp' would not have sat well with their voters. That is certainly no small consideration in an election year."
"Worst lie since fake claim sparked Iraq war? OPCW report behind Syria bombings was altered, whistleblower tells UNSC" (not giving Henderson a visa is Peak Asshole!):
"Even though several members of the fact finding team “had serious misgivings that a chemical attack had occurred” as early as July 2018, the organization’s final report – compiled by another group that never even visited the incident site – nonetheless concluded there were “reasonable grounds” to all but pin the blame for the attack on Damascus.
Sanitized of any dissenting opinion, the report ignored “findings, facts, information, data or analysis” gathered by the team in the areas of witness testimony, toxicology studies, chemical analysis, as well as ballistics, the retired inspector said."
"Interview: How the Libyan Landscape Is Changing As New Players Get Boots on the Ground " (Jay interviews Eljarh):
"Although reports have emerged that the recent phone call between Erdogan and Putin regarding Libya went badly, the two men have an interest in working together in Libya like they did in Syria. Both men have animosity towards Europe and the west and believe through a strategic partnership in Syria, Libya and elsewhere, they can form a bloc that would counter western influence and dominance in the region. Both Erdogan and Putin have shown pragmatism in Syria despite being on the opposing sides of the conflict, but they have managed to work out their differences and established a cooperative relationship that secures the interests of the both sides at the expense of western influence in the region. The difference between Erdogan and Putin in Libya is that Erdogan is much more forceful and aggressive in his approach. Putin still denies Russian involvement in Libya, while Erdogan is making it clear that he is ready to deploy forces to Libya in support of the GNA in Tripoli."
Ha!  Reminds me of those conferences the Khazars are always holding to discuss the 'plight' of the Palestinians, consisting of a bunch of Khazars and no Palestinians:  "Berlin conference prepares military occupation of Libya" (Schwarz) (it is funny to watch the various Euro-trash getting involved, on one side or the other depending on what they want to steal):
"The Libya conference, which took place this past Sunday in Berlin, was not about “peace” in the war-torn country, but about the distribution of the loot. It is reminiscent of the conferences at which the colonial powers of the 19th century divided up entire regions and continents among themselves.

The composition of the conference alone shows this. At the table sat the heads of state and government of the most powerful great and regional powers, but no representative of the country whose fate was being decided. The two main adversaries in the Libyan civil war, Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and General Chalifa Haftar, had indeed been summoned to Berlin, but they had to wait in the anteroom until they were told what the conference had decided. Moreover, neither of them represents the Libyan people, serving rather as puppets of the various powers fighting for control of the oil-rich country."
"The conflict between Turkey and Greece, which was not invited to Berlin despite outraged protests by the Athens government out of concern for gas deposits in the eastern Mediterranean, has also intensified. Over the weekend, Turkish hackers paralysed the websites of the Greek Foreign Ministry and secret service. Greek hackers retaliated by doing the same to the website of the Turkish Foreign Ministry. The two hostile NATO members have previously been on the verge of war."
Labour is hopelessly fucked:   "For the 0.5% Not the 99.5%" (Atzmon) (slogan).

"The Mad Geopolitics of Israel’s EastMed Gas Pipeline" (Engdahl). The Khazars are not used to a truculent bastard like Erdoğan who doesn't fold up immediately in the face of their plans.

We've sat around and let the Assholians and their vassals abuse the term 'terrorism' to play their geopolitical games ('terrorists' being basically people who want things that the Khazars don't want), so now we reap the reward of having 'terrorism' turned around and applied to domestic politics, with 'terrorists' being anybody who doesn't agree with the plans of the 1%:  "UK Counter Terrorism Policing document seeks to outlaw political dissent" (Scripps).

More on the nerve of Biden:  "Biden campaign warns media not to spread ‘debunked’ claims about his activities in Ukraine or else". "Not Just Hunter: Widespread Biden Family Profiteering Exposed" (Durden).

That expensive Assholian LNG is going to get dumped on Britain:  "Into the Fire: Boris Johnson's Call For New 'Iran Deal' Show UK Deep in 'Washington's Camp' - Prof" (Cureton):
"A UK government report also explained that the UK has been losing natural gas production capacity while increasing its demand and imports of liquid natural gas (LNG), further complicating issues for energy suppliers.
Boris Johnson's pivot to Washington could potentially satisfy two preconditions for a major trade deal with the US: allowing the United States to sell its expensive LNG to the UK and deterring Iranian oil firms from selling its own reserves, potentially the largest in the world via the South Pars 11 fields.
But the US is still the biggest winner in this by racketeering the UK's energy security and controlling who London can trade with, namely those already in the US geopolitical orbit along the North Sea, in addition to the UK being pressured from receiving future reserves shared amongst the EU27 set to earn new inflows from the nearly complete Nord Stream II pipeline."
 Tweet (Rania Khalek) (arm in arm):
"Looks like it was the Russians who forced Warren’s campaign and CNN to manufacture a smear against Bernie Sanders that would ultimately blow back in Warren’s face. Those Russians are clever devils."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Around 120 human rights activists were murdered in Colombia in 2019, the UN documented That's up from 115 assassinations in 2018 And Colombia's violent repressive far-right gov't is a US protectorate, portrayed as a model for the region against Venezuela"
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"As the Trump admin pushes war on Iran and suffocates its people with sanctions, while illegally militarily occupying Iraq and refusing to leave, The Intercept is helping to justify this war of aggression by portraying Iran as the big bogeyman So much for "adversarial" journalism"
"Brazil’s far-right government backed terror plot against Venezuela, top newspaper reveals" (Norton).

Satire (I think), for now:  "US Government to Authorize Israeli Drone Strikes on US Soil & NSA/Israeli Agreement"
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