Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Kòt kòb PetwoKaribe a?

Tweet (Savvy & Realistic Democrat) (more attempts to retroactively squirm to come up with good reasons for the assassination):
"See? See? And John Schindler who’s a model of judgment and probity and a professor at the U.S. Naval War College (or used to be until that Twitter dickpic incident, hey, who among us) can confirm"
Also: tweet (Omri Ceren):
"No. Stop it. Stop it right now. This nonsense has been causing panic across Eastern Europe since yesterday. It's based on misreading @SenTedCruz SRes 466 about Soleimani. That list is past known plots as outlined by the April 8 State Dept factsheet on the IRGC getting FTO'd."
Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
"UPDATE: Joe Glasman of the CAA is trying to remove this embarrassing video of him from the internet by filing copyright claims. But you can watch this video, that the Israel lobby doesn't want you to see, here:"
Tweet (Bernie Sanders (Parody)):
"I was a feminist back when Warren was a Republican."
  • woman/woman
  • corporate lawyer/corporate lawyer
  • represented the interests of big corporations/represented the interests of big corporations
  • Republican switched to Democrat (as hitched horse to Bill's future electoral success)/Republican switched (in late 40s) to Democrat (as more chance to win as Democrat)
  • dedicated life in the 1990s to ensure Americans never have single payer health care/dedicated life in the 2010s (and on, if elected) to ensure Americans never have single payer health care 
  • psychopath/congenital liar.
"Where is the Reporting on PetroCaribe?" (Schuller):
"The meeting that concluded on June 19 with some Organization of American States (OAS) representatives highlighted that the dominant countries in the region, certainly the U.S., still support President Jovenel Moïse for the moment. Moïse was elected during a round of elections canceled because of corruption spanning 2015-17. OAS and Core Group rushed to accept the election results. In the second round, with a 21% voter turnout, Moïse was finally elected.

Moïse is the heir apparent to President Michel Martelly, who came to power in 2011 with the strong hand of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, when her husband former U.S. President Bill Clinton was at the same time UN Special Envoy, President of the Clinton Foundation, and co-President of the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC). Martelly, who was elected with a single Deputy (equivalent to U.S. Representative) from his party Parti Haitien Tèt Kale (Haitian Party of Baldheads, PHTK), consolidated his power thanks to the Clintons’ intervention. Martelly managed the large flows of money for Haiti reconstruction and humanitarian aid, under the control of the IHRC for a while and the UN mission, MINUSTAH.

This context is important to remember. Without this context, the PetroCaribe scandal plays into the hands of Trump, who called the country that did away with slavery a “shithole.” Most foreign capitalist media speak about “corruption in Haiti” as a product of the Haitian state and people on their own, wherein Haiti can’t manage or govern. It’s the same racist discourse Haiti has faced for a long time, which justified a “humanitarian occupation” or the “Republic of NGOs.”

Secondly, most of the $4.2 billion in PetroCaribe funds was done under the control of the Clintons, the “King and Queen of Haiti.” The Clintons’ disaster capitalism in Haiti played a role in Trump’s election in Florida.[2]

Finally, Washington is attempting a coup d’état in Venezuela to replace President Nicolas Maduro with Juan Guaidó, close to right-wing networks. President Hugo Chavez created PetroCaribe in 2005. It is a project of solidarity between peoples, another alternative for development. Haiti received PetroCaribe funds in 2008, after 4 hurricanes had stricken. Haiti had tried to maintain the delicate balance of friendly relations with the U.S. and its allies on the one hand, Venezuela and its allies on the other.

The PetroCaribe scandal underscores not only the contradictions of the neocolonial PHTK state but the hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy. At the same time that the U.S. is calling to respect Haiti’s presidential elections it is pushing the reverse in Venezuela. The two countries’ destinies are intertwined. Since 2017, the U.S. imposed an embargo on Venezuela, freezing assets. Consequently, PetroCaribe’s gas subsidies had to stop. Two serious impacts of the embargo were the rise in gas prices and the collapse of the value of Haiti’s currency, the gourde: on January 11, 2018, it was less than 65 gourdes to the dollar, but today it is more than 93.

Faced with U.S. maneuvering in Venezuela, President Jovenel Moïse was forced to pick a side. No surprise, the former director of Agritrans, who received funding from the U.S., chose to cut Haiti’s historic ties with Venezuela[3] in the OAS meeting on January 2019. June 27, right after the last OAS meeting, President Moïse gave a final gift to the Core Group, authorizing a new UN mission. A previous mission, MINUSTAH, lasted over 13 years and was responsible for bringing cholera and a wave of unpunished sexual assaults.

But in this game, President Moïse forgot the Haitian people. On July 6 of last year, during the Brazil match in the World Cup, he applied the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) policy to increase gas prices. The people barricaded the streets all over the country. Haiti was locked down for the following two days, which shocked and scared the bourgeoisie and imperialist powers.

But the people weren’t done speaking. In a campaign on Twitter, August 2018, a challenge was launched: “where is the money from PetroCaribe”? Kòt kòb PetwoKaribe a?"
Bolton, 'personal business', presumably picking up a bag of money, it's a wonder we didn't see him slinging it over his shoulder..

Tweet (Nicholas Danforth) (Haftar went to Moscow, where one goes these days to get stuff done, and then shocked everybody when he didn't sign anything!):
"The very fact Haftar is in Moscow embarrassing Putin is an embarrassment to Washington. In a post-American world, we’ve lost our seat at the failed negotiating table"
"Shock as Jew Spook Claiming New Russian Hacking has No Evidence for the Claim" (Anglin).

If you looked at the things Biden supported for the last 50 years, and the things he has achieved, without knowing who he was, you'd assume he was a far-right Republican.  "Biden’s Pack of Lies About the Iraq War" (Husseini).  "Biden Allegedly Told Bush He'd Get The Nobel Peace Prize If He Could Invade Iraq Quickly" (Terkel).

"Trump's EU Poodles - Germany, Britain And France - Obey His Order To Kill The Nuclear Deal With Iran" (Moon). Tweet (Rohollah Faghihi):
"Days before Europeans warned Iran of nuclear deal violations, Trump secretly threatened to impose 25% tariff on European autos if they didn’t…"
Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"This statement by @JustinTrudeau's government is a disgrace. The IAEA certified that Iran was complying with the nuclear deal but Trump pulled out of it and imposed crushing sanctions on Iran. How can Trudeau criticize Iran without even mentioning Trump's betrayal of the accord?"
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