Saturday, January 11, 2020

Marine snipers on tall buildings

"John Chuckman Comment: Almost Planned – the Interim Outcome of Trump’s Stupid Assassination of a National Hero and Iran’s Reprisal Missile Attack – Although It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over – Eye-Opening Insider Stuff About Trump’s Treatment of Iraq:
"Iraq’s Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mehdi, who has already resigned his office but serves in an interim capacity until a new appointment is made, has provided some fascinating details about recent relations between Iraq and the United States, the kind of stuff to which the public rarely is exposed.

He said that American infrastructure projects such as electricity grid destroyed in the war were deliberately being left unfinished. America invaded in 2003, and many Iraqis still suffer from the destroyed infrastructure. The United States was demanding one-half of the country’s oil revenue as the price for finishing the work.

The Prime Minister refused, and, instead, went to China and signed an agreement there to have the job finished. Trump called him and demanded he cancel the agreement with China, or Trump would see to it that huge demonstrations were launched in Iraq against the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister again refused, and the promised huge demonstrations did appear.

Trump called again and threatened that Marine snipers on tall buildings would start targeting the crowds and Iraqi security forces. That of course was part of the technique used during the Ukraine coup of 2013-14, which began with protests and waves of shootings in Kiev’s Maidan Square.

The Prime Minister again refused Trump, but then handed in his resignation."
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