Monday, January 13, 2020


"World War III" (Hopkins) (or here, with different comments).  Funny on the American use of the word 'terrorists', but fundamentally backasswards.  Explain to me how 'the global capitalist empire' (or whatever you want to call it) is stronger because of this?  We're seeing huge mistakes made by the hegemon, obvious mistakes with immediate negative consequences (all opening various easy doors for Russia/China), all due to the MEGA Group's hold over American politicians.  The only good thing about it is that it is now impossible for anybody to read this kind of thing with a straight face, as the mistakes are just too obvious.  Perhaps the oddest thing is that Israel is also worse off.  Watching all the Gulf States, and Israel, try to distance themselves from Trump, cowering in fear at Iranian retaliation, was almost worth the stupidity, and is certainly part of The Clarification.

It's possible that the 'peace initiative' that was used to trick Soleimani to Iraq was a real peace initiative:  "The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani. Washington Threats to Engage in False flag Sniper Shootings. Iraq Prime Minister" (Pieraccini).  Is it possible that the assassination was meant to stop the peace initiative?

""If The US Does That, It'll Lose Iraq Forever" - Trump Threatened To Cut Off Baghdad's Access To Its NY Fed Cash" (Durden).  Trump's been told that Epstein's video hits the internet the minute American troops start leaving Iraq, and he's growing increasingly desperate, leading to his fall-back position of thuggery.  Note that Iraq is already moving to gold, realizing that the Americans are crooked.

"Labour Group Blames Election Loss on Jewish Conspiracy" (Anglin).  Although great efforts were made to suppress it, Al Jazeera actually has the (((conspirators))) scheming on video, like something out of a Nazi propaganda film, but something that actually happened.  The 'anti-Semitism' issue has completely disappeared in the British media after the election.

"New British Documents About Srebrenica: Not Exactly Sensational, but Useful Nevertheless" (Karganovic).  The requisite genocidal intent is lacking, and the Serbs may even have been led into a trap to allow for the Americans to show up.

"Morning in America Again, or Kristallnacht? The Answer Wins the Election" (Van Buren):
"The great campaigners — Reagan, 2008 Obama, first-gen Bill Clinton — had a vision of Morning in America, of Hope, and, of well, also Hope. People vote their pocketbook, but they also vote on that vision of who they are and who they think they want to be. Aspiration is an economic driver same as wages and in America may be more powerful. Trump is good enough at this. He tells people he’s rich, he’s powerful, he can do anything he wants, and what he chooses to do is work for them for free. Look at the faces at a Trump rally. You saw the same in 2008 with Obama, with Reagan in 1984, and it becomes a conversation that ends almost organically with a vote, like a perfect date that slides buttery into breakfast. They don’t really want to stand up and complain at a town hall, they want to see their future. Save the arguments about what is real and what is guff because they don’t matter when you’re telling a good story to an audience that wants to think they’re better people than they’ve been forced to become.
Meanwhile, the story Democrats are telling is of a crappy place buried in racism and homophobia and anti-immigrant sentiments. It’s not Morning in America in 2020, it’s Kristallnacht. We’re not people of hope and aspiration, we’re bitter and hateful, despised not just for holding a political opinion, but for being the kind of person who holds such an opinion. Nobody takes Michael Moore seriously in a literal way anymore, but he spoke out loud what many Dems think when he said “Two-thirds of all white guys voted for Trump. That means anytime you see three white guys walking at you, down the street towards you, two of them voted for Trump. You need to move over to the other sidewalk because these are not good people that are walking toward you. You should be afraid of them.”
We’re not even really worthy of our vote — the popular vote, as expressed by New York and California, will allow a more righteous country to emerge over bodies of the rednecks the Russians told to vote Trump.
The only real vision the Dems offer is whichever one of them limps out of the primaries, they are not Trump. They want everyone to forget the three years of lies and conspiracy theories that Trump was working for the Russians. They want everyone to ignore the FBI campaign to overturn the last election, the last gasping efforts of which are an impeachment process even the Democrats seem to wish would just go away now. They want everyone to forget the fear mongering saying Trump would start a war with China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea or just nuke somewhere in a fit of rage when Melania had a headache again. They want everyone to forget the three years of claims Trump is incestous, is mentally ill, subject to the 25th Amendment, a danger to us all, bonkers, unhinged. They don’t know the more they rage about Trump and predict catastrophe the more out of touch it seems when the catastrophes don’t happen. Pssst, people have noticed the pattern, Rachel.
Dems also want everyone to forget how those actions, consistent and over time, might be a better indication of how they would govern than any “plan” posted on line. So much fuel has been burned pointing out Trump’s ugliness that the Dems think voters won’t notice the party’s own self-righteousness. Everyone has had their good will tested by years worth of movies and TV which eschews plot to shove simplistic versions of wokeness and feminism down everyone’s throat. We get it — commercials feature disproportionate levels of same-sex and mixed race couples, and the moral of the story is the old white guy is wrong. The absurdity of a man with long hair identifying as a woman and setting local high school track records is now drilled in. That is part of the vision ascribed to Democrats, and it is not worth many votes."
"What Will Happen to The Trump Toadies?" (Rich). The Clintonistas are preparing the firing squads.

The Russians prefer fellow traveler Bernie!:  "U.S. Probes If Russia Is Targeting Biden in 2020 Election Meddling" (Strohm).

"Maple Leaf Foods CEO takes aim at U.S. government over downing of PS752 by Iran".  I'm shocked this wasn't completely ignored.

Head-fake by Globo-Homo-Rothschild-o, but it demonstrates that the protests are being noticed:  "Macron Abandons Plan To Raise Retirement Age As Rock-Throwing Protesters Get Tear-Gassed" (Durden).

"Russians are coming — to the Indian Ocean" (Bhadrakumar).  American troops in Iraq as a cautionary tale (in this case, for Sri Lanka), the old story of the last guy at the party who just won't go home, even as you turn out the lights:
"Above all, Lavrov himself is an old Sri Lanka hand, having begun his diplomatic career in Colombo in 1972. Both Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Mahinda Rajapaksa know him well. Above all, Lavrov’s words carry conviction, given the rock solid support Moscow extended during the LTTE war. 
In contrast, if Iraq’s current plight is anything to go by, once the Americans set up shop on Sri Lankan soil, it will be impossible for Colombo to ever evict them. Trump is now threatening Iraq that it risks losing access to a critical government bank account if Baghdad kicks out American forces. 
To quote from Wall Street Journal, “The State Department warned that the U.S. could shut down Iraq’s access to the country’s central bank account held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a move that could jolt Iraq’s already shaky economy, the officials said.”
“Iraq, like other countries, maintains government accounts at the New York Fed as an important part of managing the country’s finances, including revenue from oil sales. Loss of access to the accounts could restrict Iraq’s use of that revenue, creating a cash crunch in Iraq’s financial system and constricting a critical lubricant for the economy.” "
This is going to be a tricky election for the Bolivian coup plotters, with the OAS having to certify a complete travesty as 'fair':  "MAS Can Get Over 40 Percent of Vote Even Without Morales as Its Candidate – Bolivian Journalist" (Blinova).

"Rabbi Slammed for Calling Soviet Immigrants to Israel “Gentiles and Communists”". Sephardic chief rabbi Yitzhak Yosef.  It's true, of course, but I am sorry he didn't go on to point out that the Khazars who run Israel are also all gentiles.

"Jewish National Fund to host genocide promoter" (Brown).

"Chinese Viral Outbreak is a Version of the SARS Race-Specific Bioweapon" (Anglin).

"“Jeopardy!” Decides That Bethlehem is Israel Now" (Anglin).  Trebek is trying to score a stolen pancreas from the organ thieves.
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