Wednesday, January 22, 2020

No way out

"Secret Wars, Forgotten Betrayals, Global Tyranny. Who Is Really in Charge of the U.S. Military?" (Chung) (my emphasis in red)):
"One could speculate that the President was set up, with the official designation of the IRGC as “terrorist” occurring in April 2019 by the US State Department, a decision that was strongly supported by both Bolton and Pompeo, who were both members of the NSC at the time. This made it legal for a US military drone strike to occur against Soleimani under the 2001 AUMF, where the US military can attack any armed group deemed to be a terrorist threat. Both Bolton and Pompeo made no secret that they were overjoyed by Soleimani’s assassination and Bolton went so far as to tweet “Hope this is the first step to regime change in Tehran.” Bolton has also made it no secret that he is eager to testify against Trump in his possible impeachment trial.

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo was recorded at an unknown conference recently, but judging from the gross laughter of the audience it consists of wannabe CIA agents, where he admits that though West Points’ cadet motto is “You will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.”, his training under the CIA was the very opposite, stating “I was the CIA Director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It was like we had entire training courses. (long pause) It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.”

Thus, it should be no surprise to anyone in the world at this point in history, that the CIA holds no allegiance to any country. And it can be hardly expected that a President, who is actively under attack from all sides within his own country, is in a position to hold the CIA accountable for its past and future crimes."
Most of the article is on the immediate post-war creation of the National-Security State, and how the CIA's big fuck-up on the Bay of Pigs left it vulnerable to a JFK attack, thus leading inevitably to his assassination.

Without an actual revolution, it is difficult to see how to get out of this mess.  The National-Security State exists entirely for the benefit of itself, and increasing its power.  Complete surveillance and new technologies mean that the American IC has enormous blackmail material, and they are prepared to assassinate if blackmail doesn't work, thus making it impossible for politicians to put up any opposition.  The Khazars, with their total control of (((media))) and (((entertainment))), and their own blackmail and shekeling operations, have glommed on to the National-Security State for a mutually beneficial relationship, allowing a psycho like Wurmser to quietly hang around for years until the time is right to present another terrible idea, immediately taken up as it seems to help both the all-important settlers, and the self-aggrandizement of National-Security State operators.  Everything is set up in such a way that it can only get worse.
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